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  1. Nadiir

    Banned on Discord?

  2. Nadiir

    Banned on Discord?

    @Dredd @Piootrek Can you please review.
  3. Nadiir

    Wowika6677 Qldan Mute

  4. Nadiir

    Estimated population at launch?

    I think it will be way over 1k. Every day we have people asking about the launch date and plans for the server.
  5. Nadiir

    Lifting of speach ban

  6. Nadiir

    Nightbane Timeline

    The info that I know is that we are planning to have T4 and T5 at launch.
  7. TLPD is working fine.
  8. Nadiir

    [Report] SERVER

    A-uh. Yeah. Um. We'll punish them? Uh. Yes-YES. Server will be punished. Thank you for the report. nope.mp4
  9. Nadiir

    [Report] Palos

    They have been punished. Thanks for the report.
  10. Nadiir

    [Report] Moonylight

    We can't punish for kicking you from a PUG. Sorry about that.
  11. Nadiir

    [Report - Ninjalooting] Chiple

    Opinion #1 The items were ninjalooted. Masterlooter should be punished for ninjalooting. We can't punish for kicking you.
  12. Nadiir

    [Report] "Ayana"

    We don't punish for pressing "Need" in an RDF. We will punish in cases where Masterlooter ninja's items.
  13. Nadiir

    Report [Tokiogul]

    Unfortunately we don't punish for pressing Need in RDF. Sorry about that. i'd suggest to /ignore him and he won't be in your RDF groups anymore.
  14. Nadiir

    Dark Portal opening event?

    This is interesting My first thought was that I was against it, because I enjoy the race to lv 70. But seeing the chaos at the blasted lands portal would be pretty fun also. Idk.
  15. Nadiir

    What's up with the PvE difficulty?

    I think the plan is to make it Pre-Nerf Blizzlike. (minus bugs like you say) But the guy that would know would be @Graal We're also taking feedback here if you'd like to give us some: http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/4650-periodic-survey-nightbane-discussion