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  1. Mabybe because there will be new high ilvl items available for WG marks? It would hurt the balance.
  2. And how many people did that buffed u25 and eoe25 with PUGs? Noone or nearly noone I guess. This server consists of (just my approximation) >70% casual players, ~10-15% pvp players and others, maybe a hundred or two hardcore PvE players. Do you really think that making those 150 people happy with overbuffing and let's say 2500 others unhappy is going to end well? They did so on Feronis, where people just quit playing because raids were too hard (on 10 year expansion lel). As someone mentioned - normals should be untouched so the PUGs and casual players can get gear, HC's however should be buffed. Personally I think that only hp buff is not a big deal. However revamping some spells (only on HC's) could make a difference. Shorter berserk timer on Beasts? Additional adds on Jaraxxus? Reduced timers on Champions? Debuff's hitting whole raid instead of only person having those on valkyr's? Anub's leeching swarm healing increase/ Freezing slash dmg increase? Well, surely all of this would need testing - and we don't have much time for this. This is neither Lordaeron nor Feronis. Still maybe, just maybe, custom spell buffs on 25hc should be added? @[email protected]é Cheers!
  3. Just three words: Old Scarlet Monastery :wink: :wink: Just can't stand waiting up to Christmas for it... Cheers @[email protected]
  4. Exactly, they will be farmed and farmed any why would people want to start farming earlier and make it boring even faster? Additionally, why the 5 man heoric should give same ilvl items as 10man raid? This is just unfair for people raiding 10man toc. Icc dungs belong to icc content, not the ToC one. If blizzard wanted icc dungs in ToC they would do it, but as we saw on retail this was 3.3.x.
  5. @MrCulé Is there any chance for other class-specific weapons being able to mog cross 2h and 1h? (e.g. dagger/sword/mace to staff) Like http://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=20536 for warlocks and http://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=18609 for priests?
  6. Help SPRIEST Ulduar BIS list

  7. Tell me about your Spriest(rotation/opener/stats)

    T84p gives MB 240 haste that's why you should start MB VT DP MF2 SWP. Without it VT DP MF SWP MB is good. Using renew is useless like previous post states. Also IF is useless on shadowfiend and DoTs.
  8. 400% 24 hr xp boost ?

    What I believe, Dramead is complaining about high price because of real "worth" of 5usd in different countries. In western europe equivalence of 5usd is realatively low, in eastern europe and african or asian countries it can be a lot of money.
  9. WoW Angrathar Wotlk | Destro PvP [Moonsado]

    What is the name of addon for those plates? I love them...
  10. Dungeon Finder Loot System?

    That's the blizzard loot system called need before greed which Blizz decided to be default for RDF's: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Need_Before_Greed You can always ask people whether they really need those items and ask them for trading if they do not. In wotlk there are may situations where BIS items are not class-specific armor type (eg. Leathers for warriors or pallys, cloth for druids - as you mentioned). Cheers
  11. Ferocious Bite numbers disappear sometimes

    Check combat log, it could be your addons messing shown dmg dealt.
  12. Protection warrior

    cons: - no criitical life saving abilities (Ardent for pallys, WotNP for DK's), - relatively low HP-pool and avoidance, - VERY skill dependant, - low threat generation (can be compared to bear's - maybe slightly more than druid's) RDF's are nothing compared to raiding (well maybe except naxx10 which is just 10man RHC), so don't judge class with only one place where you could check it out pros: + one of best tanks on anub's adds, + can cast vigilance
  13. Having Several Issues

    Right click on your wow folder and untick read-only.
  14. Realm First: Yogg Saron 25 0K - hard question

    You guys are not getting the -15% dmg aura for players which Feronis had, despite of which yogg was killed, and you doubt if 0k is doable? rotfl'd
  15. Herbs nerfed? Greens nerfed?

    It's all about nerfing number of nodes. On Feronis prices rose about 2 times already in like 2 weeks.
  16. Rawr

  17. Help Rotation SP

    Shadow priest do not have a rotation. It has priorities. Prio list is like(up to late t9-t10): Shadowfiend>VT>devo>swp (5 stacks of weaving)>MB each cd>MF. Or opener when you know there will be lustism at start (plus you have proccing trinkets): MF>MF2>VT (so it benefits from haste and 5 stacks)>devo>swp>1 MB> spam MF until dots fall off Standard opener: vt>devo>mf>swp>mb>mf Swd used when needed to move or when it is not worth casting MF or MF2, use MB every CD, refresh dots as soon as they wear off (refreshing when there is a 1 sec of dot on the target is major dps loss), do not clip MF unless you have to reapply VT when trinkets proc. Shadowpriest is all about good timing and proper use of all the procc's. Maybe not as hard as enh, but mastering spriest is a piece of cake and it is really rewarding.
  18. [report] Garraslack

    Your name - Iamthedoll Reported player's name - Garraslack Date - 15.02 Rule that was broken - 9. Using quest items and quest mounts to attack other players is strictly prohibited. Quest items are meant for the quest they are provided for. The punishment for that is individual but can be no longer than 7 days of account suspension. Description - Well obviously that player did it intentionally, I was killed by him about 3 times (he also killed my friend few times). He stopped only after being killed be 3 of us... GM Dredd told me to make a complaint here, so I do. Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/GwDc2