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  1. Faction change?

    Any update on management's PoV on this topic?
  2. This is totally normal. It's called "Diminishing Returns": http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Diminishing_returns
  3. +48 instead of +96?? Kappa

    The increase in rating per win was only introduced after WotLk. So it's not intended this way in this expansion.
  4. Faction change?

    I'd like that feature back aswell
  5. Every type of weekly "reset" on different days.

    Doesn't matter. Resetting IDs and calculating arena points for all the characters doesn't impact the server performance that much. Worst case you have a lag of maybe one second during those resets and calculations, but that's it...
  6. Every type of weekly "reset" on different days.

    Performance wise this shouldn't be an issue at all - just a simple database query.
  7. Every type of weekly "reset" on different days.

    Thanks for this, didn't see that. The main point still stands though - why have every type of reset (weekly quests, raid, arena flush) on different days?
  8. Every type of weekly "reset" on different days.

    Aaaaand now the raid reset is on Thursdays... how often are those times changing?...
  9. The last three Wintergrasps didn't happen, because of the amount of players online on the realm. Because of that, alliance kept Wintergrasp the whole time. Would be great, if the current owning faction could cycle through each Wintergrasp for as long as it's closed due to population.
  10. [Website] Make a stream section!

    Isn't streaming private servers on Twitch bannable (by Twitch)?
  11. Why is every type of weekly reset on a different day? We have raid-reset on Wednesdays (except this week), we have weekly quest reset (e.g. Wintergrasp-quests) on Thursdays and finally arena-points-flush on weekends. This is hell of confusing and doesn't make any sense to me. On retail everything just was on a Wednesday and that was fine... So my suggestion is placing every type of weekly reset on Wednesdays.
  12. Wow Error

    I frequently get this in Dalaran aswell. More often when I'm flying through Wintergrasp to Dalaran or hearthstone out of Wintergrasp.
  13. Even for a trollpost and trollvideo this is just plain bad...
  14. Blacklisting <Peters Daddy>

    Yeah I don't like it when I get some of them in RDF or random BG... they're bad skillwise, need on every item and can't communicate in party-chat at all... even worse than the "LFG"-guild.
  15. Arena Season 5 - Information

    Season end date?