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  1. Pub

    [Schorsch] (Banned by Pub)

    Hello Schorsch Losing your focus due to battleground losses isn't a reason to Bot. Botting is making everything even worse if you think your teams are struggling to win in the first place. People work hard for their honor & the easy way doesn't go unpunished. Not going to lift your ban. Pub
  2. Pub

    Eneda (Banned by Pub)

    Hello Eneda You're pretty much in the same boat as the others. So my anwser is the same for you. Pub
  3. Pub

    Banned by Pub

    Hello Beast, Eneda & Funky I wrote you a warning after several people reporting you & you didn't anwser. Having even more people next to you during the Battlegrounds letting you know that is wasn't allowed. constantly voted for AFK and you dont get the message. & last but not least you read & reposted the rules (16.) you still managed to miss the part with having several accounts runned by the same person in battlegrounds to be forbidden. I'm not going to lift the ban. Pub