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  1. Report Ponkz

    Opinion #1 Masterlooter should be punished.
  2. Ninja Looter - Halls of Stone

    Pressing "Need" is not a ninjaloot. We don't punish for pressing "Need" in RDF. We will only punish in cases where there is a masterlooter. Thanks.
  3. TBC - faction imbalance handling - question

    The server will remain PvP As for faction balance we are still considering options we can take and would welcome your ideas.
  4. Hotlady (Nadiir)

    Hi. I'm sorry but you were using a bot program. The ban will remain. Appeal declind.
  5. Not able to finish Reconnaissance Flight

    Try pressing Spacebar. Thanks.
  6. [Report] Yerdi

    They have been punished. Thanks.
  7. Can't see NPC and player in Stormwind City

    Hello. You are on a quest that is phasing you. Please view it here: https://db.darkwizard.pl/?quest=13347 Thanks.
  8. [Report] [Ninja Loot / Ignored Roll]

    Opinion #1 I think you may have been too late in the roll. It's difficult to determine length of time based on the chat log but we can see someone saying goodbye with 2 messages. And we also can't see when the item was given to the other person. (Before or after your roll) So it's difficult for us to punish for this. I think there should be no punishment. Sorry this happened to you man.
  9. I don't quite understand. If it was reserved then they can keep it. If masterlooter was forgotten to be taken off and it was rolled on then we won't interfere with that. Report rejected for now. Needs more evidence/explanations.
  10. Ninja loot/ ignored roll

    Opinion #2 I also think it is reasonable for the Raid Leader to request you to show your rings. An exception to this would be for transmog items, but it's a ring in this case. No punishment.
  11. How To Connect Link/ LOGIN not working?

    Try registering an account on Sunwell.pl then when you log in all info on how to connect is on the top of the page
  12. [Repport] Queuearathi

    Thank you. They have been banned permanently. (The accounts used for spamming. Thanks )
  13. Can't buy anything in the store (Website)

    I just tested this and can confirm. I've informed our website Developer. We're looking into it.
  14. [Report] Felishia

    They have been punished. Thanks.
  15. [Report] Isabele

    He has been punished. Thank you.