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  1. Toxic attitude

    welcome to wow, you must be new to the game
  2. you had the crit + 3% crit gem in your post you did in landsouls and yea i forgot you could only equip 1 stormjewel of each type that was an oversight on my behalf and i agree the 8 expertise / 8 hit would be a waste maybe yours is optimal i'll get round to looking at it when i can be bothered as rawr takes like 15 mins to load up and another 15 mins to load a item setup but these BiS lists are just a general guideline anyways cos people are dreaming if they think there going to get every single item on any BiS list pre end game.
  3. yea i did read it wasn't optimal, i wasn't trying to be a dick i just decided to show my old BiS List to compare to yours yea my gems i had were full str i agree it's a waste to gem arp atm also i think solar bindings are way better than the armbands of bedlam and one thing to note with the new bis list i made just now is your bis list is identical to mine every way except for the solar bindings, i also have engineering enchants aswell as 20 STR gems instead of 16 as there technically available even though expensive atm with the stormjewels also I've simmed every realistic buff in a 25m setup except for lust (cos it counts it as 100% uptime) and i'm getting 7795 dps, i'll post images of buffs to compare to, your JC gems are the same 3 also to note have full 20 str gems, 1x 16 exp gem 1x 8 str / 8 crit gem, relentless earthsiege diamond as the meta, enchanted tear in the blue requirement slot in the chest and 2x 8 str/8 hit gems yours will be close to mine if you change the gems etc but imo i still think the solar bindings are BiS also where are you getting your 2 x blue requirement for your meta? and techically i can get higher dps with replacing the 16 expertise gem for 20 str and replacing both 8 str/8 hit gems for 2x 20 str but i like to be fully capped.
  4. T8 BiS list is slightly off i've done calculations in Rawr and Grim Toll is 47 more dps than DMC Greatness and i wouldnt get that neck either as i think Pendulum is better my bis list is Head: T8.5 Neck: Pendulum of Infinity Shoulders: Shoulderplates of the Celestial Watch Back: Drape of the Faceless General Chest: T8.5 Wrist: Solar Bindings Hands: T8.5 Waist: Starfall Girdle Legs: T8.5 Feet: Melancholy Sabatons Ring1: Brann’s Sealing Ring Ring2: Brann’s Signet Ring Trinket1: Mjolnir Runestone Trinket2: Grim Toll Main Hand: Vold’Rethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion Offhand: Vold’Rethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion Ranged: Twirling Blades
  5. Character Name: Dolice Punishment Reason: Apparently Spamming in global even though another GM said i'm allowed to post in between 2 - 5 Minutes Game Master: Cule @MrCulé Summary: i was Advertising selling Valynir Fragments and the KT achiv both legit btw as i am planning to sell them in my runs and cule warned me to stop posting them so often into global at which point i stopped posting every minute or so like i was doing and then changed it to 2 minutes at which point when i posted the first advertisement 2 minutes after i got warned GM Cule Permanently Banned me from Global (according to another GM) attached are both the screenshots of when Cule warned me and when i next posted with Timestamps enabled unfortunately i do no have the screenshot of the conversation with the other GM i opened the ticked a couple of mins after u banned me from global, so it was whoever answered my tickets when you were online so perhaps you could find out for me, also how long is the ban if i may ask cos the other GM said it's perma. @MrCulé
  6. Report Emental

    Your name - DoliceReported player's name - EmentalDate - 27/03/18Rule that was broken - English only in globalDescription - Emental spammed his guild recruitment message with Non English wordsEvidence -
  7. [Report] Betterfuture

    Your name - DoliceReported player's name - BetterfutureDate - 26/03/18Rule that was broken - Buying Store items for goldDescription - Betterfuture was attempting to buy the bags (Foror's Crate of Endless Resist Gear Storage) from the store off playersEvidence -
  8. Account panel unstuck option

  9. Account panel unstuck option

    you can tp to any capital for free once an hour using the account panel, why do they need unstuck?
  10. Guide: Fury Warrior

    no, the whole point of the ability order i posted was to inform people how important it is to attempt to never miss an Heroic Strike whenever possible for example lets say your at 40 or so rage and all your abilities are off cooldown logic would tell a player not familiar with fury warrior "i only have enough rage for a BT and WW" but this is not the case since there not taking into account rage gained from OH whites, BT or WW and HS Glyph so the correct order in this situation would be Queue up an HS > BT > HS > WW > HS > Slam Proc > HS and ofc you don't deliberately get aggro on blood beasts but shit happens more than likely your WW is going to hit them even if you use WW before they Spawn therfore you will get aggro from them from that WW which means welp, i may aswell cleave, i know they recover saurfangs health when they hit someone which is the whole reason there attemped to be kited.
  11. Ban Appeal

    Character Name: Dolice Punishment Reason: No Clue (asking to get unmuted maybe?) Game Master: No Clue (maybe Tide / Chess) Summary: i opened up a ticket asking to get umuted, i replied to the answers by clicking the button next to Message Read on the reply panel this went back and forth about 3 times before eventually him banning me i'm sorry but it was the only way i could talk to you by requesting help on the system, i apologise for spamming the system but it was the only way to reply like i said how long am i banned for it doesnt say on my panel
  12. Fury Warrior T7.5 BiS (Rawr Simmed)

    yea i see, it seems to also have issues when i do my whole talent tree then select glyph of cleaving it resets all my talents to 0/0/0 even though the trees have points on them so when i simmed mine in order to fix it i put 1 extra point in deflection but i'm loving this, haven't had a chat with someone who i think is a good fury warrior who knows what there talking about in ages
  13. Fury Warrior T7.5 BiS (Rawr Simmed)

    it's a very good guide i just simmed toll and it is on top, however i'd argue you need to Heroic Strike as much as possible since its our highest damage always try to hit Heroic Strike when you know you'll have enough rage afterwards to use a BT or WW / Slam Proc, never spam execute, use it as fill when BT, WW is on CD no slam proc and HS is going to land, a big part of doing max dps and getting those cheeky heroic strikes in is predicting that your BT, WW, Slam or OH Whites wil give you enough rage for that extra HS also another thing to note in high end raiding adding in rend will improve dps ontop of that using shattering throw after your starter BT + WW is on CD and if you have no Slam proc is a dps increase aswell and Heroic throw in your rotation as filler. another thing to note is WW and Cleave use all three charges of Recklessness no matter how many targets it hits the more annoying is WW on single target using all 3 at once so once you pop it altar your rotation slightly so WW is last on the 3rd charge so BT > Heroic Strike > Whirlwind.
  14. Fury Warrior T7.5 BiS (Rawr Simmed)

    also from them sims you put in it looks like you havent done any talents, you lose so much Armor from the argued BiS liss which means loss of AP due to Armed to the teeth which means the current bis list should be more than 3247 dps
  15. Fury Warrior T7.5 BiS (Rawr Simmed)

    i'd like to link you to a thread that's accurate that is years old and already been simmed http://www.viciousgrin.com/priory/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=280&sid=cabaa3ac6287351c538682984c8432f4 it has every single item currently BiS for each slot all the way from TBC epics - WOTLK Normal Dungeons onwards to Current BiS in Naxx 25 /OS 25 /EoE 25 Grim Toll is not the Current BiS Trinket you do however need it come Ulduar when paired with Mjolnir Runestone you can hit the Soft Armor Pen Cap, this has all been done before