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  1. Piootrek

    [Report - Ninja looting] Imnotvulgar

    Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting. Report rejected.
  2. Piootrek

    Wtyczka banned by Piootrek

    Hello. I'm 100% sure you were using speed hack. Your character was running with insane speed and you had low latency. Appeal rejected.
  3. Piootrek

    29. Ponkz

    Opinion #2 Ponkz added to ninjalist.
  4. Piootrek

    Valais (Muted 7d by Piotrek)

    /say is general channel too. Appeal rejected.
  5. Piootrek

    Reza (banned by piootrek)

  6. Piootrek

    Mutes for everything?

    Hello. Please read this topic on Feronis forum (polish) https://forum.sunwell.pl/index.php?/topic/9394-feronis-podsumowanie-obecnej-sytuacji/
  7. Piootrek

    [Testoviron] (Muted by Piootrek)

    You copied part from Feronis rules. Angrathar rules say /say isn't mentioned there, but it's general channel too. Appeal rejected
  8. Piootrek


    Hello. Logs have confirmed that they were wintrading. All characters have been banned.
  9. Player has been punished.
  10. Piootrek

    The experience event on Angrathar!

    Hello. Exp bonuses don't stack with each others.
  11. Piootrek

    Assmanet (Ninja Listed by Nadiir and Piootrek)

    Hello. You can't roll items for other people. Appeal rejected.
  12. Piootrek

    [Report] Sixhotloads

    Opinion #2 I agree with Nadiir. Report rejected.
  13. Piootrek

    9. Meren

    Opinion #1: Zengu didn't won roll, so he shouldn't get this item. Master looter should be punished.
  14. Piootrek

    7. Assmagnet

    Opinion #1 Paladin shouldn't get Vanquisher token. Master looter should be punished.
  15. Piootrek

    Appeal for Sunwell Coin refund

    Hello. Please contact with me on Discord.