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  1. Equus

    79 twinking

    Yeah there are a lot of wsgs because it's CTA but most battles are filled with levellers. Let's see how things are after the CTA.
  2. Equus

    79 twinking

    Not unbeatable then. Hopefully you'll refrain from your childish crowing now.
  3. Equus

    79 twinking

    You only queue as a 7 man premade against levellers, you then camp them at gy for the full 25 mins while holding the flag and you're surprised that they quit? Seems like those levellers did the sensible thing. All should avoid your cancer.
  4. Equus

    79 twinking

    For the time being, it's dead. That's all I was saying. I understand from your point of view that you're enjoying the glory because you feel you've "earned" it by being there when the horde were on top, but that's not how I'm looking at it. I'm saying that right now this bracket is extremely unbalanced to the point that queuing is completely pointless. Unless horde get a major injection of new twinks and this cancerous Russian guild goes away I can't see it coming back to life.
  5. Equus

    79 twinking

    Bracket pretty close to dead now. AV only popped once whole weekend. Alliance have 3 times as many active twinks. Allies having to come on horde lowlevel alts to spam messages to 70-79s to queue to try and get battlegrounds to pop. Lots of horde twinks either say they're not playing any more or worse transfering to alliance. Might be time to find a new server.
  6. Equus

    79 twinking

    Getting away from the drama and back to the state of the bracket for a moment, it does seem there are real issues with balance. It seems like most games are completely imbalanced one way or the other right now with very few good, close games. Alliance seems to have 0-1 twink or 9-10 twinks and no in between. During the day time, more often than not they seem to get stomped as they either don't have twinks online or the twinks they have won't queue. After 11.00pm, the situation reverses. Horde has more levellers and fewer healers and their twinks don't want to queue and so they get stomped. It'd be nice if this could be changed so that not every single game ended up with one side graveyard camping the other.
  7. Equus

    79 twinking

    I agree it's part of the game and I don't resent anyone using it. However, I'm not sure that Soslammed's timeline stands up to scrutiny. He claims he only used faps because Skaredqt and Barar starting using them first. However, he was using faps before those guys even created their warriors. Someone's telling porkies. Why not just admit you use fap because you really really really wanna win at all costs?