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  1. [Lagirtha] (Banned by Azureuz]

    @Asureuz <3
  2. New to the server! Have some questions!

    Hey there! Keep in mind I'm a GM but i'll try to be un-biased. I'd say overall there are more alliance PVPers (So go Horde obviously for faster que's .) Horde has slightly more PVE focus, but if you're NA there are some good NA Alliance guilds. I'd say the raids are Excellent. Population does not drop below 1k. (Peaks at 6k EU time)
  3. [Quilly] (Banned by crafty)

    @Crafty <3
  4. Hv (Muted)

  5. Am Ban Circleleader

  6. report a player

    Hi there. Sorry for the issues but we do not punish for 10m ninjaloots per our rules. Once again, sorry that this happened to you.
  7. Character transfers

    Hi there. No. It's not possible. Thanks.
  8. ban appeal

    This was resolved over discord. Thanks.
  9. Why is horde just GIVEN wintergrasp?

    is WG really disabled for 10 hours on Saturday? I"ll pay close attention this upcoming Saturday so we can get some facts about it.
  10. No ToC to gear uo ?

    We are a progressive realm. This means that we will release content patches over a period of time. This allows people to enjoy Naxx with Naxx gear. and Ulduar with Ulduar gear, ect. We have no release date for TOC. Thank you.
  11. Ninjaloot ULDU25

    It was an upgrade for Miv and Miv won the roll. Unfortunately we can not punish in this case. Thank you.
  12. All disappeared in SW

    You're on the battle for Undercity questchain. You'll need to go to the Wrathgate and speak with Lady Aled (Red Dragon) That will start it off
  13. Why is horde just GIVEN wintergrasp?

    Antik, I love you, But this is completely false. For those who don't know: we have a system in place that turns off WG when our population is too high on our server. (Generally one WG per day over the weekend.) This is done ONLY to prevent server-wide lag. This system in no way favors the Horde. We have never given either faction WG. The good news is that we are constantly trying to improve our systems to make the server run smoother and will hopefully one day not have this lock on WG.
  14. [Report] Pulapka

    Player has been punished. Thank you.