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      Free exp boost x3!!! 23.03-24.03.2018!   03/14/2018

      Hey, Angrathar community!  Some time ago we've promised to make events with increased Experience Rate - and promises should be kept. We have to change the form and length of this event though, because as you can see: the population is very high and we don't want the players to wait in queues. So! Experience Boost x3 (not x4, because it might look unfair for some people: everybody gets the same Experience Rate without supporting the project). The event will be enabled from 23.03.18 Friday, 15:00 GMT+1 (Realm Time) to 24.03.18 Saturday, 15:00 Realm Time. Time and date have been set up like this just not to surpass 5400 Players Online: the online cap that we don't want to increase. We are aware that not everyone can support the project and it's not a problem. We'll try to make events such like this in the future, if the player count allows us to.


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  1. Faction transfer should be viable for 25-30bucks tbh, no real good reason to not have it, and if you think that there will ever be less hordes than alliance, well that would be a new one because it legit probably has never happend in history of world of warcraft. and if you worried about ally xfering to horde then i guess you could just keep track of it and turn of the ally to horde from time to time, Good way to support server with some extra cash and make a part of the player base that are interrested in Xfers happy