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    Hello, it always happens that 30 ali is in a queue for random BG and there is 0 horde. Can you implement crossfaction BGs? It will make PvP great again, thx. Its pretty boring to wait 40+ mins in queue.
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    Intro This is just a guide for those of you who have not played TBC in awhile/at all... Do not fear you have wonderful leaders who have played way too many hours of BC so this guide is here to keep you busy instead of asking what to do in gchat. If you are unable to find a spot in one of the instance grinding groups you should just follow the normal quest hubs from zone to zone it's very straightforward and really shouldn't need any explanation. Here are a few things you should make sure you do for Quests/Gearing (Majority of these quests are vital in terms of attunement or provide entry level gear equivalent for entering heroics). Shadowmoon Valley Independent TBC Web Database for 2.4.3 with AddOns and Talents Independent TBC Web Database for 2.4.3 with AddOns and Talents Independent TBC Web Database for 2.4.3 with AddOns and Talents Independent TBC Web Database for 2.4.3 with AddOns and Talents Independent TBC Web Database for 2.4.3 with AddOns and Talents http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10776 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10781 Netherstorm http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10409 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10408 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10507 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10439 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10249 (Aldor) - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10323 (Scryer) - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10365 Blade's Edge Mountains http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10806 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10912 Nagrand http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9977 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9852 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10011 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9938 In the long run you will be doing both quests and instance grinding for rep to get heroic keys to start doing heroics anyways so don't feel left out if you are unable to get into a group. As for what to spend your heroic badges on will be up to you. However make sure to keep saving them because you will be able to spend them on heroic gems later on down the road and sunwell items are OP. Heroic Keys You are going to need stupid amounts of keys, as for the Heroics it's get Revered with the reputation of that instance to purchase the Key from the Quartermaster. Karazhan How to get into Karazhan http://www.wowwiki.com/The_Master's_Key How to summon Nightbane The quest for summoning Nightbane is a long chain that begins with http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9630 1) http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9638 & http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9639 The 2 NPCs you have to talk to are in the large room after Curator. 2) http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9640 Medivh's Journal drops from Shade of Aran. 3) http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9645 Enter from the side entrance and you should be able to see a door under the broken stair. Read the book there and watch the event. 4) http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9680 The Charred Bone Fragment is outside North of Karazhan. You can't pick it up while in a raid though. 5) http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9631 Bring it to Area 52. 6) http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9637 Book of Forgotten Names drops from Darkweaver Syth in heroic Sethekk Halls and Tome of Dusk drops from Grand Warlock Nethekurse in heroic Shattered Halls. 7) http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=9644 Use the Blackened Urn where you read Medivh's Journal and it will summon Nightbane. Kill him to get the Faint Arcane Essence for the quest. The final rewards are... http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31118 or http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31117 or http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31116 Keys Arcatraz: Arcatraz needs a key or a rogue. If you don't have a rogue then do this Quest-line. See below it's part of a long quest chain for many of your attunements http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10704 Shadow Labs: Shadow Labyrinth Key is located in Sethekk Halls behind the last boss http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?object=187372 Shattered Halls: Shattered Halls key starts http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10754 this quest-chain ends with the killing of the Fel-Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula. The Cipher of Damnation is an extremely long quest line in Shadowmoon Valley. It is a prerequisite for attunement to The Eye in Tempest Keep and Mount Hyjal in Caverns of time. "*" Indicates quests with rewards. Cipher of Damnation - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10680 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10458 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10480 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10481 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10513 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10514 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10515 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10519 At this point, the quests diverge into three separate lines (which can be done in any order) for each of Oronok's three sons who will in turn help you obtain the three Fragments of Damnation. Quest Line I - First Fragment of Damnation - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10521 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10522 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10523 Quest Line II - Second Fragment of Damnation - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10527 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com?quest=10528 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10537 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10540 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10541 Quest Line III - Third Fragment of Damnation - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10546 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10547 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10550 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10570 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10576 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10577 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10578 - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10579 After completing the quests for the three Fragments of Damnation, the lines converge and you need to kill one last boss. Final* - http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10588 Rewards: Everyone gets http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31074 - Fire Resist Neck Choose one of the following: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31036 - Caster Staff http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31038 - Healer Staff http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31062 - Paladin/Shaman 2H Axe http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31071 - Tanking 1H Axe http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31072 - Bow http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31073 - Melee Dagger After completing the quest, you will get a message in the mail from Khadgar. If you go to Shattrath, he will tell you to talk to A'Dal, who unlocks the the three Trials. These are prerequisites for attunement to The Eye in Tempest Keep and Mount Hyjal in Caverns of time. ^ http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10519 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?search=trial+of+the+naaru Those are the trials SSC attunement Begins in Heroic Slave Pens: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10901 Black Temple attunement http://www.wowwiki.com/Black_Temple_attunement The following quest chain needs to be completed for attunement into the Black Temple: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?quest=10683 : Collect 12 Baa'ri tablet fragments from the ground and Ashtongue workers at the Ruins of Baa'ri for the Aldor/Scryers people. [70] Oronu the Elder: Kill Oronu the Elder and take his Orders from Akama. [70] The Ashtongue Corruptors: Obtain the fragments of the Medallion of Karabor, held by the Ashtongue Corruptors. This is from the quest log: "Haalum, Corruptor of Air, can be found at Netherwing Pass. Eykenen and Uylaru, Corruptors of Earth and Fire, were last seen at the Fel Pits near the Hand of Gul'dan. Lakaan, Corruptor of Water, is rumored to be near Coilskar Point." [70] The Warden's Cage: Go to the Warden's Cage, and speak with Sanoru, one of the Ashtongue Deathsworn. [70] Proof of Allegiance: Kill the satyr Zandras. He walks along the walls around the Warden's Cage. [70] Akama: Speak to Akama. He is in a portion of the Warden's Cage accessed by a passage under the pool of water at the end of the room. [70D] Seer Udalo: Akama tells you that the pieces of the Medallion of Karabor you found were a mere replica, and he has the real thing. The final piece is missing, but one of his seers, Udalo, knows where it is. Udalo has been captured by Kael'thas and is being held in the Arcatraz. He is dead, but find his body anyway. [70] A Mysterious Portent: Upon finding Udalo, you receive the next quest: Apparently the word "ata'mal" is written on the ground near him. Return to Akama. [70] The Ata'mal Terrace: Go to the Ata'mal Terrace - the northern battlement of the Black Temple, crawling with fel orcs - and kill Shadowlord Deathwail and his warlocks. Deathwail has the crystal you need to obtain - the Heart of Fury. Bring it back to Akama. [70] Akama's Promise: This quest is the final reward quest for the pre raid Akama chain of quests. Akama places the Heart of Fury into the Medallion of Karabor. Take the Medallion to A'dal in Shattrath City; A'dal tells you of a vision, of Akama and Maiev (Illidan's prisoner, "held" by Akama) fighting through the Black Temple with a "shadowy figure" - you. You also receive 11g 40s, 1000 reputation with the Sha'tar and 1000 reputation with the Ashtongue Deathsworn, and a choice of [Akama's Sash], [Ashtongue Blade], [Bloodwarder's Rifle], [Verdant Gloves], [Spellbreaker's Buckler] or [Staff of the Ashtongue Deathsworn]. Your reputation should be 1925 at this point (non humans). Afterwards [70] The Secret Compromised opens up, involving speaking to Seer Olum in Serpentshrine Cavern. 25 Man Content [70] The Secret Compromised Seer Olum spawns in Serpentshrine Cavern after slaying Fathom-Lord Karathress (boss of the 25-man SSC raid, not to be confused with Warlord Kalithresh, of the 5-man Steamvault!). He then sends you to Akama in Shadowmoon Valley [70R] Ruse of the Ashtongue Travel into Tempest Keep and slay Al'ar while wearing the Ashtongue Cowl. Return to Akama in Shadowmoon Valley once you've completed this task. [70R] An Artifact From the Past Go to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris and gain access to the Battle for Mount Hyjal. Once inside, defeat Rage Winterchill and bring the Time-Phased Phylactery to Akama in Shadowmoon Valley. [70] The Hostage Soul Travel to Shattrath and talk to A'dal [70] Entry Into the Black Temple Travel to the entrance to the Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley and speak to Xi'ri. [70] A Distraction for Akama Ensure that Akama and Maiev enter the Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley after Xi'ri's forces create a distraction. You now receive the Medallion of Karabor which is required to enter the Black Temple. [70R] Seek Out the Ashtongue Find Akama's Deathsworn inside the Black Temple. [70R] Redemption of the Ashtongue Help Akama wrest control back of his soul by defeating the Shade of Akama inside the Black Temple. Return to Seer Kanai when you've completed this task. [70R] The Fall of the Betrayer Seer Kanai wants you to defeat Illidan inside the Black Temple. Professions Okay what professions should I be?! Well thats an easy question that all depends on the class you are! Tailoring - literally everything that does spell dmg and the priest stuff is nice too, hang onto this for the sunwell tailoring patterns, you need those cloth CDs ASAP Well he is the list of materials all casters need for Spellstrike Hood and Spell Strike Pants which we all need as a caster dps http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?spell=31455 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?spell=31452 The pants recipe drops off Murmur in shadow labs and the hood is from Grand Warlock Nethekurse, the first boss of Shattered Halls. Notice you need primal mights for these, this is probably a good time to get on a druid and level its herbing/alch AFTER you get your tailoring done because you need cloth xmutes more than primal mights as a caster. Luckily these things are BoE after making so only one tailor needs them in guild and we will be good to go but that person also needs to get infi primal nethers. wondering whats needed for a primal might? http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?spell=29688 Spellstrike Set (all casters need this) Mats: 20x Spellcloth 10x Primal Might and 2x Primal Nether*BOP* Spellfire Set = Fire damage, Mats: 24x Spellcloth, 38x Primal Fire, 10x Netherweb Spider Silk Frozen Shadoweave = Frost/Shadow damage, Mats: 26x Shadowcloth 38x Primal Water 8x Netherweb Spider Silk Primal Mooncloth = Healing, Mats: 26x Primal Mooncloth 8x Netherweb Spider Silk 12x Primal Mana 16x Primal Life ***NOTE*** Literally all of the priests and caster DPS WILL be leveling Tailoring for these sets because you do not replace this crap until T5/T6 Blacksmithing - If you're a warrior then this is for you. Im sorry you had to level smithing you poor, poor bastard but seeing as you're like one of two warriors you're on your own. Leatherworking - Them drums yo ENDLESS DRUMS be this if you're too cheap to do enchanting NEVER STOP BEING A LEATHERWORKER. 4 Leatherworkers per group = endless drums NOTE: you only need to get to 350 leatherworking and 365 to make the drums of battle so find a buddy to make you a bunch and have infi drums (they have 50 charges per drum) here is the mats list! http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?spell=35543 *NOTE* While farming Thick Clefthoof Leather save the clefthoof meat for food buffs and maybe you'll be able to find a warrior buddy to farm with you for leather. Enchanting - we need atleast one of these in guild. You are also able to get some really sick ring enchants if you take the time to level this bitch up Alchemist - in the begining we will need loads of these for primal mights for weapons and other random things like enchanters rods etc. Pick this up if you are undecided on what you want/in the process of farming mats for enchanting or leatherworking and shit out some primal might xmutes. Also for making Meta gems! NOTE: with alch we also need a flask master and potion master, is gonna be a potion master. If someone feels like going xmute master that'd be tight to get like 5 primals from 1 xmute, wondering whats needed for a primal might? http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?spell=29688 http://web.archive.org/web/20080811114035/http://elitistjerks.com/f15/t7940-burning_crusade_alchemy/ this does not have all the things on it but most Jewelcrafting - we need one of these in guild for sure, also you get some cool trinkets so you may want to check that out http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?search=figurine *NOTE* http://i.imgur.com/JUtTQ.jpg Gem Prefix spreadsheet Engineering - you can make mana potion injectors but this is probably best on some alt that you pvp on, Also Tanks get some awesome tanking goggles and later on down the road in sunwell BiS goggles in there. Repair bots are tight as well. Herbalism - This is probably a really amazing profession, for your DRUID ALT let me say this again NOT YOUR MAIN, YOUR DRUID ALT. Pair this with an alch for primal might xmutes and we should be good to go. Fishing/Cooking - This one will be a bitch but its needed for Golden Fish Sticks http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27666 which all healers will jizz themselves for. Also there are lots of wonderful food buffs that everyone should get to know which I'll list here: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27692#teaches-recipe 20 agi 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27693#teaches-recipe 20 stam 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27691#teaches-recipe 20 str 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27698#teaches-recipe 23 spell dmg 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27697#teaches-recipe 20 agi 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=33873 20 hit rating 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=33875 Strength and spirit of pet by 20 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=33870 20 spell crit rating 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27690#teaches-recipe 23 spell dmg 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27696#teaches-recipe 20 stam 8mp5 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27684 20 stam 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=35564#teaches-recipe 24 ap http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=30156#teaches-recipe 20 stam and spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31674#teaches-recipe 23 spell dmg 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27699#teaches-recipe 44 healing 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=31675#teaches-recipe 20 stam 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27688#teaches-recipe 40 ap 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27700#teaches-recipe 30 stam 20 spirit http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=27689#teaches-recipe 20 stam 20 spirit of your pet Aldor or Scryer? Here is the comparison with all the different items for each side http://www.wowwiki.com/Comparison_of_Aldor_and_Scryers_rewards You farm aldor rep by farming the warlocks in Shadowmoon Valley for Fel Armaments Scryer rep you can farm that in Netherstorm any bloodelf, purge all of the bloodelves. Reputations: Whats where and what rep needed to get them items https://wow.gamepedia.com/Burning_Crusade_reputation_rewards NOTE: Keep in mind the links to the item stats are off because they are re-itemized because ~retail~ use a database such as http://db.hellfire-tbc.com to check them **NOTE** Nether vortexes and Primal nethers are BoP At this point you're wondering hey what do I need to bring to the raid consumable wise? Well they did this magical thing in 2.x where you either use a flask or a battle and guardian elixir for consumeables also with the flask or elixirs you use a food and weapon buff. Also haste/destruction potions all day every day, no prepotting in this expansion. http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=22839 http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=22838 These recipes are world drop so if you see it this is worth more than your life essentially, well atleast the haste one. NOTE: If you see pubbies selling this for dirt cheap buy it youll make your money back in no time at all. Chances are you're gonna be using a flask as for which one thats entirely up to you and your spec. It should be pretty obvious which one to use As for casters its http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=22866#created-by or if you're cheap and want to be made fun of you can use http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=13512#created-by Melee dps/Hunters use http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=22854#created-by NOTE: While running TK instances save left over bottled nethergon energy and vapor and use them while in TK *NOTE*: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=22788 Melee and fire damage should be slamming these like its no tomorrow What do I do now that i have all this gear and they have these items for these things where gems go? Well here is a list of gem prefixes with the stats you are looking for, if you cannot fix a name for a gem it doesnt exist http://i.imgur.com/JUtTQ.jpg Resist gear: Well the first resist fight we run into would be Hydross the Unstable, luckily we just need 2 tanks with resist sets. Frost and Nature resist sets. The second would be Mother Sharaz shadow resist on EVERYONE. What i want you to do is farm 5 primal shadows each week and we should have more than enough for when we get up to her. Once we get closer to her a more detailed post would be put up for the shit you need. Everything that has to do with leg enchants! Physical DPS: db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=29535#created-by Honor Hold Exalted leatherworking Tanks: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=29536#created-by Cenarion Expedition Exalted leatherworking Healers: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=24276 Aldor Exalted tailoring Casters: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=24274 Scryers Exalted tailoring Everything that has to do with helm enchants! (you need revered to get the non resist enchants) Physical DPS: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=29192 Cenarion Expedition Tanks: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=29186 Keepers of Time Healers: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=29189 Honor Hold Casters: http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?item=29191 The Sha'tar Full list of glyphs http://db.hellfire-tbc.com/?search=glyph+of Addons TO BE CONTINUED Zygor TBC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5AUlCIr1CXUUXY4dEIta01yaXM/view
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    Your name - LajkabawsReported player's name - Sabor (Looter and Leader), Moja (his Guildie and the guy who got items)Date - 14.11.2018Rule that was broken - Taking item while having it only to not give to another guy.Description - They Took First of All Normal Vengeance of the Forsaken while having HC one, Then Took Frostblade Hatched while having it already.Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/YHmlQgQ All the pictures are uploaded on the same Link (You can check out 1 by 1 by scrolling down, and u can see Explanation under every picture).
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    Hello Ulanykolega, Speaking in other language than english on raid channel isn't forbidden, but being vulgar and offensive is. You were muted multiple times before, that's why your mute is so long and you won't be unmuted. My best regards. Appeal rejected.
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    Opinion #1: These screenshots aren't enough evidence. Really shows nothing. I don't see who got these items. Additionaly we don't interfere in priority or loot rolls, You can find this rules in our server rules. If You're cloth You should ask raid leader before starting first boss about armor priority of other classes. Administration doesn’t interfere with the priority of loot rolls. The concerned player should ask raid leader about that. The decision about the priority lies within the raid leader’s concern.
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    u have to do chain battle for undercity
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    Hi, I'm actually on Outland (warmane tbc server) and I think about switching on Nightbane the 30/11 because of casuals things (like t6/warglaives on shop, multiboxing allowed and attunements removed) warmane bring on his TBC server and I've few questions to ask at the sunwell staff about Nightbane to be sure the server is ok for me (and eventually few of my guildmates) 1 : About XP rates and xp boosts, shop and bring a friend : - I ask to one administrator and we told me "bring a friend" xp boost will not exist on TBC server? Not at start or not at all? - "Experience boost in the store: x3 (available to buy after reaching 70 lvl by all class représentatives)" I didnt understand perfectly this sentence (sorry for bad English), this means we have to wait until there is 1 ppl of each class already reach 70 before boosts became available? Or we have to up 1 lvl 70 ourselfes before to buy a boost? 2 : About attunements (dungeons keys/raids): Will you put them all at the start? Will you remove it at a certain point or let it during the all server time (like remove attunements at the BT/sunwell release for exemple)? 3 : About dual specialisation : I saw you still do some polls about this, but i saw you think about lock dual spec for horde until BT and make it disponible for alliance, is there any chance you change your mind on this? I mean make dual spec for both side at opening (even if cheaper for alliance maybe)? Thats all for today, thanks for your time
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    Hi zusammen, da Ende des Monats der Nightbane Server online geht und ich richtig Bock von Anfang an in TBC dabei zu sein, suche ich Anschluss an deutsche Mitspieler / Gilden. Ist da schon was in Planung? Ich tendiere zur Hordenseite und würde voraussichtlich Shami, Paladin oder Druide spielen. Da Druiden der Rezz fehlt tendiere ich eher zu den andren beiden Klassen :).
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    Hello. Are you from Iran maybe? There are some connection issues from there currently, you may have to use VPN in order to be able to connect.
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    <Gnomejodas> (Alianza España) es una Guild de raid’s semi-hardcore que recluta jugadores PVE activos para una buena progresión, así como para pasar un buen rato juntos. El objetivo del clan será eliminar todo el contenido TBC. Lo que la Guild está buscando actualmente, son jugadores comprometidos con ella; ¿qué quiere decir esto?: -TALENTOS: Que sean los apropiados -CONSUMIBLES: Cada jugador deberá de llevar sus flask, Oils, comidas y pociones. -HORARIO: Es imprescindible la puntualidad, obligación de estar 15 minutos antes de el horario establecido para la raid. -JUGABILIDAD: Es IMPORTANTÍSIMO, conocer tu personaje, como también ser responsable a la hora de mirar guías/vídeos de cualquier BOSS y que, el no saber hacer alguno, conlleve a un retraso de la raid. ■ Datos de interés para raids: -HORARIO: Martes y Jueves (22:00 - 00:30) Domingo (22:00 - 00:00) -LOOT: el loot designado será tipo COUNCIL *Recordad que siempre hay que estar 15 min antes de cada raid rdy. Actualmente no buscamos clases en concreto, puesto que el servidor es nuevo y aún no sabemos en qué vamos a flaquear. Los jugadores interesados pueden unirse al discord: - https://discord.gg/EqH4xMw ------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ <Gnomejodas> (Alliance Spain) is a semi-hardcore Guild recruiting active PVE spanish players for a good progression, also have some fun together. The goal of the clan will be to clean all TBC content. What this Guild is lf actually are players committed with it. ¿What this mean? -TALENTS: Appropiated ones. -CONSUMABLES: Each player will have to carry his own flasks, oils, foods and potions. -TIMETABLE: Essential to be on time, 15 mins before the raid is going to start. -GAMEPLAY:Its very important to know your character, also to be responsible checking guides or videos of any boss. Any fails, related with misinformation of someone, involve the delay progress of the guild. ■ Interesting information: -TIMETABLE: Tuesdays and thursdays (22:00-00:30) and Sundays (22:00-00:00) (GTM+1) -LOOT: Loot council. *Remember that all players must be 15 mins before raids starts. Actually we dont lf any particular class, since the server is new and we still dont know what we will need. Spanish players interested on this guild can join us on discord: https://discord.gg/EqH4xMw
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    I agree with Doremi here, no /rolls therefore no evidence, Regards
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    I do not see any /rolls. Insufficient evidence. Report rejected.
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    Opinion #2 You must include who received the item in your screenshots, otherwise we cannot be 100% sure what happened. We don't interfere with priority in raids, the druid received an upgrade, and is currently wearing these bracers. Always talk with the raid leader about loot priority when joining a Pug raid. Administration doesn’t interfere with the priority of loot rolls. The concerned player should ask raid leader about that. The decision about the priority lies within the raid leader’s concern.
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    Timeline might be changed, nobody has said it's the final timeline. Everything depends on players and the server situation - like always.
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    crossfaction/transfers to horde or die pvp
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    If you checked guilds thread you would see that there are several guilds planning to play on both sides. Everybody hopes that it will be 50:50 and dual talents can make it. If you really want dual talents just roll alliance. Don't worry, there will be plenty of people playing horde that don't care about dual talents. This is quite unique approach to the issue that can actually allow the administration to achieve the goal of balanced factions and by your posts you're proving that this was a good idea.
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    Almost Alliance only server? Because of the respec discount? Given the fact that "by default" TBC servers are almost Horde only? Doubtful.
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    I am not sure whether you are retarded or just trolling? Also your nick being an acronym could be found offensive @[email protected]@Adrestia
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    Very well that's fine and all fact of the matter is this will be an almost only Alliance server if they lock horde out of dual spec until BT and make them pay 4x as much while Alliance get it from the start, it's head over heels a bad idea while everything else looks great this alone can destroy them and most likely will if not remedied.
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    You can get dual spec for SC or gold. Never gold for SC.
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    My response to those who say that ''higher xp rates will force players to beg for gold for their spells''. Listen up... I have level 63 mage on WOTLK server. Despite having 2x xp rate I still needed A LOT of gold to catch up with my spells, the only reason why I managed to fill that void was because I had picked mining + herbalism along the way and constantly sold my gathered items to Auction House, which let me earn nice amount of gold (around 1000 in total). My point is that gold will be needed REGARDLESS of on what xp rate you are playing on. I would never have enough gold for my level 63 mage, if I hadn't picked up professions so yeah, if someone still thinks that by leveling and questing on lower rate servers are enough to sustain enough gold for spells then rest assured - it's not enough. You will always need more gold to train spells. Now to answer the other point made regarding poll and 1x rate. Of course, we can put that option in, but I can fucking bet my house on the line, that from 1-5 xp rate options, 1x WON'T be a majority of voting, people are not so masochistic as you may think. If there are some nut jobs out there, you can be sure that they will be in a minority. Normally people choose the middle ground, which would be my offered 3-4 rates. But regardless, I think Sunwell admins should make this poll and act accordingly. P.S. Selling xp boosts for cash is very shitty move IMO. That's even worse than playing on high rate realms (fun servers), this is p2w in a way. Some just don't have enough time due to work or other activities, while other's can just ''buy their time'' so to speak. Not ok.
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    It does change things ever since the announcement was made. Alliance ratio was little above 30% on 2 surveys now is 46% on almost 1k players vote sample. It had 1 ally guild vs 7 horde now on the topic there are 5 ally and 8 horde so it is working towards providing balance. As i said earlier ally needed something to give them permanent benefit not just early game leveling speed. To sum: Dual talents for ally 500 gold is something that stays permanent with option if server is balanced to be implemented a way for horde players to get it later in game, it is also something of a permanent buff that can match if there is lower population on ally side as well as horde racial been better. x3 Ally leveling speed is removed and horde has same chance to level as fast as ally and compete and there is no need for ally to level faster now that some kind of balance will be provided zones will be a true PVP and not a massacre so it is in favor of the server. Ally will still have weekends that will get little more leveling xp that can help more towards 50-50 balance when new ppl see there is some kind of balance on server and ally get something extra in leveling speed and other perk to compensate for late game as well as making alts so its fair in my eyes. This does not also change the game for the horde cause they are not limited how many players can be online at a time, they still have better racials and same speed leveling that they are gaining with this and did not had with previous set of perks in ally favor so they will be on even ground with ally when it comes to leveling and early raiding. They benefit of having less time w8ing in que for pvp if the server is balanced. They will have enough big population and probably still be majority but by way smaller % so they will have tanks and healers to go HC's and raids with. And with all this ally gain something without horde lose anything and its working so far very nice. All and all very good job to Sunwell team for doing all this to provide us with nice server that will also be faction balanced.
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    honestly, selling dual spec tor real money is very worrying. Its pretty much p2w. Stick to selling xp boosts and low level characters/ items If you start selling anything else that affects endgame pvp/pve (like dual spec) you are going to ruin the server. Don't forget you have competitions that possibly wont do any of that shit. even better, forget dual spec and stick to as close to blizzlike as possible
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    With the new MMR system and limited numbers of teams queing there is new issue rising. Some people on high rating are refusing to que versus team they struggle against and only que when no competitive team is online - no team that they have problems to beat. This is basicaly a slower form of wintrading and works even on highest ratings. If there is a team who gets exposed for intentional dodging they should be removed from being able to recieve title for that season. This server is very strict against wintrading, abusing mmr drop while dodging competitive teams is slower form of wintrading and makes players stuck on 2200-2400 rating being able to peak at highest rankings at the end of the season. Few of the main names: Baboxx, Zubero (rank 2), Madgoldfish, Phoe (rank 21) Unless these teams start playing fairly without avoiding que against specific teams they should not be able to recieve titles at the end of season.
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    I'm sick and tired of selfish dudes who shout NOOOO HELL NOOOO but all they do is raidlog and afk in Dala. Why would you care? Why do you take away the fun from the others? Noone is forcing you to be involved in these events and the rewards are mounts, tabards and shits like https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=46779. Are you reaaaaally such haters? These events in Feronis did no lag and no crashes, it was something fun, something different, something to make you log and do some /played time. Developing real time tactics in OSM and the Hunger Games was something that made your usual cicle day a bit more fun. Even to watch the stream. It was executed perfectly. So please take out your heads from your @sses and stop ruining the fun from everyone else.