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  1. Graal

    Fast mount for testers

    Will do so.
  2. Graal

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    😑 All we do is change health, damage or timers of KNOWN mechanics/spells. The only custom thing was Malygos which was "years" ago. I'm sure we will spend a lot of time with @Azathothh and discuss about ICC difficulty to make it playable for everyone. Greetings
  3. Graal

    Dark Portal opening event?

    Okey so, I'm afraid we can't organize this event because blocking people on 60lvl isn't healthy for realm and this event is not worth it. We can manage to add there some semi-event with fightning creatures to make Dark Portal look cooler from Blasted Lands side, but I'm worried we won't recreate its original form. Greetings
  4. Hey there buddy, let mi summarize some facts! There are indeed 4 routes for both Vyragosa and TLPD on our realm. Respawn time is set to 12h. There is 15% chance TLPD will spawn, and 85% chance that it will be Vyragosa. There are 269 characters on Angrathar who have this mount. Fingers crossed, u will catch it one day
  5. Graal

    Dark Portal opening event?

    Oh yeah, maybe ure right with this cap... Now it enlights me that maybe it was something about it haha. Anyway as I said, we will talk about this event soon!
  6. Graal

    What's up with the PvE difficulty?

    Hi there, thank you for ur interest! Our first idea was to put only pre-nerf statistics on our dungeons and raids. Since it's quite easy to modify those values we are still considering about full CoreCraft boosts. As I said, its easy to change it so we didn't decide yet. We have created poll where we asked players what kind of boosts/mechanics they expect -> https://goo.gl/forms/0FxQ0QR3g364WJus1 When we will decide it once and for all then we will publish our statement Cheers
  7. Graal

    Dark Portal opening event?

    Hi there, there was no cap on Angrathar even for few minutes I promise we will talk about it on our next staff meeting and we'll consider that event. Cheers
  8. Graal

    Add more dummy in GM island.

    I believe I added several dummies there 😮 I can add more if needed, no problemo monsieur.
  9. Hey everyone, We have decided to boost ToGC 25 (Heroic) bosses a little and I'll explain why. Ulduar was a raid where all Hard Mode bosses were really strong. The stats show that only a small percent of the players killed all Keepers in their Hard Mode versions. A lot of top guilds couldn't handle these boosts and either disbanded during progress or moments after Ulduar realm firsts. The exact reasons remain unknown to us, however the difficulty could be one of them. We don't want to buff a raid up to the sky, so only a small percent of the players can experience that. Balanced ToGC boost should make the raid more accessible to less hardcore guilds and we'll live by these words. Boost isn't that low to allow pugs to kill as much as an organized guild, but it isn't so high that normal guilds can raid only Normal mode. However, I've learned that players weren't quite satisfied of our decision, that the boost could be a little higher for the healthy competition. And as my heart is good&pure and I value opinions of the players, I've brought up this topic to the administration. I wanted to buff the raid slightly more but still making it accessible for less hardcore guilds. We've decided to make four changes: Lord Jaraxxus will use Touch of Jaraxxus spell; Twin Val'kyr debuff will damage the whole raid, instead of single damage to the player with debuff; Twin Val'kyr HP boost will be 35% (up from 25%); Anub'arak and his spawns HP boost will be 35% (up from 25%). I hope that you're more satisfied of the outcome and the raid will be fun and engaging. Kind regards
  10. Hey! We’d like to congratulate <playing ironically> once more for having spirit of competition and gathering two Ulduar realm first achievements. They’ve shown that they’re unstoppable. Now, as two main achievements of the new content are taken, we’ll push some changes. Argent Tournament! From the next ID week (27.06), we’ll implement all the quests and questlines from AT. The new location with the new achievements, quests and titles will be implemented as a whole, without a few quests from the future patches. Naxxramas From the next ID week (27.06), all Naxxramas boosts will be lifted. That means Naxxramas is returning to its own, base version. Boss HP will be reduced by a half, damage and spell timers are going to be nerfed down to their original version and all custom mechanics we’ve added are going to be reverted. We’d also like to add that Black Proto-Drake mount, which is a reward for Glory of the Raider (25-Man) will be obtainable for only 2 weeks after the nerf hits. After two weeks, the reward will be blocked permanently and the mount will not be obtainable through the shop. Ulduar Ulduar will stay pre-nerf. However, some of the encounters are enhanced by our own boosts: Razorscale, XT, Steelbreaker, Mimiron, Freya, Thorim, Vezax, Yogg and Algalon. Every few weeks we’ll slowly revert some of the changes, so when 3.2 hits, Ulduar will be pre-nerf only, without any custom mechanics. A revert of every boss will be announced prior to that. PS. We'd like to congratulate @Raphael for his World Cup debut.
  11. Graal

    Argent Tournament and gems

    Hi there pals, Like Cule said, it's better to catch us on Discord cuz my phone dings per message mostly, and on forum it isn't @H4wx we didn't forgot nor ignored it. With Ulduar launch there was info: - First two daily quests at Argent Tournament are available - more info soon! Except The Argent Tournament quest there are A Chip of Ulduar Block and Jack Me Some Lumber from goblin between ToC raid entrance and horde's tent. It was planned to launch Argent Tournament quests incrementally. Quests that are available at the moment are responsible for building Argent Tournament itself. We can't recreate retail development of this place due client differences. So for now we all see AT already built while we shouldn't. Soon, (probably week) there will be NPC in Dalaran added, who will tell player how many times both quests were done (2 available dailies). When each of them reach 15k completions on realm, we will add rest of quests in AT that were in 3.1 patch. Rare gems to vendors in Orgrimmar and Stormwind will be added.
  12. I think noone here (you & me included) don't know how this content will be progressed on 3.3.5 patch. It may go like u've written but well, it could go also either way. Just look at Naxxramas which was still easy for you even when we DOUBLED health points of bosses. People on 3.1 content had extremely low dps compared to yours here so I wouldn't be worried about that. If some hard modes will be truly undoable then I'm sure we will intervene, but every single change that may have influence on RF race will be implemented with ID reset. I ensure you Psychosis and Malady of the Mind won't target players who have <30 Sanity. Forgot to mention about Immortal Guardian because they're already done They don't rename since we fixed it long time ago. If we won't boost yogg 0k stacking XX warlock will still be best option to max dps on this encounter so what's the difference here? I don't see our fault here but patch changes. Stacking up top dps will always take place because rf > everything, especially when we are talking about 'pro' guilds. Same thing will happen on Anub (when u will probably stack unh), and same thing will happen on LK (where miraculously you will play with 2-3 warriors instead of 1). I don't blame anyone here cuz its normal... Oh, we leared from Malygos quite a lot. There will be no hidden mechanics. We gave you all timers, all pre-nerfs we decided to upload, and even all boosts we decided to implement. No tricks this time so I don't get why u compare Uldu to Malygos. For me it looks like you want to just nuke yogg 0k in few weeks and /yell in Dalaran how easy it was and when ToGC will be released ;D Just be patient and try to progress it friends! On Feronis they played with -15% damage aura in entire Ulduar map zone and they did it quite easily... aren't u better? ;p
  13. Graal

    Respawn time of quest mobs and boxes

    Yee I can see now: [Rathis Tomber's Supplies] GUID: 27464 ID: 181133 X: 7682.549805 Y: -6390.580078 Z: 20.676600 MapId: 530 Orientation: 0.925024 Phasemask 1 SpawnTime: Full:15m Remain:14m6s Respawn time will be set to 5 minutes Thanks for report, greetings
  14. Graal

    Respawn time of quest mobs and boxes

    Hi there Tolbuhin! Send me PM with quest name please Greetings
  15. Graal

    Angrathar: Secrets of Ulduar!

    Hi there! Thank you all for yesterday, hope u liked tests as we did. Quick review: Flame Leviathan Most issues were with missing vehicles binds. Problem was hopefully solved, it was happening when person quickly grabbed pyrite and loaded itself into catapult. Pyrite was still on its way to demolisher and player was already loaded so pyrite got stuck into passenger's seat. It won't happen again since pyrite now has it's own seat in demo and will never take player's position. Second problem pertained to chopper's passenger seat as well. When there was second player in chopper and motorist grabbed pyrite then passenger was kicked out from vehicle - solved as well. Supposedly, there were issues where players couldn't see vehicles binds when they got crashed or relogged while they were in vehicle. After login they were still in vehicles w/o possibility to do something. We changed that as well, after dc/player crash or whateva, player will be kicked from vehicle. After he logs into game, he will can normally enter vehicle. Ignis Most reported problem was with Hot Pocket achievement, it was easy solved and noone will achieve it that way anymore. We will improve Scorch Ground spell by increasing its radius effect and positioning. We will also observe what we can do with Slag Pot spells. Razorscale A Quick Shave achievement description: "Defeat Razorscale without allowing her to fly into air more than once..." that means you can bring her down once, beat her to ~60% then she will flies up for the FIRST time. U bring her down again after second ground phase and beat under 50% and you can still finish this achi becuase she FLEW UP only once. This misunderstanding with achi was reported very often I put issues that players reported in spoiler below. Kindly note it may not be all. Riztazz did great job and started to fix hardest ones (machines) and will do rest soon. Next open tests will be on Tuesday (1st May) at 7pm (GMT+2) - same time as yesterday. We will fix every single issue that was correctly reported, and in additional we will release 3 next bosses - Assembly of Iron, Kologarn and Auriaya. I will try to organise more GM's to help us next week. Flasks and potions on the house Thank you all and see you next week.