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  1. People just forget, almost 10 years behind, since Wotlk raids has been released. Skill cap has increased a lot, nowdays people know how to play their class, they know their bis lists, othwewise everyone can google tons of info. In 2008-10 95% overall players played a way worse, then typicial casual 3.3.5 player now. That's why prenerf ulduar has been lasted so short, because 90% guilds were barely progressing even through normals. Plus, in that times, a lot of people has terrible connection, btw 10-15 fps on algalon was extremly good. I still remember how we were struggling togc50 and we couldnt do it simply because tank or somebody else disconnected or just game freeze due to bad pcs. So, now majority players are more skilled... like a way more skilled, people has good pcs and good internet, but the content is going to be almost the same. I expect "LFM togc25 going to full need all 4.7k+ DEATH CHOISE RES" in a global chat like literally in a month. Be sure, even super casual guilds will progress through togc. My mind, that its not good, since we are playing progressive server, which (for me) means to progress and struggle to content. I like how sunwell guys made t7 content, eoe25 was really good fight, ulduar is good as well, but just few hp togc buff will make it super casual raid. Peace.
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    Any russian guilds\players?

    Nais Englesh bro. Stukni mne v igre /w Butadiene Libo prosto /who Almighty i poprosi zaivaytit' Poka preraid guil'da, poetomu prinimaem seichas vseh, dazhe levelerov.