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    Hello you can reach there by just walking there and drop down its not an exploit Not punishable Kind regards
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    see; Why was that player banned when he did nothing wrong. Nothing at all. This isn't the first time someone has been banned for getting on entirely accessible terrain in a bg only for some terrible player to cry about not being smart enough to get to it themselves. Those positions were allowed by blizzard, any class can get to them. It requires no exploiting of mechanics or abilities.
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    Can you make some premade who can stop us? I guess no, and you know it. We'd like to see some skilled players, but horde havent it, they just can dodge BG against us; dont ressurect for 25min; hidding on 3-rd floor; leave each BG etc. (how are you, Castor?). Thats all that you may know about 70-79 bracker. HE IS BELONG TO US.
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    Topic name: [Report] Lilpoundcake Topic content: Your name - Jongabbar Reported player's name - Lilpoundcake Date - 04.02.2019 Rule that was broken - Texturing Description - When we wanted to kill the player, he was sitting on that roof, we couldnt kill him and take the flag. Evidence -Picture below
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    ---------------------------- REPLY 1 ------------------------------ 1. Ranged even don't have to jump, melees can jump in less than 5 sec. 2. I don't jump in places with things like campfire. I jump only there where everyone can jump too. 3. I was in cat form because horde was camping us and i didn't want to be dead. Druid forms don't change dimensions of character but only how character looks like. It doesn't work as for example Carved Ogre Idol what can change dimensions what i present at videos below what means i am not using bugs related to my class to get on top. Now look at next videos, please. 11.mp4 22.mp4 5.mp4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your name - MysteriesReported player's name - gm TideDate - 19.01.2019Rule that was broken - Gm Tide give out unfair bans.Description - Gm Tide is incompetent in judging situations like below. I think he should't reply for reports like that. He didn't want let me show for him for what he banned me and didn't check it so i show You videos here. My appeal was refused without any logical reasen or better without any reason. I want fair answer from other gm because like i suppose gm Tide refuse it without any reason.Evidence - Look now at videos. I think it's one big joke i got ban. Just look at this. 2.mp4 1.mp4
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    everytime ssijek faces me on wsg he got internet issues OmegaLUL
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    Hello player punished Kind regards
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    horde, i'm not Avizura, i'm the best pwar/arms war which raped ur face on ur base. stop dodge us. it's our 70-79 bracket, it's our rules.
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    For the time being, it's dead. That's all I was saying. I understand from your point of view that you're enjoying the glory because you feel you've "earned" it by being there when the horde were on top, but that's not how I'm looking at it. I'm saying that right now this bracket is extremely unbalanced to the point that queuing is completely pointless. Unless horde get a major injection of new twinks and this cancerous Russian guild goes away I can't see it coming back to life.
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    I expect the bracket will survive, since it's not like most players have somewhere else they can play WOTLK bgs that is any better. Gearing up at 80 is a huge pain, and it's not like 80 bgs are a miracle of balance either. Still, can you honestly say that you would tell a friend "yeah, you should come 79 twink on Sunwell- the games are really good and fun"? I couldn't, at least not now. A couple of months ago I could (and did). The problem, as I see it, is there aren't really any players who play primarily for the benefit of the bracket itself. Imagine some of the best twinks on the server having a small guild of players who play both horde or ally depending upon which side needs it the most. The server would instantly be a lot better and instead of a "sinusoid" you'd see a consistently fun bracket. But the 79 bracket doesn't seem to have any players who are willing or able to do that. What we have instead is a situation where a lot of players on the bracket seem to outright dislike each other, and they would rather the bracket die than do what I described above. I know because I've suggested something along these lines both on this server and the forum of our "old" server. The suggestion never went anywhere. So I've kind of stopped expecting the 79 bracket to be the good and fun bracket that caused me to ditch my 80 last summer to start playing it (I've started playing it again recently). Yeah, it will probably survive, but in a form which is constantly unbalanced and where one faction or another has usually decided to take their ball and go home. That's disappointing, since it could be so much better, and it would be, if there were some good players playing for the sake of the bracket itself.
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    Bracket pretty close to dead now. AV only popped once whole weekend. Alliance have 3 times as many active twinks. Allies having to come on horde lowlevel alts to spam messages to 70-79s to queue to try and get battlegrounds to pop. Lots of horde twinks either say they're not playing any more or worse transfering to alliance. Might be time to find a new server.
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    Your name - ImbheazlReported player's name - howtopurge and LoxuDate - 05.02.2019 Rule that was broken - Leather items going to hunter Then to Feral druid or rouge When hunter have [Treads of the Wasteland] in BIS listDescription - ICC25n Marowgar leather boots Evidence - you can watch the stream and discord
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    Hello i did answer someone else's post so i will just copy paste the last one .. tired of dealing with the same issue all day long "Hello So you expect everyone to jump up there and come to you and kill you up there? World of Warcraft "Hide and seek" Gold edition with a small camp fire i can get on top of the bigger one in the middle .. i am playing this game since 2005 don't tell me how to play the game or how to abuse it ... I am a game master and i do see everyone's point of view .. not just yours... As i explained before you were safe spotting on top of that rock and remember its easier to reach those spots on cat form...which means you are using bugs related to your class to get on top.. blizzard never meant for you to reach those spots.. I didn't apply "1 day" ban as a warning for first screenshot it was the second screenshot that caught my attention. And you spamming in the forums will not change my point of view in any way Private server .. Private rules Kind regards "
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    Hahaha It's funny that Ally need to report everyone for everything xD Rest in Peace maybe iritates me 馃榿, but they aren't whistle-blowers like Phantom Troupe. It's sad, that twinks are reporting others for trifles. I could report too Mysteries or Chromaggus for very similar things, but I'm not going to be a whistle-blower. It's funny, that the only tactic to destroy horde by Phantoms is reporting. Greetings to Rest in Peace and Horde 馃槝
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    We learn from the best :')
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    Hello your screenshots are not best honestly i can't tell where this is exactly Do you have more screenshots ? Edit: never mind found it thanks for the report Kind regards
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    Je艣li nie pomagasz to nie przeszkadzaj. Id藕 do piaskownicy wylewa膰 偶ale. Doro艣li chc膮 co艣 ustali膰, mo偶e i Ty na tym skorzystasz wi臋c je艣li nie masz nic konstruktywnego do powiedzenia to zamiast odwa偶nie si臋 odezwa膰 rozwa偶nie zamilknij.
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    Wy jeszcze nie zrozumieli艣cie czemu administracja nie chce wprowadzi膰 transfer贸w? Polskie community jest niestety bardzo charakterystyczne. Toksyczne. Po co na realm, na kt贸rym ju偶 teraz zaczyna wida膰 sporo przejaw贸w cebulaczkowo艣ci i czystego sku*wysy艅stwa wprowadza膰 jeszcze wi臋cej tego typu ludzi (podludzi?)? Administracja po艣rednio przesia艂a spo艂eczno艣膰 sunwella takim zabiegiem. Komu zale偶a艂o na grze - niestety musia艂 zrobi膰 now膮 posta膰 i zacz膮膰 od pocz膮tku. Tym kt贸rym nie zale偶a艂o, a na wowa wchodzi艂 tylko pieprzy膰 g艂upoty na worldzie, po prostu nie chcia艂o si臋 zaczyna膰 od nowa. Wsz臋dzie piszecie o tym "wzro艣cie popularno艣ci", "zwi臋kszeniu liczby graczy", "wi臋kszej ilo艣ci rajd贸w/bg/aren/czegokolwiek" tylko nie bierzecie pod uwag臋, 偶e jest to wprowadzanie gangreny do organizmu, kt贸ry (jako-tako) funkcjonuje. Co da sprowadzenie za艂贸偶my hipotetycznie 200 graczy, je艣li Ci gracze zacz臋li by panoszy膰 si臋 jak u siebie, bo mieliby okazj臋 wr贸ci膰 i znowu wku*wia膰 ludzi? Liczba graczy mo偶e by i wzros艂a, za艂贸偶my o te 200, ale wi臋cej ni偶 pewne jest to, 偶e zagraniczni gracze widz膮c nag艂y przyp艂yw "rycerzy w ortalionowych zbrojach z tatua偶ami krwawi膮cego or艂a" zacz臋li by odpuszcza膰. I co wtedy? Warto by by艂o administracji przetransferowa膰 te 200 os贸b, za艂贸偶my, 偶e za 250 sc (sumarycznie 50k sc ~ 5,9k pln jednorazowo przy przeliczniku 59 pln-500sc). Por贸wnuj膮c, na Angra jest 艣rednio te 4-4,5k online, z czego oko艂o 2,5k to osoby leveluj膮ce (dane Census Plus) - za艂贸偶my, 偶e ~15% tych os贸b trzykrotnie kupi boosta na jeden dzie艅 (180sc) - sumarycznie daje to 67,5k sc (prawie 8k pln). To o 35% wi臋cej ni偶 transfery - przy obecnej puli graczy. Zauwa偶y膰 mo偶na jednak, 偶e ilo艣膰 nowych graczy ro艣nie - 艣wiadcz膮 o tym np. licznik kont na stronie czy statystyki przekazywane przez administracj臋. Od razu uprzedzam b贸lodupc贸w - ca艂a ta kasa nie idzie do kieszeni MrCule jak wi臋kszo艣膰 s膮dzi. Serwer, hosting strony, teamspeak, developerzy, testmasterzy - to wszystko kosztuje i podejrzewam, 偶e to na to przekazywana jest lwia cz臋艣膰 zarobk贸w. Sunwell ma spor膮 grup臋 starych wyjadaczy, to fakt. Polega on jednak bardziej na nowych graczach, skuszonych postami na reddicie czy chc膮cych wr贸ci膰 na WotLKa po przerwie na, nie ukrywajmy, ca艂kiem nie藕le dzia艂aj膮cy serwer z du偶膮, nieoszukan膮 populacj膮. Z pocz膮tku te偶 chcia艂em transfer贸w, szkoda mi by艂o tych postaci, kt贸re mia艂em na Feronisie (3 ponad 6,1k, oko艂o 4 ponad 5,5k). Widz膮c Angra i community zagraniczne i por贸wnuj膮c je do codziennych g贸wnoburz na globalu lub forum Feronisa, nie 偶a艂uj臋, 偶e zacz膮艂em gr臋 od nowa. Na szcz臋艣cie polaczk贸w-cebulaczk贸w jest na Angra stosunkowo ma艂o albo siedz膮 po prostu w polskoj臋zycznych gildiach nie uprzykrzaj膮c zbytnio 偶ycia pozosta艂ym graczom. Dostali艣my w艂asne subforum po zamkni臋ciu martwego forum Feronisa - ja traktuj臋 to jako szans臋 dla community na pokazanie si臋 z lepszej strony - bez tolerowania chamstwa i buractwa kt贸re l臋g艂o si臋 na Fero i kt贸re poniek膮d by艂o powodem jego upadku. Ave.
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    Hello! I have to reject this report, beacuse of our server rules: Ninjalooting is taken into consideration only in the case of 25-Man raids of the highest content. Ninjalooting in 10-Man raids, Normal / Heroic dungeons and raids below level 80 is not taken into consideration. Administration doesn鈥檛 interfere with the priority of loot rolls. The concerned player should ask raid leader about that. The decision about the priority lies within the raid leader鈥檚 concern,
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    Witam. Ostatnio my艣la艂em nad powrotem z serwera globalnego na Sunwell'a i w mojej g艂owie narodzi艂o si臋 pewne pytanie. Ot贸偶 na Angratharze jest obecnie ju偶 ko艅cowa faza kontentu... ICC, The Ruby Sanctum i w sumie dalej nie ma ju偶 nic. Pytanie jakie chodzi mi po g艂owie jest nast臋puj膮ce: Jaka jest wizja tego realmu za p贸艂 roku, rok, czy d艂u偶ej? W sensie jak ten obecny kontent potrwa dany okres czasu, to czy s膮 jakie艣 plany, aby gracze, kt贸rzy zrobi膮 ju偶 wszystko, mieli jeszcze co robi膰 poza zaj臋ciami czysto 4fun(jaki艣 progres,nowo艣ci)? Pytam z tego powodu, bo nie pami臋tam jak to wygl膮da na serwerach prywatnych. Wiem, 偶e bodaj偶e na jednym z nich, kt贸rego tutaj nie b臋d臋 przytacza艂, kontent ICC trwa ju偶 chyba ze 3-4 lata, jak nie d艂u偶ej. S膮 jakie艣 opcje p贸藕niej? Np. ruszenie tych postaci na nast臋pne ekspansje Cata, Pandaria? Pozdrawiam serdecznie!
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    Your name - GuywithlagsReported player's name - MattseDate - 4 February 2019Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - TOGC25 - Raid leader Mattse told me to soak, was doing my job, but when "cry of the valkyr" dropped he decided to give it to someone else because i was doing less damage. There was no rule about having minimum DPSEvidence -
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    https://imgur.com/a/9ScAcAQ ehh ally leave all bg
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    Hey there, The reasons you mention are not the only reasons you were judged to be a bot. Appeal rejected
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    Character name : Macura Punishment Reason : Teleport Hack Game Master : Asureeuz Summary : I was banned for reason teleport hacking. I am very sorry about this and would like to know how long my ban is and if its a perma ban, is there a way to unban my account? I have quite a bit of time invested in this character and I just hit 70 a few days ago. Once again I am very sorry and this will not happen again. Thank you.