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  1. Crafty

    Banned from Discord

    Hello I had discord unbanned you
  2. Crafty

    DC on certain character / Can't login main

    Hello, Please check your forum inbox
  3. Crafty

    Focus on commodities

    Hello, I had checked again and there is no doubt. That account was banned for being a gold supplier for a goldseller. Appeal declined
  4. Crafty

    Account freeze

  5. Crafty

    biubiuyou banned by Crafty

    Hello, We had talked in-game and explained why that account was banned for goldselling. Saved proof was also viewed by other staff members. Appeal declined.
  6. Crafty

    Selling gold

    Hello, We had already banned that player, thank you for your report! Best to just open an in-game ticket with his in-game name.
  7. Crafty

    Happyx Banned by Crafty

  8. Crafty

    Happyx Banned by Crafty

    Hello, I had checked your account once again and there's no doubt. Your account was banned for goldselling. Here is one of many reasons why: Mote of Shadow x10 for 1050 gold Appeal declined.
  9. Crafty

    can i get unban on discord ?

    Unbanned, please behave from now on 😄
  10. Crafty

    Shaw (Baned by Piootrek)

  11. Crafty

    Appeal by Shurf (banned by Crafty) Nightbane

    Hello Shurf, We had talked through discord and solved the issue.
  12. Crafty

    Appeal Shurf(banned by Crafty)

    Hello, We had talked through discord. Issue solved
  13. Crafty

    Appeal(Banned by Crafty)

    Hello, That character had sent 1300 gold directly to a goldseller (the middleman). That pretty much looks like a gold supplier. We are unable to unban that account. Appeal declined
  14. Crafty

    [Xamn] (Added to ninjalist by Tide)

    @Tide @Asureuz