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  1. Toxic behaviour.

    Please use your ignore list if the player has offended you. have a great day.
  2. I do not see how these names are offensive under our rules. They will not be renamed. Have a great day.
  3. [Report] Stonned

    Please use your ignore list if the player has offended you. Have a great day!
  4. [Report] Alaq, Picasa - Ninjaloot

    Item will be removed.
  5. Report Tiania

    Player will be banned. Thanks for the report.
  6. Longerion (Banned by Pixie)

    Botting is bad for the population, the economy and the server as a whole. Your ban stays as is.
  7. [Report] Aarthas

    Item will be removed. Thanks for the report.
  8. [Ninjaloot] Jasinek & Elayoe

    Sorry but i will not interfere with this as it was on group loot. It is why all raids should be done on masterlooter.
  9. [Report] Alaq, Picasa - Ninjaloot

    Can you tell me where the item ended up, on player Homicide?
  10. Report Harrasment and Bully

    Please put the player on your ignore list. have a great day!
  11. Ninjalooting character Shredyoass

    Not enough evidence, report rejected.
  12. [report] Maggotmvp

    Please put the player on your ignore list. Have a great day.
  13. Hey there. As you already know the rules for this i wont add my usual reply of "we do not punish for this", but we are aware of the issues around ninja looting and it is a very delicate subject to get into. If a player persists in taking items unfairly, you can always just not attend raids with said player. I would love to be able to help you more but, as you are aware, even us Game Masters have strict rules to follow. Have a great day.
  14. Anhero (Banned by Pixie)

    Your account was being used to level and sell characters, please contact me on the discord.
  15. Report Ysenna

    Please put the player on your ignore list if he offended you.