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    T9 2-set

    Having 4/4 isn't obligatory, but don't be scared of getting it just because bonus is bad. Depending on other items head/shoulders/hands are best in slot. You can go for head/shoulders/hands t9, chest from beasts or leather, Fleshrender and 0/3 in focused aim or change chest for set and mele for Glaive or change both mele and chest and put talents in focused aim. Anything u change can be replaced by something else and difference in dps won't be significant. Legs from anub are better than set, but if u consider getting 4/4 bonus (which is shitty but 90 dps is 90 dps) this way, loosing 8 crit and 12/14 agi doesn't matter. Items for survi on togc are flexible, so wear what u get and then choose other items. Don't think about perfect bis eq because we have to gear MM for icc anyway. Hands for sure and then i would buy head.
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    KT downed boys!