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    Hello mate, Well I could simply answer "No, we don't, it's horde who does that" or "Yes we do, but you do that as well". Then you'd reply "it's alliance who premades first" - or something of that sort . We all remember the neverending twinking drama topics with million of posts that lead to nowhere. I have a different idea. I will use this opportunity to share my knowledge that comes from observations about guilds, battlegrounds, pvp communities and... human nature - and while I will be addressing you, this is in fact a message to everyone else as well. I planned that at one point, judging by how I am faced with the same statements again and again, coming both from my own allies or horde twinks. Your post will fit in just perfect. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. There is hardly such thing like 'alliance behaviour' or 'horde behaviour'. And if you think there is, in most cases you are misled by your own battleground experiences and by the lack of information from the other faction, since our communities are isolated by the game design. That and personal negative emotions there usually are between faction players (can't be avoided in pvp, after all) lead the communities to often easily jump to conclusions and take them as facts. I will illustrate point 1) with regard to the accusation you posted. What does one think when he joins a bg, where he sees a team of 8x79 on Horde from one guild and a team of 5x79 on Alliance? "This damn horde/alliance queued a premade again, we have to form our own". What does one think when he forms a premade, but it can't pop and when it pops there are levelers? (they were the first ones in queue) "Haha they are scared of our premade and now they won't queue" What does one think when he queues a bg randomly, joins when it pops and sees he has 5 levelers but the opposing faction doesn't? "Why does horde/alliance have so many levelers?? they always get a twink we get levelers" Face it. We've all seen this kind of messages, both in my Phantom Troupe and your Fatality (and other guilds as well). Face it. One does not notice those aspects within his own ranks, he just realizes it when it's to his disadvantage. Face it. Seeing more twinks in the opposite team does not prove the guilds have made a premade. It is up to a random factor of how many levelers from both factions have been in queue / decide to queue after bg starts. "You que only full premade or dont que,while we at horde understand how much levelers are important to hold bracket alive." Your statement is truly a magnificient example of an element that belongs to the very described group. 2. So let me explain to you why your perception is incorrect by presenting the usual, simple flow of events that lead to battlegrounds popping with every new day, and that also eventually leads to those devilish premades. Let's assume it's a wsg day. a) Players of both factions press "Queue Warsong Gulch button" b) Battleground pops after there's 5-5 in queue. At this point, both sides join and are introduced to their teams. By the definition of 70-79 and because of how battleground queues work, the following scenarios are likely: - one team has more 79s than the other - one team has more healers than the other - one team has better players than the other - one team has more players than the other (because of instant leavers or people that queued and not entered) - both teams have the same number of 79s, enough healers, enough frontliners, enough dps, enough of everything one can possibly imagine and the bg is objectively fair (... yeah right) The conclusion here is simple and imposed by the game design itself: battlegrounds aren't and will never be balanced and fair. Moving forward. Let's say horde loses. What happens next? There are many cases to cover, but let us consider the perfect world one. - Players queue again, new battleground pops. Some players are new, some played before. Someone wins. And then it repeats. It repeats until a player becomes angry with loses, noticing the scenarios that I earlier listed. Who likes to lose? Especially when "you would soooo have won IF". This is where the player can stop queuing - or try to modify the preconditions of the battlegorund in his favor and queue again, doing his best to win. We all want to win, don't we? So what happens in the latter case? "join 731 pls" or "ok inv for premade". Sounds familar? Yes. All of us do that, horde or alliance. All of us try to fill the teams with our guild mates, with proper class setups. That's why we made the guilds in the first place, that's why we invited those players. We want to play with them and you know that, all of the horde knows that as well and to pretend otherwise is a brand new level of self denial. What happens next? d0) Premade meets a non-premade. And it stomps it because it's usually a well thought team composing of every class or player that increases the chance of victory vs a bunch of randoms. Boring. d1) Premade meets a lesser in number premade, or twinks from different guilds who queued alone so there's still at least just as many 79s Such games are winnable. But the initial theoretical disadvantage for many is always "why we lost". If of course we did lose. d2) Premades meet a premade with even numbers (9-9, 10-10). Most interesting games. It is the only battleground match-up where traditional excuses can no longer be applied. Levelers can't be blamed, lack of healers can't be the reason, random twinks from the other twink guild that joined cannot be blamed either. After all, at least 90% of this BG are your dreamed team mates. But "it's never that simple, is it?". Very rarely will Alliance accept a defeat against Horde (and vice versa) and very rarely will you see someone admit that the other team played better. Just think how many times you've seen a player say "they're just better". And please, don't lie. There's always an excuse. 3. Sum-up Let's accept some universal truths about the game we're playing, this time straight forward: a) alliance blames horde & horde blames alliance for the exact same things. - Graveyard Camp - FAP abuse - Queueing premades - Emoting - "Lame" tactics - Queuing with mass healers/mass platers, be that prot war or dk b) there is no way to determine the famous "who started", of course every faction will believe its their opponents since they reason basing on the subset of information they have from their guildmates or their own experiences, which they turn into truths they make themselves believe in - members of horde guilds have been graveyard farming ever since I've come to this server - alliance believes it's doing it as a "payback" - and I understand their feelings judging from my own experiences (however, I know I cannot determine which faction was the first to come up with the idea and none of you can, I also know alliance did farm randoms in the past as well) - both factions queue their premades, see point 2) - there are players in both factions who spam emotes (including the rude ones) - both factions happen to have the "def whole game" moments (but they only notice it when they are the attackers, not defenders themselves) And this is just a small fraction of the most popular accusations that I've encountered. So don't let your judgement be clouded by your prejudice (or even actual experiences), think broader before you utter the " [alliance | horde] does [something] " phrase, you can safely assume it's not faction dependent. All in all, things will probably stay the same regardless of this post, but if some of you do open your eyes that's great! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And for the other part of your post, mr Smradac, the mood in alliance over the recent weeks was "don't queue because horde has twice as many twinks online". A lot of people think you're premading 24/7, but you obviously aren't, just like we aren't. Most of BGs during the day were being lost when people randomly queued because we lack numbers and horde had twinks ready every time of day. Why do you think you have the impression that alliance queues premades or doesn't queue? It's because of that outnumbering. But guess what. I'm not complaining. Winds of this bracket blow. When we landed on this server, alliance ended up having more twinks than horde. Yes, you weren't queuing either when you knew you would meet a randomly queued 9/10 Phantom Troupe and R.I.P. Right now the situation is in horde's favor number wise. Let's see how long it persists. For now if you want more BGs you'll have to transfer (I'll make you a Troupe Recruit, skipping the Initiate phase 😂). P.S A friend sent me some photos while I was writing that post (gotta teach the man to use the screenshot button). No, it isn't a horde premade (the actual premade was likely waiting in queue among the remaining 22 horde 😂 ). Just one of many examples of our impression of a usual day before midnights, when the numbers usually even out.
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    Dzięki za giereczke. /delete Stgxgodx /delete Nilda
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    To Soslammed, Your post is a bit long and I couldnt be bothered to read all of it. However, I agree with the gist: that there's no such thing as 'horde' or 'alliance' behavior. People play both sides and there are good and bad people on both sides - of course this is true. However, there are individuals who are guiltier than others of the "bad" things you describe. There are certain individuals who fap more, emote more, camp more, queue only in premades, etc. Would you fit into this pattern of behavior yourself, by any chance?
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    Your name - RooqReported player's name - JanieustojeDate - 07.01.2019Rule that was broken - Offensive language on "say", use polish languageDescription - He just start insult me in Dalaran. First use emote "spit", then he began, to write on say chat. I know this guy, we was in the same guild some time ago. It's a toxic player. As far as I remember, this is his second offense like this. You can check this on his logs or anywhere.Evidence -
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    It was defenetly upgrade for me. + more spellpower than my weapon + more crit than my weapon + more mp5 than my weapon
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    Czesc! Jestem Cukieras, gralem na sunwellu bardzo dlugo, za czasow starego sunwella, nowego, od 1 dnia feronis. Moze niektorzy mnie znaja sprawa jest bardzo prosta: jest to pomoc dla mojej chorej mamy. Choruje od 25 lat na nieuleczalna chorobe Stwardnienie Rozsiane. Prosilbym wszystkich o udostepnianie tego linku i pomoc w osiagnięciu celu: www.Pomagam.pl/gosiaSM wiecej info w linku! Dzieki
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    Hi, I came back after a long break. I see the feronis ends its life, the forum closed, people there are less and less. So I am asking you to create a department in "Local Lands" for Poles, we are also playing here in large numbers, thank you
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    You are just bad and can't take criticism you know? There is gear lying around everywhere. Just do some ah shopping, craft gear from professions, go for some normal dungeons. I feel like healers doing fine as long as you have more hp and survivability than the dps pleb and it's your fault definitely, because you shouldn't be there apparently. Just because dg finder tells you can go hor hc and you are 4k pleb ;D you skip this instance. Meet your match, stop being a special snowflake.
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    I dont care. I will be using it and its upgrade i need it, simple as that
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    Your name - LqrReported player's name - WeryxgodxDate - 05 January 2019, 20:00~ Rule that was broken - I. General Rules 22. Ninjalooting is forbidden on Sunwell. After having enough proof of the misdemeanor, the ninjalooter that stole an item will face two possible forms of punishment. after confirmed ninjaloot on 25-Man version of the highest raid tier, the player will be added to ninjalooter detection system: https://bit.ly/2KEqxmK, receives 7 days of ban and the stolen item will be removed. The player will be added to the ninjalooter list after the ban is lifted. in case of ninjaloot on every single raid (Vanilla/TBC/WotLK) that is not highest raid tier, the player will be added to ninjalooter list. More details: https://bit.ly/2KEqxmK Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list. The default loot rules are Main Spec > Offspec > Disenchant. The default loot rules are applied to every raid leader. If he wants to change the loot rules, he has to state the new loot rules and screenshot it. The screenshot is an evidence to be used against, if any, ninja-looting reports. In the case when item is deal out in wrong way, the person who will recive that item must to give it back to Raid Leader, and then Master Looter could dispence the item in correct way. Otherwise that person will be regarded as a ninjalooter. Administration doesn’t interfere with the priority of loot rolls. The concerned player should ask raid leader about that. The decision about the priority lies within the raid leader’s concern Description - i have 97 roll on trophy+orb on anub (with Inohara) - he get items. Not re-rolling. BTW: i rolled faster than him (ss in evidence) so if raid leader was blind at double 97, why he doesnt saw my 1st roll? Evidence -https://imgur.com/a/FfxMdQf
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    Nie traktujcie nas jak gówno
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    If you are experiencing critical errors and crashes in crowded places such as Dalaran this solution might help you. Most of Northrend crashes are due to lack of memory and it's hard to change limitations manually on basic versions of Windows system. In order to fix it you have to download Large Address Aware program. Once downloaded just run it and select WoW executable program. More memory will be alocated and crashes should stop immediately. Remember to restart computer. Program has green light from Blizzard athough they do not support it: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/1658706617?page=6 Program: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/
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    Your name Mikisham Reported player's name Mynameis Date - 28/12/2018 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - I won the roll for item, but Mynameis decided to give item to his friend Evidence - in attachment
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    It's funny you paste the part of terms of use and don't read the whole point: 1. The global (/join global) chat channel is an English channel. Speaking in any other language is strictly prohibited and may result in a mute from 6 hours to 7 days; in some other cases, channel ban may be applied. 30 minutes of mute - the first case 6 hours of mute – the second case; 7 days of mute – the third case; Permanent channel ban – in the fourth case. In some special cases, permanent channel ban and more strict punishment may be applied even after the first case of misbehavior: it all depends on the Game Master. Polish people are the nation that the most often break this rule. That's why we ban them automatically for 7 days. It has worked perfectly on Angrathar and we belive that such attitude is also appropriate on Nightbane.
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    Your name - SsijekReported player's name -ChromagusDate - 02.01.2019Rule that was broken - Use texturesDescription - When we wanted to kill the player, he was sitting on a mountain and we cant kill him and take the flag. evidence- https://imgur.com/a/ID5flC2
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    Your name - ZakoReported player's name - Viroth (Leader), Wrenhaven(Item holder)Date - Today (10/01/2019)Rule that was broken - Unfair loot distributionDescription - Leader gave item to the wrong person. The picture shows the rules of the raid, roll of DV and the fact that the raid leader did not give me DV when I won roll. I was not a bad player because I never died on all raid and I did 7k dps on Valkyria as seen in the picture. I am asking to punish the leader and delete the item DV from the player who got it unfair. Evidence - Screenshots
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    Opinion #1: Hello player Elfshot should be punished Kind regards
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    You must learn guys, not every player is on the same stage, some people can do more things than others. Generally when they donate server, yea, staff make a money so they do what they want to do. Same in Case of advertising guild, no problem if Hungarian guild advertise and says " looking for only Hungarian players" but when another guild says "PL Core" you have a GM wants to talk with you... Its like Nazi, ya correct Nacionalism.....you are polish you are worst because non polish players pays euro to make a GM a lazy unemployed persons which make a real money by stealing a work from Blizzard because in rules of law you cant get a money from running emulation of Blizzard product. Thats look policy on Sunwell
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    Hi, I´m just curious what is sunwell´s policy towards scripters. I always thought it´s a perma ban for every scripter, but just today I saw xxx times proven script abusers Odium/Muffuhanberge joyfully playing arenas. I´m not trying to flame here, just want to know if it´s really without any consequances to script. thanks
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    Hey, I'm Kreigg from Molten WoW- a long long time ago. I'm a multiboxer that quit a couple years ago and I'm coming back. I want to know the rules and regulations on Multiboxing- can someone direct me?
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    My name: Recoil Reported player's name: Wswwsswwssww Date: 03.01.2019 Rule that was broken: 8. Software that modifies the game and / or faking the packets sent to the server is prohibited. Automation software, such as bots, are also prohibited. The punishment is the same as in point 7 of the Terms of Use. Description: Me and my guildies have made several (SUBTLE!) reports over ingame tickets and over Discord for several months to get the attention to these players. I understand they are put on your "watch list" but we have seen no evidence of punishment as they are still doing the same thing again, and again. I know that at least 2 rogues and 1 druid in the guild PROjektWS is using this same teleport hack, and also a couple of players outside of that guild. But we'll get to them later. Evidence: YouTube links below. Proof #1 Proof #2 Second video is better, it shows it more clearly what happens, also the 30 sec it takes for him to get to his corpse just has no excuse other than the very obvious teleport happening right in front of us. EDIT: Sorry I realize I didn't follow report protocol, if you need me to take time to change it then I will. No need to close and trashbin the topic EDIT2: Fixed the report to follow protocol, thanks Sonrakus for showing me a good template, as I couldn't be bothered looking through the ninjalooting reports....
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    Reported player's name - Youngxkgbx + Nbayoungboy ,,VS" Lingu + VanrineDate - 30.11.2018/Rule that was broken- Fixed Arena and Battleground matches are strictly prohibitedDescription - In the night from 1 to 3 am, our brave rivals/challangers played about 35 arena fights. They was trying to look it legit, but you can see there is Win Pattern and after few fights you could gues who will win the next one. You could see leaving target with 1k hp, or making mistakes like newbies not top 10 players. Again there is situation where in the top of server's are players who play late night with friends (They are from the same Guild) not the best players In the Evidance i post my notebook, Funny thing is they were playing vs each other, and both teams were getting rating <clap> AS I said they played more arenas i get borred after about 20(they played around 35). I gues more evidance you got in server logs, Couse i can bet it wasn't their only night.Evidence - arena Lingu/vanrine Nbayoungboy (Both ratings added) 1 2645 2693 5338 2 2638 2704 5342 3 2652 2695 5347 4 2645 2706 5351 5 2659 2697 5356 6 2652 2708 5360 7 2666 2699 5365 8 2679 2691 5370 9 2672 2703 5375 10 2665 2714 5379 11 2658 2725 5383 12 2672 2716 5388 13 2665 2727 5392 14 2658 2738 5396 15 2672 2729 5401 16 2665 2740 5405 17 2680 2731 5411 18 2673 2742 5415
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