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    Good morning, our dearest Angrathar community! This month marks 9th mensiversary of Angrathar and with all responsibility we can state that Angrathar turned out to be a huge success. Even more: Sunwell, as a server outside of the network of older servers, such as Twinstar/Warmane/post-Nostalrius (Elysium&LH), was the first project to be successful and healthy in the long-term. It just shows how tough is the environment of private WoW servers. Since the beginning of our international Wrath of the Lich King realm, over 100 000 unique players logged in. We have stable 25 000 unique players monthly. This number of players allows to play comfortably, and yet, the most vital part of Wrath of the Lich King is awaiting. We don't hide that we've got high hopes in context of population growth in Fall of the Lich King season. We're going to provide the best scripted final PvE content of all WotLK servers, as we did previously, which was confirmed by our periodic poll. About that poll. Voice of the community was always very important to us, that's why we think that periodic polls are necessary. We want to see how you rate our work, what's your opinion on various subjects regarding Angrathar or what you expect from us in the future. Our goal is to find common ground for various needs and expectations (and that's not easy), because something which looks black in the eyes of one player, shines with bright white in the eyes of another player. This poll is also used as a form for democratic vote: where opinion of the majority of our players will determine whether to do or not to do a various action; such as the poll about transmogrification. Most of the players were in favor, and we've introduced this feature. The whole concept behind Angrathar was to hear the voice of the community and not introducing features this community don't want. Today, we will ask about introducing a tool which will allow us to keep healthy playerbase and online count even after Fall of the Lich King season launch, but first things first. Let's get to overview of the poll and our plans resulting from the feedback. Periodic Poll The periodic poll was created 9th October 2018, gathering the votes concluded 16th October, so it was up for a week. We have announced it on our website, Facebook fanpage, Discord and in-game, so everyone could learn about it. We've gathered 1277 votes total (however in some cases there are less votes, because the poll was about WotLK and TBC and not all the questions were obligatory). It's enough to interpolate it for the whole playerbase (although this voting wasn't of representative character, which is hard in this trade). Question no 1 Results like this, where over 80% of the players rate Angrathar as a good or very good realm, considering the scripting quality, is something very pleasant for us. We'll do everything so your opinion stays the same or is even better (just wait for ICC! ) Question no 2 In case of Call of the Crusade quality question, happy & very happy people reach 80%, which is good for us, however we also need to satisfy that remaining 20%, which weren't really happy from the outcome. If you're one of these 20%, please write in the comment what you didn't like and we'll try to resolve this as quick as we can (not counting the difficulty). Question no 3 Third question was about difficulty of ToGC and we must say, we expected these results when we decided about ToGC difficulty. We didn't want Call of the Crusade season to be explicitly hard, because first: it's not really climatic and second: the amount of bosses is so little, that gating players on 1st or 2nd boss would be really frustrating. Let's think of this season as warm up before storming the gates of Icecrown Citadel. Question no 4 That was one of the most important questions, because releasing Fall of the Lich King in the right moment is extremely important. We don't want Call of the Crusade, which isn't as attractive in PvE, to become stagnant, because people wait for ICC. We also don't want Angrathar players to look for more things to do on TBC realm, which is going to be live by December. Good condition of both realms is a priority for us. That's why we have decided that schedule of Fall of the Lich King could look like this: 8th December - opening of the first wing of ICC and release of Pit of Saron, The Forge of Souls and Halls of Reflection; beginning of Wrathful Gladiator season and adding the last boss on VoA. 15th December - opening of the second wing of ICC. 22th December - opening of the third wing of ICC. 5th January - opening of the fourth wing of ICC, with the Lich King himself. We're perfectly aware that PvP players might have not enough time to gather all the gear, so if we decide to go with this schedule, we'll organize two additional flushes. Questions no 5 and 6 Short and to the point. ICC 10 Normal and ICC 25 Normal will stay blizzlike, because we need to leave something for the less hardcore players that need to gear up. The case of 10 Heroic and 25 Heroic is different. 10-Man Heroic will be hard and 25-Man Heroic, awarded with the most prestigious Realm First achievement in whole Wrath of the Lich King, is going to be very hard. We want the fight against the Lich King to last at least until Spring 2019. More details will come soon. Slave Market – a suggestion of introducing it to Angrathar One of the questions we've asked was players opinion regarding P2W. We do not hide that these questions were asked in the context of financing the project and its dynamic growth. The option of character exchange gathered so many votes that it allows us to start this discussion. First and foremost, we ask you not to fear anything regarding that matter. As we said on the beginning, we will not introduce anything without the community's approval. We want to tell you how does Slave Market work and talk about it's positive impact on the project. Slave Market - how does it work? Slave Market works just like Auction House, however its currency isn't gold, but Sunwell Coins. The prices are shaped by the market - the players - and the administration doesn't have any impact on that. Slave Market allows you to exchange characters with other players that are not higher than 78 lvl. If your warrior is too boring for you, you sell it and you buy a druid. Slave Market would also allow new players, who do not want to level. The exchange would take place on www.sunwell.pl and it would be both intuitive and safe. After buying, the character is instantly transferred to the account of another player, but it gains 100% functionality only after server restart(however @Riztazz found a nice way to eliminate this requirement during works on character restoring). Then all its parameters are assigned to a new account. REASONS BEHIND THE PROPOSAL OF INTRODUCING SLAVE MARKET 1. Financing the project At the beginning we want to calm you down - not introducing the Slave Market won't make us close Angrathar or any of the realms in the future. We've got some resources set aside, for the most basic functioning of the project, and if they run out, we will fund the project from our own pockets (even though we're not millionaires). If we want a project like ours to function, we need constant income, because the list of expenses is long; we've said it multiple times. Currently, our project is growing dynamically, which we owe to a big amount of people working for the comfort of your gameplay. Our sole source of income is experience boost service, which, naturally, becomes less and less attractive by each passing month (because most of the players have their characters at level 80 already). We didn't want and we still don't want to resign from free experience boost events, because we know that we have some players that simply can't afford buying that themselves. Slave Market would allow us to keep all the staff members which work tireless for project's development and we can't hide that we really care about that. 2. Influx of the new players which want to play without spending large amount of time. The number of players like that is constantly growing, whether we like that or not. Angrathar enters its last stage of progress and we know that it will attract less players which will spend their time just to develop their character. We wish Angrathar population would grow even after full progress so the players won't waste their precious time which they spent here. Slave Market would attract hundreds of new players for Fall of the Lich King season. Poll The poll, which you can find below, has three options and its' results will be final: it will be either rejected or approved(the ratio of votes is also important). At least 70% of all votes must be for implementation. Let's take all the pros coming from Slave Market: + assuring the resources for further development of the project; + assuring influx of the players that do not want to spend lots of time for developing their character; + stopping outflow of players bored with their current characters (they'll be able to trade it for another character); + possibility to use the shop without the need to support the project by selling the character for Sunwell Coins; + safe character trading, which still happens on some websites, which extort player's sensitive data and money. Introducing Slave Market to Feronis realm (after Ulduar/Furious Gladiator season) enlarged the playerbase without any negative effects. Poll options: 1. I'm in favor of introducing the Slave Market for good* 2. I'm in favor of introducing the Slave Market for testing, e.g. for one weekend, just to see how it works and what effect it gives 3. I am against the introduction of the Slave Market. POLL: *In the case of introduction, we will establish detailed conditions under which it will work. Thank you for reading this long post. Let's discuss that.
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    Yes i would call you lazy. Dual talents was not in TBC and griding in classic and tbc was huge part of the game. Yes my main was tank and i also did played arena and i had alt shaman. The 2 days when you dont have raid you play 1 day arena and grind. You also have as plate mining + enginering(collecting clouds and ore when in tank spec) or BS sell primal nethers as they are BOP and you charge nice for crafts or even JC all is your choice. So yes I would call you lazy and giving free stuff that is not ment for TBC and calling a certain server blizlike while you ruin heavy part of the game isn't really good. If some of this stuff lower cost of re spec is add to balance the factions and make server to have close to 50-50 ratio than I am all for it to be used as lower the respec cost of ally so they have more players. And no am not ally am horde but i do care cause if i play on this server and invest time/money in it I would love the server to be good on long term and server with 1 faction will go lower on population and don't have pvp at all. Ally players will go more and more frustrated every day and they would leave for the next server that is coming out if they can not raid or grind or whatever. So its best for developers to use all possible to provide balance as priority and not to give players what ever they want just because they are lazy to grind. Who knows maybe some player wont be satisfy even with this and may ask for instant lvl 70 with some gold in it and free epic fly. Am against all those things. So asking dual talents just because people are been lazy to grind I have all rights to call you lazy. If you want to play TBC play TBC if not you have Wotlk and other types of servers I guess where you have those perks.
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    Dual spec is in favor of lazy players that don't want to grind and something that made Classic and TBC good was not raid mechanics( they are way easier compare to later expansions at least 95% of them) but the process of progresion grinding gold , grinding mats and reputation as well as doing attunments. Dual spec has negative impact here. Dual spec can also have negative impact on playing alts. Often tanks/healers had need to make alts and have fun and also farm on them followed by dpsers making alts for more profesions. If you can tank heal dps on demand without penalty you also have negative impact on playing alts cause you have less need for them. Alts are also needed as many new players that may come to play on the server later will see more people around them leveling and maybe make friends and enter in their guilds there for assuring more players on longer term that can stay due to friendship. My only worry is the faction balance.
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    And instant 70 will let those players to do something when they actually can only play 2-3 hours a week. This retail approach "everyone gets stuff even while playing 1 minute a month" has no place in TBC. If someone doesn't do "anything besides main spec", why it is an issue? Is the game so boring as it is, is it not fun in one spec? In hybrid PvE/casual BG spec? In 1-month-PvE-1-month-PvP spec? So many options, but all of them are easily ignored by the spoiled WotLK+ players who can't imagine the game without their favorite set of QoLs. "Anything besides main spec"... Next you ask everyone to have something to do besides main class? And next, "I have nothing to do besides playing my 10 Horde chars, could I have 10 Alliance chars and new raids so I have at least something to do?"...
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    You're a despicable piece of work. Who leave a 20 minute raid early? The roll thing and then keeping items for guild DKP is fine. Pugs should get what they win. Then your shit talking the pugs YOU NEED is hilarious. >people leaving a 20minute raid You are very special aren't you.
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    I think that you don't know, but WoW is a MMORPG. Every MMORPG needs A LOT of time to be a player with a good position on the server... No one will wait for you in progress race because "you don't have time". If you and your friends miss for dual spec you can go WotLK, BfA or other non-TBC server. DPS can easier farm mobs, making quests and play world pvp, but they always had a problem to go on heroics. Tanks and healer have a problem with farming mobs and world pvp, but they don't waste their time for looking for ppl on dungeon. That is a balance. If you have a problem that tanks and healer are too weak you don't need to play on BC.
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    Because the guild is using DKP system, simple as that, first of all, I do keep all the loot til the very end to prevent puggs from leaving, 2nd, loot that a guildie wins, I am keeping aside in my bag and we're later bidding on it/using our DKP after the final boss when pugs leave the group, but your brain doesnt have 2 cells to process that so don't blame that on me
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    The normal thing is to have only few hours to play if you have a normal adult life, so are you all saying that this kind of people can't play TBC? This is discrimination in all his ways. So... now TBC is only elegible to play to people with do nothing with their lifes and students who have a lot of hours to play. It's that? We already played Wotlk, we want to play and enjoy this expansion because we have been here with Sunwell all the time long and cheer for them and we love TBC since retail. You can see, there are a lot of people posting now trying to get some help (DS) who want to play, and i see only the same persons saying "no" "you can't play this then", etc.
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    Thank you for such a long and full of details post. I've played on Sunwell since January 2017 and I'm still impressed of your professionalism and attitude toward players. It's actually the first project where the community votes are important and I'd like to thank you for that. When it comes to Slave Market. I'm neutral, it's not the P2W tool in my opinion and if Sunwell would be able to develop even more thanks to this feature I agree for it.
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    Build a second spec, farm the items, enchant them, etc. Make a dual spec is completely opposite of being lazy. You are the lazy one who didnt use a single comma, so your mess "arguments" are hard to understand. Dual--> Lot more pros than cons.
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    Nothing bad about Vessler
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    Hello, player was punished for hiding in textures and avoiding the fight.
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    This topic seems more like a discussion for the admins to see if they would rather have more people playing less time or less people being more active on the server (in terms of time). The reality is most of the players do not have all the free time we had in the past. However, still intend to enjoy this wonderful expansion in every possibility we now have. As a former holy priest playing since vanilla (and currently playing in Angrathar), i got to admit that having the DS implemented in wotlk was such a relieving concept. Not because it lowered the difficulty of being a top player in the game, but more like a substitute of the time played in exchange of the fun and the desire of playing. There will be another part of the community who still remain active in the hardcore gaming (I wish I could but adult life hits hard), and they are in their right of saying "having DS is for crybabies, we want to pewpew for 10 hours straight", and honestly, it's all good. But the truth is the % that still remain like this is much lower. Nowadays, most of the people play private servers for the fact of having the nostalgic fun we had once, but adapted to our current responsabilities. DS will not only allow MORE people to enjoy the game, but will light the flame necessary to keep the server alive. My vote goes for +1 DS.
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    So play WotLK (here have WotLK realm Angrathar), MoP or another later patch, there is no need to spend a lot of time on the game. But why because there are people who have little time to convert TBC into WotLK? Then let's add some mounts from the first level, otherwise someone can say: "I don’t have enough time to go on foot and gather ore in Azeroth"
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    I am hard core TBC fan and player but dual-talents are something which this expansion trully needs. TBC is one of expansions where is huge demand of tanks and healers and being one of those is rly annoying outside of party, dungeon or raid. You can not farm, you can not quest, you can not grind and so on... I am not fan od changing much things from retail but we all should understand that we need tanks and healers and this will help for sure.
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    Hello @Ahlen I understand people who ask about this issue because nobody wants to lose priceless time. This topic is pretty complex, but I'll do my best to calm you friend down. Blizzard usually tries to intimidate the private projects and they send letters that say about trademarks etc. We also got some letters, but most of them have no legal basis. Sunwell works thanks to the reverse engineering, which isn't the property of Blizzard. Moreover we don't use any Blizzard trademarks on our website. We know what we should do and what we shouldn't. The game is obviously a Blizzard property, but we I mean as a project don't use the game; only players do it. Currently our servers are located outside Poland, but if we would have to switch the location and come back to more safe place, we'll do it.
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    Mostly excited for all this but guys is releasing third wing 3 days before christmas really a smart idea I personally would've waited till 1st of January around there to release but if December will be the release date fine but releasing a wing at a time when most people won't be playing and will be more likely visiting family is just a bit stupid in my opinion.
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    Dual spec? Nope. TBC is not WotLK. don't make WotLK on TBC. Reduce the (1/3 or 1/2) price of talent reset is OK
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    Opinion #1 This is Ninja looting, it is clear that Mansedzemor won the roll. The BoE item was then immediately equipped by the paladin who it was given to upon the raid leader's request. The raid leader and player should be punished.
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    Your name - ElcejasReported player's name - SzelmaDate - Oct 24Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - Combat rogue rolling for Assassination gear.Evidence - Loot. Rolls and advice that is not his gear class. Discussion about what items Combat should gear. Szelma gear at that moment. Szelma's armory https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Szelma Talent tree at that moment As i told him, combat rogues roll for arpen items. If you check his tree talents and gear, he is using combat talents with Assassination gear, what allowds him to roll for everything. Obviously this is a discussion for what a rogue combat/assasination should gear. But in the end, he can roll for every rogue gear, so is not fair match for me. Regards.
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    Opinion #2: Agree with Asureuz. Report rejected.
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    I will reduce your mute, please don't let it happen again.
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    Slave Market that would be limited to 78 level is very nice idea in of opinion the most part of Sunwell Team members.