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  1. pixie

    Had someone sniping neutral auctions

    Hey there, What the player says in the screenshot is correct, when you post an auction you post it wit he the idea of letting someone buy it. You knew the risks when you did so and i am sorry but there is no issue, in this case, to resolve. Thanks.
  2. pixie

    Shaw (Baned by Pub) @Pub

  3. pixie

    Acedog(Baned by Piootrek)

  4. pixie

    Happyx Banned by Crafty

  5. pixie

    daddyy banned by Adrestia

  6. pixie

    Pieperke/Pieperke1 Banned by (Asureuzz)

    @Asureuz ❤️
  7. pixie

    [Exploitzgodx] (Banned by Pixie)

    Hey there, After a long chat on discord about what happened, i have unbanned you. Thanks
  8. pixie

    Layzieniu banned by Adrestia

  9. pixie

    [Widowx,Widowxx] (Banned by Adrestia)

  10. pixie

    banned by crafty

  11. pixie

    Banned by pixie and Pub

    Hey there. I will unban you. But if we catch you again we will not be so forgiving. Thanks
  12. pixie

    Thorwinaggro banned

  13. pixie


    Hey there, Player is banned. Thanks for the report!
  14. pixie


    Hey there, Please use your ignore list to make sure you do not have to deal with the player again. Thanks.
  15. pixie

    Report-Goldseller Smheld

    Hey there, Thanks for the report, players has been banned.