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  1. I've done some testing, and I have found two better BiS lists for fire and arcane. They both simed higher on simcraft and rawr. For fire: Head: Valorous Frostfire Circlet (KT 25) Neck: Wyrmrest Necklace of Power (Malygos 25 & Saphiron 25) Shoulders: Valorous Frostfire Shoulderpads (Set shoulders 25) Cloak: Pennant Cloak (Sartharion 25 2D) Chest: Valorous Frostfire Robe (Set chest 25) Bracers: Unsullied Cuffs (Sartharion 25 2D) Gloves: Valorous Frostfire Gloves (Set gloves 25) Belt: Leash of the Heedless Magic (Malygos 25) Legs: Leggings of the Wanton Spellcaster (Malygos 25) Boots: Arcane Tramplers (Malygos 25) Ring 1: Signet of the Manifested Pain (KT 25) Ring 2: Signet of the Malevolent (Gothik 10) Weapon: The Turning Tide (KT 25) Off-Hand: The Surplus Limb (Patchwerk 25) Wand: Gemmed Wand of the Nerubians (Anub'Rekhan 25) Trinket 1: Dying Curse (Naxx 25, shared loot table) Trinket 2: Illustration of the Dragon Soul (Sartharion 25) You'll need a couple of spell+hit gems and one hit gem on belt. Simcraft dps: 6706 on 300sec fight and 6448 on 500sec fight. Stat weights for both fights: 300/500 spell : 1.00 // 1.00 int : 0.3657 // 0.6561 spi : 0.5642 // 0.8428 crit : 0.7435 // 0.8320 haste : 0.6087 // 0.1563 So the longer the fight is the worse haste becomes and the stats pertaining to mana regen become more important(spirit and int). In regards to arcane, I have actually dropped the 4P as it simed higher without it. I've checked the maths behind the 4P, and it basically boils down to 2.5 x crit% damage increase. This means if you have 40% crit chance, the 4P is only a 1% damage increase. I am a bit lazy to re do the entire list, it is similar to the one the OP posted, but 3 pieces differ: head: Hood of Rationality (Malygos 25) legs : Leggings of the Wanton Spellcaster (Malygos 25) ring : Band of Channeled Magic (Emblem of Valor) instead of the hit ring The difference in DPS isn't huge compared to your Arcane BiS list, but mine sims higher on both simcraft and rawr, with 20 to 50 more dps(not a lot) whatever the fight length.
  2. Both of these specs are horrible. And nobody is hiting 7K in Naxx atm. Advocating for a spec that is just bad in PvE is quite tiresome, especially with no proof to back up any of your claims, and both of you "pro frost mage" obviously know very little about raiding or even pve for that matter. So please, get informed properly (use rawr/simcraft/old theorycraft from tlk) if you want to contribute to a meaningful discussion, but going on feelings is pointless and you will be ignored/mocked, rightfully, for doing so.
  3. The problem with frost mage is how bad they scale with secondary stats. At the moment, the potential DPS is about 5% lower compared to arcane in BiS gear (Rawr : 6934.29 and Simcraft: 6618) but the stat weights are much lower: Arcane // Frost int: 1.0979 // 0.2226 spi: 0.7585 // 0.4724 sp: 1.5826 // 1.6240 hit: 2.8816 // 2.2250 crit: 0.9049 // 0.7961 haste : 1.3991 // 0.8490 Those are the scale factors I got for arcane and frost with T7 BiS gear. As you can see, frost is only on par with arcane on the spell power stat, the other stats do not offer as much DPS in frost as they do in arcane. So the more gear you have, the greater the gap. Regarding your AoE argument, it is simply not true, every mage spec has a crit modifier that can affect blizzard, and fire is by far the best spec for aoe/cleaving because of fire bomb.
  4. Hi, nice work. I've been tinkering around with a couple of bis lists I have found for T7 in arcane, and yours has come out ahead by ~30dps on rawr and reached 6909 on simcraft. This T7 arcane bis list: dps: 7170.71 on rawr // 6909 on simcraft stat weights: int: 0.7065 spi: 0.4825 sp: 1.00 hit: 1.8853 crit: 0.5790 haste: 0.9098 I made several modifications, you seem to be using icewalkers on your boots, which is why you have 0.58% above the hit cap, by using the 18 spirit enchant, you gain like 2dps on Rawr, which gets better if you want to take points in Student of Mind(0/3). I also changed your spec, you have to take the 5/5 in Barrage Missile, the dps loss was 158.26 on Rawr, which is pretty big. If you really want Arcane Barrage, you can drop one point in Arcane Meditation(2/3) which is a loss of 54.33. You can also drop one point from Arcane Stability(3/5) and ask a healing paladin to put one point in aura of concentration in your raid so you can still have 100% pushback resistance.