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      Free exp boost x3!!! 23.03-24.03.2018!   03/14/2018

      Hey, Angrathar community!  Some time ago we've promised to make events with increased Experience Rate - and promises should be kept. We have to change the form and length of this event though, because as you can see: the population is very high and we don't want the players to wait in queues. So! Experience Boost x3 (not x4, because it might look unfair for some people: everybody gets the same Experience Rate without supporting the project). The event will be enabled from 23.03.18 Friday, 15:00 GMT+1 (Realm Time) to 24.03.18 Saturday, 15:00 Realm Time. Time and date have been set up like this just not to surpass 5400 Players Online: the online cap that we don't want to increase. We are aware that not everyone can support the project and it's not a problem. We'll try to make events such like this in the future, if the player count allows us to.


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  1. [ESP] <Ancestral> Recuiting to 25M Raid!

    Buenas! Pasate por nuestro discord o whispea ingame a Avarye, Brae o Sinik y nos preguntas lo que quieras. Un saludo!
  2. [ESP] <Ancestral> Recuiting to 25M Raid!

    Buenas! entra en nuestro discord o susurra ingame a Avarye, Brae o Sinik!!!
  3. We are a Spanish guild focused on clearing PvE content. Our group of friends have a lot of experience in MMOs . We have played throught Vanilla, Tbc and Tlk. Our target in this server is to setup a solid roster of players in a semi-hardcore guild to clear all the content in time. Because of that we are recruiting experienced players who want to be part of us and bringht the best of their characters. Schelude: Friday-Sunday-Tuesday from 21:45 (invites), starting at 22:00 to 00:30 server time. We are recruiting right now! Druid: Heal and Boonking Paladin: dps Warrior: dps Shaman: enhancement Shadow Priest Mage Lock For more info you can join our discord channel ----> https://discord.gg/vFtbwu9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Somos un clan Español enfocado a Pve. Tenemos experiencia en MMOs y en diferentes servidores de WoW como Vanilla, Tbc o Tlk. Tenemos dos raid de 10 funcionando y queremos montar un roster sólido de 25 para limpiar todo el contenido de los parches. Lo que buscamos en un jugador es que sea puntual, serio a la hora de raidear, que se interese por su personaje e intente exprimirlo al máximo. Dias de raid: Viernes, Domingo y Martes Horario:de 21:45 (invite), empezando a 22:00 hasta 00:30 server time. Estamos reclutando: Druid: Heal and Boonking Paladin: dps Warrior: dps Shaman: enhancement Shadow Priest Mage Lock Resto de clases y low lvls preguntad! Para más info os dejo nuestro discord ----> https://discord.gg/vFtbwu9