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  1. [Kboss] (Banned by Asureuz)

  2. Ban on ALL chats

    Hello Loghain. Angrathar is international server with main English language since release. Rules are equal for everyone. We were warning polish community so many times, now we're using shock therapy. Its useful by the way. 7days is enough to teach you, how to use appeal template. Cheers, GM Ysolte.
  3. Bogodin appeal

  4. Fish Botter

    @pixie additional video here. Doubled.
  5. [NinjaLooters] Bubblebee +Ashali

    Hello faieza. Please, make sure that your report comply with that rules: If yes, use template from link below: Cheers, Ysolte.
  6. Assassination Rogue LITE Guide

    Anub (ToGC 25). Trust me, it does a lot more that nothing, especially for combat, where Combat Potency is more powerful than Focused Attacks.
  7. Ninjalooter (no roll allowed): Ranih

  8. Ninjalooter (no roll allowed): Ranih (repost)

  9. Banned

    Hey allidya, Cheers, GM Ysolte.
  10. why banned

  11. way banned

  12. Report: Bluewinds

    Hello Vbx. Looking at evidence, you've provoked him. Add him to your ignore list, if you dont want to talk with him.
  13. [Report] Limons

    Hello Shiza. Ninjalooting is taken into consideration only in the case of 25-Man raids of the highest content. Ninjalooting in 10-Man raids, Normal / Heroic dungeons and raids below level 80 is not taken into consideration.
  14. Whats the point of that discussion? -You have whole season to score that achiev. -You gave up at the end. -Youve got additional id. -Youre blaming admin for giving one more chance in case of failure. I have nothing to add, if you still dont see that point. At last, hope that players who got the undying are more happy, thanks to your decision.