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  1. Iamthedoll

    shit 58 and lvl capped dunno what to do

    If you try to troll at least troll in proper english.
  2. Iamthedoll

    shit 58 and lvl capped dunno what to do

    lol, troll posts are so weak these days
  3. There are no plants to enable it. You have to level new characters.
  4. Iamthedoll

    F*cked up Humor. :D

    WHOA! Women buying toilet paper... I wonder what they will use it for? How old are you? 6yr old Chinese kid?
  5. Iamthedoll

    Few questions about nightbane

    Devs said many times that ONLY items in shop will be exp boosts and cosmetic items like pets/mounts.
  6. Iamthedoll

    RL ninja, a.k.a ninjas are gay

    There is not enough evidence I guess. Your UI doesn't show that Nzm is a RL, only that he got last item.
  7. Iamthedoll

    Crossfaction BGs

    I am not sure whether you are retarded or just trolling? Also your nick being an acronym could be found offensive @[email protected]@Adrestia
  8. Iamthedoll

    Fragment of Valanyr Drop Chance

    Read valanyr quest description. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Quest:Val'anyr,_Hammer_of_Ancient_Kings
  9. Iamthedoll

    Fragment of Valanyr Drop Chance

    For normal modes: Least optimistic scenario is 3% per boss (15% Freya) so as math says, the average number of Fragments per run should be 1,48 Fragments (full norm clear). The average scenario - which we have here (8,5% per boss and 19,5% Freya - these are numbers given by testmasters) gives us average of 2,13 Fragments per run (full norm clear). Hard modes are tricky, because it was said on Feronis, that hm bosses have 40% drop chance which is contradictory to to values you linked. And having killed those hm's many times on both Feronis and Angra, drop chances seem similar - regardless of difficulty. In conclusion you need about 15 full runs, each for a pug takes about 4-5h. 15*4,5 =~ 68 h of raiding plus you have to defeat yogg on hardmode. Good luck
  10. Iamthedoll

    Class graph

    I guess it's only faction-wide because addon bases on /who with special parameters to determine numbers of characters in level range, class and race. However there is no problem in making other faction's lvl 1 character and try gathering data with him (addon works regardless of zone). This can be tricky tho - you have to try saying something in guild chat /g and then turn on Census, because low lvl characters are muted on /s for some period of time and addon can malfunction.
  11. Iamthedoll

    Class graph

    There is a solution. Download CensusPlus addon, afk in dala for 2-3 days, and you should get more or less accurate distribution of actively playing characters.
  12. Iamthedoll

    Class graph

    https://sunwell.pl/armory click "Census" tab
  13. Iamthedoll

    Shadow Priest T9 4Set or T8.5+T9 2sets

    2xt8.5 +2xt9 until nearly toc bis (about 5,4-5,5k gs) then 4xt9.
  14. Mabybe because there will be new high ilvl items available for WG marks? It would hurt the balance.
  15. And how many people did that buffed u25 and eoe25 with PUGs? Noone or nearly noone I guess. This server consists of (just my approximation) >70% casual players, ~10-15% pvp players and others, maybe a hundred or two hardcore PvE players. Do you really think that making those 150 people happy with overbuffing and let's say 2500 others unhappy is going to end well? They did so on Feronis, where people just quit playing because raids were too hard (on 10 year expansion lel). As someone mentioned - normals should be untouched so the PUGs and casual players can get gear, HC's however should be buffed. Personally I think that only hp buff is not a big deal. However revamping some spells (only on HC's) could make a difference. Shorter berserk timer on Beasts? Additional adds on Jaraxxus? Reduced timers on Champions? Debuff's hitting whole raid instead of only person having those on valkyr's? Anub's leeching swarm healing increase/ Freezing slash dmg increase? Well, surely all of this would need testing - and we don't have much time for this. This is neither Lordaeron nor Feronis. Still maybe, just maybe, custom spell buffs on 25hc should be added? @[email protected]é Cheers!
  16. Just three words: Old Scarlet Monastery :wink: :wink: Just can't stand waiting up to Christmas for it... Cheers @[email protected]
  17. @MrCulé Is there any chance for other class-specific weapons being able to mog cross 2h and 1h? (e.g. dagger/sword/mace to staff) Like http://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=20536 for warlocks and http://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=18609 for priests?
  18. Iamthedoll

    Tell me about your Spriest(rotation/opener/stats)

    T84p gives MB 240 haste that's why you should start MB VT DP MF2 SWP. Without it VT DP MF SWP MB is good. Using renew is useless like previous post states. Also IF is useless on shadowfiend and DoTs.
  19. Iamthedoll

    400% 24 hr xp boost ?

    What I believe, Dramead is complaining about high price because of real "worth" of 5usd in different countries. In western europe equivalence of 5usd is realatively low, in eastern europe and african or asian countries it can be a lot of money.
  20. Iamthedoll

    WoW Angrathar Wotlk | Destro PvP [Moonsado]

    What is the name of addon for those plates? I love them...
  21. Iamthedoll

    Dungeon Finder Loot System?

    That's the blizzard loot system called need before greed which Blizz decided to be default for RDF's: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Need_Before_Greed You can always ask people whether they really need those items and ask them for trading if they do not. In wotlk there are may situations where BIS items are not class-specific armor type (eg. Leathers for warriors or pallys, cloth for druids - as you mentioned). Cheers
  22. Iamthedoll

    Ferocious Bite numbers disappear sometimes

    Check combat log, it could be your addons messing shown dmg dealt.
  23. Iamthedoll

    Protection warrior

    cons: - no criitical life saving abilities (Ardent for pallys, WotNP for DK's), - relatively low HP-pool and avoidance, - VERY skill dependant, - low threat generation (can be compared to bear's - maybe slightly more than druid's) RDF's are nothing compared to raiding (well maybe except naxx10 which is just 10man RHC), so don't judge class with only one place where you could check it out pros: + one of best tanks on anub's adds, + can cast vigilance
  24. Iamthedoll

    Having Several Issues

    Right click on your wow folder and untick read-only.