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  1. Crafty

    BAN my two accounts

    Greetings @serginho After further investigations, we are unable to unban those accounts. They are directly tied with goldsellers/goldbuyers. Best regards, Crafty
  2. Crafty

    Mavericksx (banned by Crafty)

    Greetings @mavericksx Please contact me through our discord channel. Solved.
  3. Crafty

    Dargor (Banned by Crafty)

    Greetings @Micmen Your two accounts were banned for 7d for entering arena matches on two accounts at the same time and intentionally losing matches. If you have questions about PVP/Arena issues, I'd suggest contacting Shatter#7019 through our discord channel. The ban remains as it is. They will be automatically unbanned in 5 days and 4 hours.
  4. Crafty

    Spiritlink Banned by Crafty

    Greetings @Fatherdeath I have reduced your ban duration. Details were sent through discord.
  5. Crafty

    [Ragehos] (Banned by Crafty)

    Greetings @ragehos Your account was banned several times, you were given two chances 2018-05-18 Bantime: 7d Still active: No Reason: illegal software Set by: Azathothh 2018-06-06 Bantime: 30d Still active: No Reason: illegal software Set by: Crafty 2018-07-23 Bantime: Inf. Still active: Yes Reason: Botting Set by: Crafty Last time, you were checked for about 10 minutes in which your character was (beside the standard way of checking players): whispered, killed, revived, teleported, turned around and so on. You are free to create a new account and start playing again. Your main account will remain frozen permanently.
  6. Crafty

    7 days mute

    Greetings @Lesny I have reduced the mute duration to 3 days.
  7. Crafty


    Greetings @jsnwhitford After checking our saved proof, we have unbanned your account. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  8. Crafty

    Evanez banned by Crafty

    Greetings @adolfpw I have contacted you through Discord, we're going to talk there about this issue.
  9. Crafty

    Gnullet/Ertra Banned by Asureuz

  10. Crafty

    [Quilly] (Banned by crafty)

    Greetings @Quilly Being your third botting ban I am unable to reduce it or remove it entirely. You are most welcome to create a new account and start playing with your friends. Ban appeal declined.
  11. Crafty

    Gold buying

    Greetings @FengJin Please contact me through discord https://discord.gg/KN8TmfS Solved.
  12. Crafty

    Juxigar double Banned by Crafty

    Ban appeal declined. 2. You can appeal only for 3 days after being punished.
  13. Crafty

    Bogodin appeal

    This does not help.
  14. Crafty


    Greetings @songsongwudi Please contact me through Discord to finish the last two steps to get unbanned after buying gold.
  15. Crafty

    Bogodin appeal

    I have asked another Staff member to go over my saved proofs. We are unable to unban your account. Ban appeal declined.