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    [Synek] (Banned by Ysolte)

    9 months... wow. Is that new record? You should make an appeal on feronis forum, but its disabled. UB after priv talk, enjoy your game.
  2. Ysolte

    Anabol Ysolte

    PM me. UB atm.
  3. Ysolte

    Appels hunterhead / Muted / Asureuz GM

  4. Ysolte

    Bunik Banned by Ysolte

  5. Ysolte

    [Kboss] (Banned by Asureuz)

  6. Ysolte

    Ban on ALL chats

    Hello Loghain. Angrathar is international server with main English language since release. Rules are equal for everyone. We were warning polish community so many times, now we're using shock therapy. Its useful by the way. 7days is enough to teach you, how to use appeal template. Cheers, GM Ysolte.
  7. Ysolte

    Bogodin appeal

  8. Ysolte

    Fish Botter

    @pixie additional video here. Doubled.
  9. Ysolte

    [NinjaLooters] Bubblebee +Ashali

    Hello faieza. Please, make sure that your report comply with that rules: If yes, use template from link below: Cheers, Ysolte.
  10. Ysolte

    Assassination Rogue LITE Guide

    Anub (ToGC 25). Trust me, it does a lot more that nothing, especially for combat, where Combat Potency is more powerful than Focused Attacks.
  11. Ysolte

    Ninjalooter (no roll allowed): Ranih

  12. Ysolte


    Hey allidya, Cheers, GM Ysolte.
  13. Ysolte

    why banned

  14. Ysolte

    way banned

  15. Ysolte

    Report: Bluewinds

    Hello Vbx. Looking at evidence, you've provoked him. Add him to your ignore list, if you dont want to talk with him.
  16. Ysolte

    [Report] Limons

    Hello Shiza. Ninjalooting is taken into consideration only in the case of 25-Man raids of the highest content. Ninjalooting in 10-Man raids, Normal / Heroic dungeons and raids below level 80 is not taken into consideration.
  17. Whats the point of that discussion? -You have whole season to score that achiev. -You gave up at the end. -Youve got additional id. -Youre blaming admin for giving one more chance in case of failure. I have nothing to add, if you still dont see that point. At last, hope that players who got the undying are more happy, thanks to your decision.
  18. According to that link, stormjewels drop from fishing daily described in 3.1.2 (thats ulduar patch)
  19. Ysolte

    [Report] Rumbum

    Hello Meatpopsicle, please, send uncut screenshots.
  20. Ysolte

    Assassination Rogue LITE Guide

    You have blocked enchants for several seconds, after switching weapons, because players were glitching buffs with weaponswap macro. The best one had 2x berserk, 2x mongoose and 2x black magic at once(6 different daggers in total). So if your leader commands you to use anesthetic, you will sacrifice your dps for that. For lazy ones: /equipslot 17 Librarian's Paper Cutter /cast Shiv /equipslot 17 Webbed Death Double click macro, bcs gcd blocks reswap. Useless when you have two or more weapons named the same in bag. Not sure about vanish, but combat chains you for whole encounter, and there probably no chance to refresh your potion. Only death makes you out of combat during boss fight Xemni, are you sure with agi gems? As i remember, its 1.1 ap and 0,017 crit per 1agi (not sure about numbers, dont take that as sunwell statement or whatever like that), its more value when youre going pure ap to 4k then haste, as u said in your guide. And thank you for that guide, i approve that one!
  21. Ysolte

    Double LPC build?

    Assa Rogue base on how many hits you will deal with you poisons, so that can be a point of that build. For me, Librarian's Paper Cutter is not strong enough to be prenaxx bis for main hand. I recommend 1.8 dagger from HoS's last boss (fleshreaper or sth like that). Webbed death is a great upgrade for fleshreaper, it deals similiar dmg, but with 1.4 speed
  22. Ysolte

    Naxx 25 Webbed Death Ninja'd

    Nice screenshot, but where is the roll screenshot? i see only your spam, and unfortunately for you, i cant do anything. Please fill your report with necessary documentation. Cheers, Ysolte.
  23. Ysolte

    Sevenup (Banned by Crafty)

    Obviously it was bot, but you've alerted him, running with your pack behind him. If you have more evidence than us, send it to me or Crafty, because i cant ban player, who respond to me "oh, gm" immidiately after i turn my invisiblity off. You cant force me to ban him*, because "he is robbing your herbs". Ive warned all of you not to use word "cunt" in my presence, and you just used it to insult 2 gms. With one sentence. Great idea. We've tested your proudness with perm ban**, and obviously, you're to proud to apologize. Why should we reduce that ban? (*) I.13. The player has to respect and apply to the administration’s decisions and visit the forum and the website quite often to be in touch with the recent news. If a player would try to extort anything from the administration, he could be punished. The punishment will depend on the player’s behavior. (**) II.4. Insulting the staff will result in a permanent ban.