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    Rules Ninja Looter Detection System List of proofs is part of the ninja looters detection system. It helps you to understand why players were added to the ninja looters detection system. Being on this list means that a specific player was considered to be a ninja looter. If you want to report a player for ninjalooting, please do it here: http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/35-player-reports/ Players can be reported for ninjalooting on all 10, 25 and 40 raids. Players can be added to this section only after the evidence is approved by at least two GMs. We want to avoid situations when players were added to the list due to a mistake. Players are removed from the ninja looters detection system after 30 days. If they do it again, they will be staying on the list for 60 days. A third time = permanent ban. A player who was added to the list has the right to write an appeal. If the player wasn't removed from the list after a specific period of time: 1st punishment - 30 days, 2nd punishment - 60 days, they should remind the game master who added them to the list that they should be removed. Ninja Looter Detection System based on players' guids: A GUID is the unique number of specific character, so renaming a character won't change anything. If players change the nickname after being added to the list and claim that they were added due to a mistake, you can type .ninjalist and check all the players with their current nicknames. You can see two kinds of warning messages in the game: a) A Ninja Looter has been added to your raid! <Nick> was added to the ninja looter list due to the following proofs: <number of topic>/ sunwell-community.com/forum/88-ninja-looters-list-of-proofs b) You've joined a raid in which there is a Ninja Looter - <Nick> was added to the ninja looter list due to the following proofs: <number of topic> / sunwell-community.com/forum/88-ninja-looters-list-of-proofs After seeing it, you can visit the forum and check why the player was added to the system. Then you can decide if you want to assume the risk of collaborating with this person The old system of punishment Ninja Looters will stay without any changes. This system will be a second tool that should completely solve the problem concerning stealing items.
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    This kind behaviour is more than bad. It's literally being asshole. This is the same guy who wrote this: https://imgur.com/a/m5qryvX the same acc: Dream/Show. We don't interfere to ninjalooting on OS 25, however this case doesn't concern ninjalooting, it concerns extremely toxic behavior. This guy is gonna get perm ban. I don't tolerate such behaviour on my server.
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    Transmogrification - the most important informations. Transmogs release date: July 6, 2018 at 9:30 Realm Time! Tutorial release: July 1, 2018. 1. First and foremost, we know that many people are against the feature which comes from the Cataclysm expansion and therefore we created an option, which lets you toggle the transmog visibility. The cost of disabling transmog visibility on other players costs 50g. If you want to turn them on again you have to pay another 100g. You can ask: Why do we have to pay for enabling and disabling transmogs? Well, transmogs are an additional feature in the game, so each option of reducing the amount of gold on the realm is healthy for the economy. The second reason is that we want to measure what's the players' attitude towards transmog. Transmog NPCs are located in the centre of Dalaran (near the fountain) as well as in the both capitals (near the Auction House). 2. Transmogs on Angrathar will be a paid feature. Armor Token = 10 SC Weapon Token = 50 SC You can again ask, why? Sunwell isn't a server that offers Pay to Win services. Our income is limited but we do our best to compete with the other servers that have much larger development budget. We try to provide you the fastest in-game support among private servers as well as fast and reliable development support. Transmogs as a visual feature which doesn’t impact the game, so it seems to be a good way to help keep the project in a good condition. 3. The only transmog items that can be bought in the store are lower level PvP sets: S3 - Vengeful and S4 - Brutal and PvE tier 3 (level 60). Offsets as well as S3/S4 weapons will be available to buy in the store as well. The natural question in that case is again - why? Let us explain it. Well, PvP seasons aren't very long on progressive realms based on one expansion pack, so the majority of players isn't able to collect enough arena points to buy both: current PvP gear and PvP transmog gear. We know that players love TBC sets, so they will have a chance to keep their AP and buy these items. Such solution dosen't have a negative impact to the game, it's just a cosmetic option. After all - none of them give any advantage at max level. When it comes to Tier 3 - originally players could collect these items in Vanilla Naxxramas that isn't available anymore on WotLK. 4. There are some restrictions when it comes to making transmogs. You can transmog only the same kind of gear. For instance: appearance of 2H Weapon can be changed by using other 2H weapon (you can transmog 2H mace into 2H axe, etc). However there are two exceptions: - Illidan’s weapons, Warglaives of Azzinoth, can be used to transmog 2H weapon for Warriors. - Staves can be transmogged using the other staves as well as 2H maces. However, if you're a mage and you can use staff and cannot use 2H mace than you cannot transmog a staff into a 2H mace. Furthermore, you can transmog a one-hand axe into a one-hand mace, a 2H mace into a 2H sword etc. - but your class must have an access to using the specific kind of weapon. When it comes to armor, it’s obvious that plate items can be transmogged with other plate items, leathers with leather and so on. You cannot transmog cloth items with plate, mail or leather items. 5. Transmogs cannot be saved and therefore token prices are so low. It means that each time you change an item, you need to make a new transmogrification. 6. Transmogrification tokens are not tradable. 7. Transmogrification tokens can be sent via the gift system. 8. Legendary weapons can be transmogrified, but it costs 10x weapon tokens. 9. We're going to enable the possibility to exchange emblems, arena points and honor for armor/weapon transmogs tokens.
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    So playing ironically ended up using 9 warlocks to beat your custom yogg 0 lights. Were you guys happy that your custom content forced such class stacking? Should we be expecting similar custom content that forces class stacking in the future?
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    Your name - MangobayReported player's name - Damianok, Tamaki, AdellineDate - 15.07.2018Rule that was broken - Speaking language other than english in public placeDescription - as aboveEvidence -
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    Your name - Schrank & Sasalou Reported player's name - Velidori, Skrillex, Immunity Date - 25th June 2018 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - Me and my girlfriend were pugging EOE10 with some people from the <The Office>. Loot Rules where MS > OS / nothing reserved since the start. We got invited by "Velidori" - a 2.4k GS Shadowpriest - who later passed the Raidlead to his friend "Skrillex". Skrillex ignored the roll from the Hunter "Sasalou" and gave the ring to his friend "Immunity". Raid Over. Evidence -
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    hey a leader of a raid called Nidia he give an other person my item when i was wining by the roll and i got proff AS U CAN SEE PPL ON THE RAID WAS SHOCKED OF MY ROLL COZ I WIN IT AND THAT GUY CALLED deluxe was shocked coz i win him on the roll and the leader give him the item calling it for ms when its was a weapon
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    Hello. Ninjalooting is taken into consideration only in the case of 25-Man raids of the highest content. Ninjalooting in 10-Man raids, Normal / Heroic dungeons and raids below level 80 is not taken into consideration. Obsidian Sanctum isn't highest content raid. Report rejected.
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    Names: Damianok, Tamaki, Adelline (wrote by Adelline) Punishment reason: speaking other language GM: Asureuz Summary: so, as you can see in the complaint, we used Polish words on /s, we didn't offend annyone, we didn't use vulgar words, we just talked with each other. Me and my colleagues didn't know that using Polish words on /s is forbidden. We did't use Polish words on global chats like global, trade etc. There is no point in the regulations that says that writing in another language on /s is forbidden : a) Globalny kanał czatowy ("global") jest kanałem anglojęzycznym. Rozmowa w jakimkolwiek innym języku jest zakazana i może skutkować mute od 30 minut do 7 dni, a w niektórych przypadkach nawet banem na kanał. 30 minut mute - pierwszy przypadek; 6 godzin mute – drugi przypadek; 7 dni mute – trzeci przypadek; Permanentny ban na kanał – czwarty przypadek. Może się również zdarzyć, że gracz dostanie bana na kanał po pierwszym wykroczeniu. Wszystko zależy od Mistrza Gry. In some special cases, permanent channel ban may be applied even after the first case of misbehavior: it all depends on the Game Master. b) Kanały ogólne, takie jak General, Trade, Local Defense, są traktowane tak samo jak czat globalny: pisanie w języku innym niż angielski będzie skutkowało mute od 30 minut do 7 dni. 30 minut mute - pierwszy przypadek; 6 godzin mute – drugi przypadek; 10 dni mute – trzeci i każdy kolejny przypadek; a) The global chat channel ("global") is an English language channel. Talking in any other language is forbidden and can result in mute from 30 minutes to 7 days, and in some cases even banning on the channel. 30 minutes mute - the first case; 6 hours mute - the second case; 7 days mute - the third case; Permanent ban on the channel - the fourth case. It may also happen that the player gets a ban on the channel after the first offense. It all depends on the Game Master. In some special cases, a permanent case of the Game Master. b) General channels, such as General, Trade, Local Defense, are treated in the same way as global chat: writing in a language other than English will result in mute from 30 minutes to 7 days. 30 minutes mute - the first case; 6 hours mute - the second case; 10 days mute - the third and each subsequent case; Due to the fact that is our first "offense" along with reading the rules in which it writes that the penalty of the first violation is 30 minutes, please shorten it as soon as possible or removing the mute although I think that we haven't broken any point of the rules if you can give me a point from the regulations, on the basis of which you had the right to give us mute for 7 days Thanks EDIT: Thank you, but I emphasize again that we didn't know, and no point in the regulations did't prohibit it, we did't do it on purpose We will know the next time, and on behalf of my colleagues promises that this situation will not take place anymore.
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    Hi. Thanks for report. Players were punished.
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    Please /ignore him. I have punished him. Thank you.
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    Hey, So I hear ya. You have a point that I agree with completely. Lets start with that A new player who does not want to see transmog will have to wait until they have the gold for it. An extra 50 gold won't happen most likely until they are level 80. This is a valid criticism. Now the parts I don't agree with: "That we promised a command to turn it off" - While something is still in development things will change. I don't remember us ever promising anything about this - but even if we did, we still followed through that it's possible to turn Transmog off. (Even if it were a command we could still have made the command cost 50 gold. So then the issue is the gold, not the command.) "Cash Grab" - Yes. Transmog was implemented because of demand as well as another source of income for the server. My main rebuttal would be that people generally are accepting of non-pay to win things added to an online shop to keep the server up and running. Transmog is exactly this. So if you disagree with transmog being in the shop you should also disagree with many other things in the shop as well. "Comparing us to warmane" - Ouch. That hurts. We are definitely not. And before the "slippery slope" argument is said - let me say that it has been said many times and I'll say again that we won't ever have pay-to-win features in our shop. We're open to criticism and I hope I did not come off as defensive, these are just the way that I see things. I'm always open to a PM if you want to go into details about anything.
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    It's no secret that WotLK progression mechanics are trash, but precisely because they're so all-encompassingly awful, merely removing/nerfing loot from ICC 5-mans doesn't go nearly far enough to actually fix the issues. For starters, Blizzlike TOC is substantially easier than Ulduar, allowing you to skip T7/T8 raids anyway. And then there's the everything else, complete with full tier 9 sets from running RDF for a few hours. Besides, even if you did remove all possible sources of catchup gear, all established players would transition straight to T10 anyway, killing the viability of lower-tier raiding scene. After all, 10-man and 25-man normal modes are something you clear pretty much by default, making them the go-to place to gear up for actual progression bosses (25-man heroic), as opposed to previous raid tiers. The concept of tier-to-tier progression simply doesn't work if the game isn't growing with lots of fresh players joining and being able to form fresh progression guilds among themselves (not gonna happen), or some guilds simply lagging behind being able to accommodate the newcomers as well (not a thing with faceroll artificial difficulty setting available at the highest tier). Frozen Halls is the overall name for the three-winged 5-man dungeon released with ICC. It's like Tempest Keep with Mechanar/Botanica/Arcatratz/The Eye or Ulduar with Halls of Lightning/Stone dungeons.
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    Hi Guys, 1000 gold for dual talent specialization is way too much for starters like me. Can this be lowered to 1 gold, or 10 gold ?? This will have a positive effect on dungeons, because the earlier ppl can buy this, they can que to dungeon finder as healer or tank / dps at the same time. This will have good effect on experience of players on sunwell in total. Another point i have is, please make it possible to send gear/gold from alliance to horde. Hope you will take my post in consideration. Thanks in advance, Nightclaw
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    It's funny that your guild is unable to kill 0 light, yet you still trash talk the only guild that has killed 0 light. Despite multiple guilds going full tryhard ever since Ulduar came out, only 1 guild has killed it, and they had to cheese it with 9 warlocks. That guild btw is now quitting the server. Why are guilds falling apart right now? In just the last 3 weeks off the top of my head, we've lost playing ironically, Paradigm, The Office, What Now, Risen, and Group Therapy. Is this normal for a wrath server? If this is normal then ignore the rest of my post. I can only speak for my old guild Group Therapy, but we struggled to kill these buffed HMs week after week, and people's dissatisfaction with lack of progress + our RL taking a step back killed the guild. I know Risen died for a similar reason. I've played on a custom buffed server in the past (Kronos) and people severely dislike being unable to progress due to custom buffing. Many guilds would be successfully killing most or all of the HMs by now if the content wasn't buffed, and many guilds would have a much higher chance of still being alive because of that. Is the content being so hard necessarily a bad thing? No. If the admins of this server main goal is to seriously challenge the best guilds on server, then they would probably call this situation a win. I just want to make sure that the players and admins understand that there's a cost to buffing the content to be so challenging. And that cost is guilds struggling and dying out much faster than they would if the content wasn't buffed. We have non top tier guilds dying because they are unable to keep progressing at a decent pace, and we have top tier guilds quitting/dying because they don't want to farm such hard content week after week.
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    This player report is in respose to Reiju's report of the OS25 2D pug as I cannot reply on his report. The player in question already has the bracers in question. You can check his armory at https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Reiju. I case he changes his bracers to hide the fact he's currently using the bracers I'll post a screencap below. He mentioned he needed a 2nd pair for pvp meaning these bracers would have been Offspec roll.
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    If you're the same Khalil from Gamer district - you guys were terrible...
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    Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list. Report rejected.
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    Hello, Polish players on Angrathar deserved it themselves. Writing something in Polish in Global chat result 7 days mute penalty. Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt from compliance. Appeal rejected.
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    Opinion #2: Agree with Tide. Spirit stat for holy paladin is totally useless on WotLK expansion.
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    Opinion #1: You are a paladin you don't benefit much from spirit its basically useless for you .. And raid leader protected by this rule: Administration doesn’t interfere with the priority of loot rolls. The concerned player should ask raid leader about that. The decision about the priority lies within the raid leader’s concern. Rejected Regards
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    Your mute was reduced. My decision will not change.
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    Hello, I'm writing with the problem which I've come across yesterday on the dungeon. One of the teammates offended us on race grounds. We didnt tell anything impolite or rude to him. He started to insult us because We're from Poland. His behavior was really humiliating. That man is xenophobic and uncultured. It is not much enjoyable when one man is insulting Polish people by the whole instance. I did some screenshots to prove it. I hope You will help us and pick up the consequences. Please accept the assurance of my highest consideration
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    Your name - Muus Reported player's name - Trigi Date - 14/07/2018 Rule that was broken - Ninja Looting Description - As shown in one of the screenshots, this elemental shaman (with resto offspec, I might add) rolled on, and won, the Blue Aspect Helm dropped from Malygos 25. Evidence - Screenshots below As you can see on his armory, he isn't Enhancement specced, yet he stole the helmet. https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Trigi If the loot rules do not apply if the raid leader forgets to use Master Looter, I apologize and ask that you disregard this report.
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    i queued on daily heroic and got group who kicked me on last boss to not get the quest compeleted
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    Greetings, members of the SUNWELL realm. I think it will be a good idea to fill our forum with a bit of colorfulness; to keep the World of Warcraft alive and enjoyable place to stay in. I will start by posting screenshots I took this morning, from a place that is not so cheerful and happy - deforested regions of Stonetalon Mountains:
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    ElvUI I haven't seen this posted anywhere so I thought I would share it. This is the backported version of ElvUI for World of Warcraft 3.3.5a that is updated almost weekly. I know the sunwell addons section has a version of ElvUI already but to my knowledge it is the version that was out during WOTLK. Being that this is a backport is has most of the newer features you have grown accustom to in retail, but has been backported to work with WOTLK and is constantly being updated, improved, and added to. GitHub Link To Download (If you have never used GitHub before all you have to do is click on the Green "Clone Or Download" button on the top right and click "Download As ZIP") Addons I am also going to include links to a lot of the ElvUI addons. Although they are in the GitHub for the ElvUI I feel they should be listed here just for ease of use. ElvUI_AddOnSkins - GitHub Link To Download This will skin other addons to look like ElvUI. Wont work with all addon but it does work with a ton of them. It also allows you to embed Skada/Recount/Omen into your chat panels. Its hard to get a full list of addons that this will skin but it will skin most major addons (skada, recound, DBM, Bigwigs, Omen, etc.) and some minor ones (WIM, GearScore, Blacklist, Talented, etc.). ElvUI_AuraBarsMovers - GitHub Link To Download ElvUI attaches AuraBars to the player/target/focus frames by default. This addon allows you to change the size/look as well as detach them and move them around. ElvUI_BagControl - GitHub Link To Download This is an addon that basically will auto open/close your bags based on functions you set. Example: Auto open bag when you open the mailbox and auto close them when you close the mailbox. ElvUI_CastBarOverlay - GitHub Link To Download Adds the possibility of having your castbar spawn on top of your power or health bar. ElvUI_CustomTweaks - GitHub Link To Download A collection of random "Tweeks" of some parts of ElvUI. Things like; max chat lines, click through action bars, a lot of text formatting/icon spacing stuff and a lot of random tweeks. Full List Of Tweeks; ElvUI_DataTextColors - GitHub Link To Download Allows you to change the text color of all DataTexts. ElvUI_DTBars - GitHub Link To Download Add more DataText locations for ElvUI ElvUI_Enhanced - GitHub Link To Download Tons of features that can add a lot to your ElvUI. Things like auto release, raid marker bar, threat indication on nameplates and much more. Full List Of Features; ElvUI_EnhancedFriendsList - GitHub Link To Download Provides friends list customization that changes the look and feel of your friends list. It can change not only what is displayed but also the colors of your friends list. ElvUI_EverySecondCounts - GitHub Link To Download Adds an option which allows you to change cooldown timers to show in the MM:SS format. It also allows you to choose a color for timers in this format and choose font, font outline and font size for cooldowns in general. ElvUI_ExtraActionBars - GitHub Link To Download This will simple ads 4 extra actionbars to ElvUI that you can place anywhere you want. ElvUI_LocPlus - GitHub Link To Download Adds player location, coords + 2 Datatexts. Also, the highly configurable tooltip can show Continent, ZoneLevel, Raids, PvP areas, Dungeons in the zone, recommended zones and dungeons based on player level. ElvUI_Microbar - GitHub Link To Download Adds scaling, symbol mode, button spacing (offset), control text color in symbol mode options to your MicroBar. ElvUI_MinimapButtons - GitHub Link To Download This will remove the Addon buttons that usually snap to your minimap and put them in a movable frame. You can also resize the button and change how they are displayed. ElvUI_RaidMarkers - GitHub Link To Download Creates a small bar containing the raid markers to make marking your target easier. ElvUI_SwingBar - GitHub Link To Download This adds a bar to show your swing time in the same way a cast bar shows your spell time. ElvUI_VisualAuraTimers - GitHub Link To Download Adds a toggle option to visually change the timers of the auras near the minimap. Instead of plain text it will use a status bar. ElvUI_VisualProcs - GitHub Link To Download Gives you visual/sound ques for when a spell procs. If anyone has any questions or cant get something working let me know here and I will try to help. Enjoy! -OH Update - 2/21/2018 Added a description for each of the ElvUI addons so people can easily understand if its something they want.
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    Good morning ladies and gentleman, staff members and players that are recovering from an alcoholic knock-out last night... I bring towards you today a recurrent problem that is happening in Northrend dungeons (68-80), players are applying for a random run, and once they get in, if the dungeons doesn't suits them, they ask the others members of the group to kick them. Seems unfair but reasonable to you? imagine being a dps that has been waiting a healer for 40 minutes and once they get in, that same healer asks to be kicked because he doesn't want to accept the consequences of applying for a random run just to have the experience bonus! This morning, I applied as a tank, once we got in the Nexus, we changed two healers (30 minutes wait), when the third one got in, in-game name "Lifelike", he asked to be kicked; at this point me and an other player called Hakawa, categorically said NO. Lifelike then decided to sit down at the entrance of the dungeon and stay afk, asking repeatedly to be kicked, we refused. Thanks to the valor, patience and professionalism of the other pick-ups, we cleaned the dungeon without him while he was wining and not coming to help us. Now my question is, can any action be taken from the staff towards these players that are evidently parasites to the whole community of Sunwell? Special thanks to Loktar, that even being lvl 80, sticked with us till the end tanking at my place with all his skills! PS: We kicked Lifelike just before the last boss so he wouldn't get the random tool bonus, so that he basically waisted half an hour of his life sitting at the entrance of Nexus (pardon my english, I live in Italy and I am not used to write in english) The Story I. We explain him we won't kick him and he decides to go AFK... II. First boss killed, still wining at the entrance III. Minimap shows he is still at the entrance... IV. The pinecones are the best healers of WotLK V. We kicked him after the second last boss VI. Random genuine love to the rest of the group VII. Last boss killed, I sacrificed my dwarfy legs for the group so we could kill the beast! Thanks for taking notice, hope it wasn't too boring
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    I believe it's slef explenatory. It's not the part of original wotlk blizzlike experience, but so are tmogs, yet I find them as a nice addition. Going to trainer every time you need to be in 3rd spec you have gear for is pretty annoying. These kinds of changes won't really have any negative impact on the gameplay, in my opinion it's completely opposite. If i'm wrong please point out those negative aspect of triple spec. I encourage you Players as well as Administartion to speak out on this matter below. (sorry for my bad Engrilish)
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    Your name: CelarionReported player's name: Guild Memory. Ninja looter: Rapids, Item receiver: NatoxzDate: 10-17-2018 23:12:34Rule that was broken: Ninja looting.Description: I spent 8 hours of total time with this guild in Ulduar, just to end up finally killing Vezax and getting a fine feral tank weapon get ninja'd before my eyes. I was at their discord, and they refused to give me the item regardless me rolling the highest. In the end what happened, happened I just wish everyone to be aware of the guild memory and I hope any GM would be able to intervene and at least remove the item from Natoxz.Evidence:
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    You get over 1k gold from 1-60. You get nearly 4k more from 60-70 and you get over 5k from 70-80. If you want dual talent, you need to handle your money better. Also how would it be fair for those of us who already were diligent, saved, and spent our 1,000g on dual talent? Would you or anyone be stupid enough to actually suggest sunwell admins recklessly add hundreds of thousands of gold to the economy?
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    Your name - Samiree Reported player's name - Optus, Bolyra, Banebadger, Weya, Expertise, Kataari, Snakesham, Porkix, Kif, Brochacho, Leffen, Cryptexify, Azotansodu, Tendies Date - 01/07/2018 Rule that was broken - Non-English speak in Global chat Description - Several players started flooding alliance global chat with non-English speak Evidence -
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    After weeks of consideration even tho at first I have been hostile towards this change as it is not blizzlike I came into conclusion, that crossfaction battlegrounds would be a good change for current PvP situation on Sunwell. There have been lot of topics with lot of views and responses about Alliance vs Horde situation. Even though more players are Horde, they are not nearly as active in PvP as alliance is. Also in many cases Alliance is getting carried by high rated arena players, that either play BGs for fun or for daily win, which leads to long que times and horde loosing quite often, until they make premade group that gets instant que into BG and for couple hours the situation turns around. Which leads to conclusion: - Balanced Battleground games with similar score for both teams are rare thing to see. - Battleground Ques on Alliance side take too long unless horde makes a premade group. - Repetitive games versus same players/premades. - Battlegrounds are not active enough - I got title World Explorer in 3 days just while waiting in que/dodging premade groups. - Premades are not fun or healthy for PvP community, neither are long que times. What are your opinions on this topic? Please Keep this topic Drama Free and constructive opinions only. Thank you.
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    It's WotLK and everyone knows how looks like PvP balance - it's the general issue, not only on Angrathar. Crossfaction destroys the lore of WoW, so we're not gonna implement such feature.
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    Update - slayed Freya 25M hard mode today, only vezax hm and algalon left. Recruiting - additional warlocks, frost dk, spriest, disc, ele shaman.
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    I hope you guys realize that if the system was going to be turned off by default, it might have as well never come live. Majority of people probably wouldn't spend 150/300g(unclear from the 1st post), wouldn't know or it would take time for them to "convert". Whatever the reason would be, it would hurt the whole system since knowing most people don't see the changes in clothing would put off people from actually getting transmogs in the first place. In other words - suck it up, it's not a terrible feature, personally I even like it as I never played on retail since wotlk and the idea seems fun to me. If you really have problem with transmogs, you can always turn it off, the cost isn't that high.
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    Hello, I would like to share my idea and read some opinions about it. I really miss running mythic dungeons +keystones in time on retail. I always speed run dungeons with my DK tank. I got an idea that Sunwell could implement some timers into HC dungeons just like raid timers records. It would bring a bit different competetive aspect into the game. Nothing game changing, so nobody could scream "omg custom server that sucks!", just a timers (with the best time announces?). I would love to compete with other guilds/groups trying to beat the best time in HC dungeons. What do you think?
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    Sorry for my mistake. Your character will be unmuted.
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    Your name - HbicReported player's name - Tequilla, TeeqDate - July 1st, 2018Rule that was broken - Player harrassmentDescription - Killed horde player "Tequilla" in world pvp and received this message shortly after. Fairly similar names, hopefully a GM can see if the two are related.Evidence - Screenshot attached Thank you Post GM response edit: Maybe real punishment would curb this kind of behavior. Adding this player to my ignores list won't stop him from telling other people to kill themselves. Thanks
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    Just a few screenshots of Vessler and Aliance homies wiping horde leaders and stuff I gotta say, these horde zepplins do feel comfy, they are even better when there is NO HORDE ALLOWED!
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    they had to stack classes for the realm first, that doesnt mean its impossible to kill it with normal comp
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    Sorry for the late reply, but for future shadow priests: You do not want to use this Bis list as this server is running patch 3.3.5 where haste is much better than crit.
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    I got tons of my items ninjad on this server, if everyone else is ninjalooting why wouldnt I do it aswell ?
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    Hello Cule is already answered the same question multiple times quote word by word : "You must understand two things: The first one: Ninja Looting is a part of this game, end of story. Even Blizzard wasn't able to solve this problem, because GMs are not detectives and the players ALWAYS(we have some experience from Feronis) are hiding the most important facts when it comes to ninjalooting cases. We don't have enough human resources to deal with this problem. The second one: If you want to avoid unpleasent situations just find the guild. That's the perfect solution to be always treated in a fair way. Punishment for ninjalooting in context of 25 raids is a gesture of goodwill; we cannot protect you everywhere, but we want to protect your time during the most important raids in each content. Please don't require more, than we can give you. " My best regards
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    You should be proud of getting carried in each raid i host mysefl or budgetpirate. Best regards to you & butthurt people we carried in our raids that day to spam us on global & forums. From my PoV:Since server policy is like that, i honestly think that shitters should never get loot, you can't disagree on this can't you? P.S. - And if you think most of us will come to carry you guys for no reason in low tier, then you must be delusional clown. (no offense xd).
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    Your name NikolasmageReported player's name Halyavshik and Donorath Date 6th July 2018Rule that was broken MSDescription Halyavshik let us roll for the mantle and i rolled the highest, after not giving the item and me leaving the instance he gave it to the priest, and after I whisperd him about the item he gave the answer: You were not in the instance.Evidence Pic
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    So just because your schedual cant fit in some older Achievements you want them to postpone it? Thats like me asking '' Sorry i'm going on vacation for 3 weeks, plz extend it for a month untill i get home since I dont have time this week '' Tnx
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    I would much prefer it being opt in, not opt out. To me, this just screams "custom server" in a untasteful way.
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    try this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vluhc-2GLikc4Vth6ntszU1jl_t8g0RQz95I_Ryq7L4/edit?usp=sharing probably not perfect since I cba to run sims on every gear set like I already do for affliction, but should be close enough
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    @hijako They announced some weeks ago that a system like you are describing is coming, I hope it won't take too long until it gets here. In the meantime I really believe ninjalooters in EoE and OS25 should be punished the same way as ninjalooting in Ulduar25.