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    In this thread I'd like to summarize all the changes that are going live by 29.09 - which marks the launch of 3.2 patch on Angrathar. Most of 3.2 patch changes are already live due to the fact that our realm is technically on 3.3.5a patch, so all the changes regarding spells, talents, battlegrounds, arenas are already active. Trial of the Crusader as well as Trial of the Champion will be released on 29th September at 6 P.M (CEST). Vault of Archavon will be reset on 29th September and closed to 18:00 due to implementing the new boss. Ending of Furious Gladiator season is scheduled at 28.09, 22:00 Realm Time after the additional arena flush. All rankings from all brackets will be snapshotted and summarizing the season will take place after looking through the data which may take up to 2 weeks. PvP season ending will be taken to another forum thread. General Additon of Trial of the Crusader/Trial of the Grand Crusader (10 Man Normal + Heroic, 25 Man Normal + Heroic). Each of the four versions has its own lockout ID. Addition of Koralon the Flame Watcher (Vault of Archavon) - 25 Man and 10 Man. The players are able to zone into Trial of the Crusader (Heroic) without having achievement from completing Normal version. However without the achievement, you cannot start the encounter at Barrett Ramsey. That means only one person from the raid needs to have achievement from ToC normal in order to begin the encounters. Only the leader is able to start them. Possibility to use Prospecting on Titanium Ore. Except the standard drop, it has 3.3% chance of epic gem drop and 75% chance to drop Titanium Powder. Addition of epic gem recipes to the following vendors: Kirembri Silvermane, Nemiha, Timothy Jones Icy Prism is going to have all epic gems added to its loot table with 1.17% drop chance. Captain O'Neal and Lady Palanseer are going to sell epic gems, 10000 Honor Points each. Rare gems are going to be removed. Magistrix Lambriesse, Arcanist Ivrenne, Harold Winston are going to sell epic gems for Emblems of Heroism for the following prices: Cardinal Ruby, Majestic Zircon, King's Amber - 20x EoH; Ametrine, Dreadstone, Eye of Zul - 10x EoH. Alchemy trainers: Linzy Blackbolt, Wilhelmina Renel, Lanolis Dewdrop, Falorn Nightwhisper, Crystal Brightspark and Arthur Henslowe will teach you how to transmute epic gems, all except Cardinal Ruby, whose quest is going to be available. Transmute: Titanium is going to have 20h cooldown. Raids and Dungeons Ulduar stays in its pre-nerf version without any custom boosts. Trial of the Crusader / Trial of the Grand Crusader will yield Emblems of Triumph, 3x per boss. All raids and dungeons which yielded Emblems of Heroism or Emblems of Valor (all dungeons, Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum, Eye of Eternity, etc) will yield Emblem of Conquest in the same quantity as previous emblems. The award for completing daily heroic quest (boss): 2x Emblem of Triumph. Daily quest for dungeon trash: 1x Emblem of Conquest. Items Val'anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings - stats of this weapon will be increased to match its official statistics. It won't affect how do the item stats display, but the weapon stats were decreased and looked like that. Addition of Magistrix Vesara and Magistrix Miluria in Dalaran. Frozo the Renowned will sell Runed Orb for 4x Frozen Orb. Add new Kirin Tor rings with ilvl226 to Harold Winston in Dalaran. PvP Knight Dameron and Stone Guard Mukar will sell 232iLvl legs for 40x Wintergrasp Mark of Honor and rings and wrists (226 iLvl) for 15x Wintergrasp Mark of Honor. Argent Tournament Grounds Two quests to Black Knight's chain added. Crusader's Quartermaster Dame Evniki Kapsalis added Crusader daily quests available for players with <Crusader> title (Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde or Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance completed) Silver Covenant (Alliance) / Sunreavers (Horde) daily quests available (required being exalted with the Silver Covenant/Sunreavers and being a champion of at least one racial faction) Boosted ToC 25 HC Lots of people were unhappy with boosts on Ulduar so we've decided to don't change too many things in this raid, only thing that is boosted is HP (by 25% for everything except Faction Champions where it's only 15%) Resets Which will be reset: Arena Points, Honor, Wintergrasp Mark of Honor, Stone Keeper's Shards, Wintergrasp Commendation and Commendation of Bravery. Which will NOT be reset: Champion Seals, Emblems, Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Tokens, Dalaran Cooking Awards.
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    The fact that a handful of guilds will be able to clear it in two weeks doesn't mean that the rest of the server will. It will probably take weeks or even months for the weaker guilds (and by that I mean the guilds that are still struggling with Ulduar hard modes) to progress through the "25% ToGC". Hardcore guilds will always deal with whatever is thrown at them, but they make up only a fraction of the server's population. You cannot cater for the needs of the few by releasing a super buffed version of the content that was supposed to be filler in the first place. Tier 9 is a time for guilds to bolster their rosters in preparation for ICC, for people to do pug runs of ToC and perhaps even a few bosses in ToGC on five alts, not another ordeal to go through. I'm sure once we get ICC it will be properly tuned, but to overbuff ToGC would be a terrible, terrible idea that would make the server die a painful death. Overall a good decision on the server staff's part, but as I stressed, ICC needs to be released as soon as possible.
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    I do not think so. @Nadiir please, check it.
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    Opinion #1 You're not a Combat MS. No punishment.
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    Great now you guys are buffing it because the ~5 elite guilds want a larger challenge. Couldn't even keep to your original plan for more than 5 days. So you are catering to ~125 people over the rest of the server, how well did that work for you guys in Ulduar again? Oh yeah, it killed 20+ guilds. I don't think there's a single NA guild left that clears HMs now. So you hurt your own servers population BADLY by buffing the crap outta Ulduar,, and now you are buffing TogC which is a raid that apparently most people already dislike due to the repetition. Great plan, it's like you want this server to die before reaching ICC. More custom scripting on a raid people already dislike + launching a TBC server is going to cripple Angrathar even more than the Ulduar disaster already has. Do I get to expect similar custom buffing on your TBC server? Let me know ahead of time so I can save us all a headache and wait for a different server. So far I've been right on every single prediction I've made on this server, the ulduar custom buffed difficulty killing tons of guilds, people being forced to mega cheese 0 light with 9 locks because of custom scripting. It's like I've somehow gained this super power that's called LEARNING FROM HISTORY. Give it a try sometime.
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    Your name - Nizz Reported player's name - Yester Date - 09.14 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - Raid leader didn't look at that the best roll for AP trinket had priest and he give it to him. After that the priest went offline(?) and after kel died he log in. I just said "Hey Yester", he left raid so I tried to whisper him - ignored. So I asked my computerfriend for help. Maybe we have some polish GM's to translate last SS. I don't give a damn about this item but his behaviour is very toxic. I could give him this 60g for abyssal crystal or w/e. Evidence - Screens.
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    Hey everyone, We have decided to boost ToGC 25 (Heroic) bosses a little and I'll explain why. Ulduar was a raid where all Hard Mode bosses were really strong. The stats show that only a small percent of the players killed all Keepers in their Hard Mode versions. A lot of top guilds couldn't handle these boosts and either disbanded during progress or moments after Ulduar realm firsts. The exact reasons remain unknown to us, however the difficulty could be one of them. We don't want to buff a raid up to the sky, so only a small percent of the players can experience that. Balanced ToGC boost should make the raid more accessible to less hardcore guilds and we'll live by these words. Boost isn't that low to allow pugs to kill as much as an organized guild, but it isn't so high that normal guilds can raid only Normal mode. However, I've learned that players weren't quite satisfied of our decision, that the boost could be a little higher for the healthy competition. And as my heart is good&pure and I value opinions of the players, I've brought up this topic to the administration. I wanted to buff the raid slightly more but still making it accessible for less hardcore guilds. We've decided to make four changes: Lord Jaraxxus will use Touch of Jaraxxus spell; Twin Val'kyr debuff will damage the whole raid, instead of single damage to the player with debuff; Twin Val'kyr HP boost will be 35% (up from 25%); Anub'arak and his spawns HP boost will be 35% (up from 25%). I hope that you're more satisfied of the outcome and the raid will be fun and engaging. Kind regards
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    With custom buffs I ment something that's just not a flat percentage (as the guy was referencing ToGC won't have any custom buffs, unlike ulduar - which in this case is false, if you consider flat percentages a custom buff). In retrospect, Ulduar was probably buffed too hard for the level of competition that exists here, especially Vezax. Requiring raid cooldown coordination is fine, but it probably should be something you can overcome with gear (Freya and pre-nerf Thorim), otherwise less coordinated guilds will never kill them. It makes no sense to have T8 be more difficult than T9. Character progression should be linear - you farm gear to move from tier to tier, not just jump into T9 normal modes and disregard Ulduar completely. In my opinion they should continue to nerf Ulduar over time and buff ToC/ToGC, same way blizzard did to some extent. Giving players everything they want is the easiest way to kill the game.
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    Hello, Player Meritocracy will not be punished. Player Thiza broke our server rules, cause didn't give back item to master looter. Player was punished for it and that's ok. We don't interfere in future of stolen items, so player Meritocracy cannot be punished. Best regards.
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    Hi Heave a questions for administration y give perm ban on feronis to dog and 2 other players for sniping other team as counter comps and blocking all other top players by many arena comps also avoid fight vs counter {just leave befor arena fight started} now we heave in angrathar other player BABOXX AND ZUBERO {just check this arena team fight they dont play vs any comp from top without dudu and r shamy yep they just countering this} they do the same what dog in feronis leaving arena, sniping other player by many alts and just block other fair player to get some rating. I ask why y let him do this, just quit this sick practice and perm ban all baboxx and zubera account like dog in feronis thanks. Sorry for not perfect english
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    Lots of people were unhappy with boosts on Ulduar so we've decided to don't change too many things in this raid, only thing that is boosted is HP yikes 10hc gives better gear than 25m hc for some classes, it will be cleared in first week, 25hc will be cleared on 2nd week and people will wait for ICC yikes 2x 25% what a joke, togc 25 puggable on 2nd week with that pug going most likely 5/5 if tanks more than 25IQ hopefully i am wrong but i doubt it ALGALON 25M MORE HP THAN JARAXUS 25HC
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    Hello, Your account was unbanned. Some words of explanations - players take part in these games on own responsibility. We don't forbid casino games in WoW, I think that some players have fun from these kind of entertainment, but every player have to know that gambling is sometimes risky. Appeal accepted. Player unbanned.
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    Hello, We don't intefere in these transactions between players. These "games" are not forbidden by our server rules, but players take part in this on own responsibility. EDIT: Player Skazany was banned for a 3 days for gold scamming, next attempts to cheat players will be punish also. Additionaly, we cannot restore Your stolen gold. Report accepted after GMs discussion.
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    Hello, We don't interfere in whisper conversations. Use ignore option in this situation. It will be enough in this situation. If this player will be offensive one more time, his punishment will be harder. 6. Insulting other players is prohibited. The punishment depends on the situation. We do not resolve reports about guild chat or whisper (the only exception is when it’s really necessary). We’d also like to notice the existence of ignore option.
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    Opinion #2: Agree with Asureuz, player Partyzantx will be added to our ninjalooting list for 30 days.
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    Hi there, Topic content: Offensive language towards Polish people Your name - Cheapshot Reported player's name - Idogaystuff Date - 25/08/2018 Rule that was broken - Offensive Language/Abusing Description - Idogaystuff started laughing at 'Polish Core' and said that Polish are dumb and can't play wow on the global chat. He didn't stop when other people asked him to. Evidence - Please see the screenshots below.
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    As a member of guild who did clear a reasonable number of Hard Modes in 25 before nerf, a guild that died recently, I can easily say it was a major factor in burnout. Specifically in how these bosses we're difficult. There's nothing wrong in having bosses have more HP given our increased damage from ICC talents, but the required class stacking requirments in particular on many of these encounters destroyed guilds, or the HP requirements for things like Freya/Thorim along with the necessity of having a good amount of raid damage reduction cooldowns made it a rather frustrating experience to have to deal with. There's currently Four or Five guilds on the server currently if I am not mistaken that are capable of killing Algalon post-nerf, given all the guilds that have died how many do you reasonably expect to even be raiding ToGC in the first place? Not much of a competition really. ToGC should only be buffed in HP to account for the increased DPS people are doing with current talents vs what they'd do with the ones they had on retail. The real challenge in this raid is to clear it with 50 attempts left anyway.
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    Hello. Please read this topic on Feronis forum (polish) https://forum.sunwell.pl/index.php?/topic/9394-feronis-podsumowanie-obecnej-sytuacji/
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    Its too bad not a big part of community is active in forum discussions. I remember back on Kronos even, these kinda topics used to grow really big. (thanks discord) Anyway, simply cause someone brought up Kronos and Naxx - yes it is true that overbuffing makes guilds quit, and we've seen it happen here on Sunwell alot. (But, simple reminder, Naxx there was last raid in content, people wanted it buffed, most guilds that had prev content on farm did full clear in matter of 3-4 weeks, and most importantly, server didnt die cause of overbuffed Naxx but due to 2x fresh vanilla servers + it was simply last raid in content and people that played vanilla back from feenix 5-6y ago finally finished the journey they started too long ago. Also, most guilds didnt quit until they formed at least 1 Atiesh, and some even lived long to get 2nd one). But, back on topic - thanks Sunwell crew for not overbuffing TOGC, it is very true that this is just an "inbetween" raid and pugs need to be able to clear normal modes basically from start. If you think longshot, you need a stable and healthy community by the time ICC comes out, and closing whole content to pugs and casual guilds is just gonna scare those away. Guilds that clear uld25 atm, with some HMs, will definitely have it on farm in matter of weeks - if custom buffs were added it wouldnt add too much time to it imo, once you have a legit raiding community you can kill anything, just gotta hammer it a bit more. Truth is, on a healthy server you always need to have a pool of people to recruit from, and you gotta keep that pool interested in the game. It sounds maybe a bit harsh but, long term thats the only way you can have a competitive ICC one day. (But i gotta agree with some prev comments ICC should come fairly "soon", 12-15 weeks after tops?) We as a guild came a bit "late" to Sunwell, after there were a lot of guilds active and farming Naxx (and even EoE). We had to recruit exclusively with making Naxx pugs, spent 2-3 weeks until we had enough numbers to do Naxx as guild, and then 2-3 weeks more to clear. And it wasnt fun, some buffs were simply retarded (personally hated the armor stomp on tank the most, dont ever bring that back) but we survived that, survived the empty server summer and growing strong now. Truth is, there will always be such guilds around, and now during ToC, lots of guilds might evolve to recruit, raid and gear enough to compete in ICC - simply cause its not overbuffed and they will stand a chance. This is just a point of view from one decently strong guild - and once more, thanks for nice TOGC announcment, you give us faith that the server will still be healthy and growing for ICC.
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    There's a reason blizzard implemented multiple difficulties in game - heroic is supposed to be hard, it's not ment for clickers and keyboardturners. We can probably agree that nobody likes ToC anyway, so what if we have super short T9 then, once 5-6 guilds farm 25hc, release ICC (and buff it properly, as it's the last relevant tier).
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    Hello to all whom it may concern. I have this particular issue. I'm a Discipline Priest and whenever I'm raiding with pugs, I feel like the least person to receive loot. Why? Because every healer can roll on cloth items. Like in the title. Not so long ago, a druid took my cloth armour that was significantly better than the one I was wearing. Even though they have their own armour speciality, they can take without any consequences loot that should be FIRSTLY in possession of cloth wearer. The same thing goes with Warlocks taking clearly healer gear, even though it doesn't have hit rating. If I tried to take something better than mine with hit rating statistic, I would be instantly called ninja-looter. Is it okay for other classes to take loot mainly destined for cloth wearers? Shouldn't they roll in off-spec part? Can I report events from above as Ninja Looting?
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    Hello I believe you got banned because you linked thunderfury weapon i recommend checking the rules about that I will unban you but please make sure it never happens again My best regards
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    My nick : Ragnarsson from the guild "Dez Minutos Para Nada" Nick of the mad person : Citrip This guy came to the bg to complain and whine and insult everyone there and he did it for 2 bgs in a row but I only screenshotted it in 1. He called us several things, see for yourself. He was acting all superior to us thats why I'm here, if he "only" insulted us I would probably let it go.. Below are the screenshots that proves it, idk if it is worthy of any ban but thought I should report him anyway. Thanks.
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    Your name - JumalaReported player's name - Frisse, Tiza, (Meritocracy)Date - 2018/08/21Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Evidence - 5 picturesDescription - So we were in a Naxx25 and The Turning Tide dropped. Everything went fine until the rolls for it. I rolled second highest with 92 and the winner was a druid called Tiza with 94. The raid leader (Frisse) gave the item to Tiza, but a moment after he realized that the winner was a druid, and asked Tiza to give it back. Tiza said that he gave it to a Mage who rolled 70 and traded to him (Meritocracy), because he thought the Mage won it. However, when I asked Meritocracy whether he got it or not, he claimed that he didn't. So: Raid Leader (Frisse) shouldn't have given The Turning Tide to a druid, because the druid can't use it and there was no other reason. Tiza should have given The Turning Tide back to raid leader, or me after checking the rolls. Instead, he gave it to a Priest with 70-roll If the Mage (Meritocracy) actually got The Turning Tide from Tiza, he should have given it back to me. I assume you can see if he did get it. (This is why he is brackets, because I don't know did he actually get it) Picture 1: Rolling for The Turning Tide Picture 2: Realizing that the winner (Druid called Tiza) can't use it, asking who he gave it to & asking the Mage (Meritocracy) if he got it. Picture 3: Telling Tiza to give The Turning Tide away. Picture 4: Tiza told raid leader (Frisse) that he gave it to Meritocracy & Frisse didn't pay attention to winner's class Picture 5: Tiza saying that he traded The Turning Tide to Meritocracy because he thought that he won it. EDIT: Tiza did give the item to Meritocracy (as you can see from Armory) - still Meritocracy claimed that he didn't get it.
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    Naaktlslak or w/e the hell is his name, trolled intentionally in WG. And i told him to stop destroying the siege. he told me to stfu and the discussion derailed from there cuz he triggered me so bad with that loser mentality. Nevertheless i've ignored him,eventually ,he came on his second account to make me some PL trash, ( im romanian btw, not PL, not that even matters anyway) , and in his report he forgot to post those beautiful racist and insulting screenshots from his other character. He also claimed hes Sexy in his thread. Rofl, So guys, this asshole has something against PL for some reason. All PL in his eyes are poor mofos that eats daddy cum apparently. Look at this guy Oh yea, forgot. I will be famous on website. Well he will be more famous cuz he's hating on all PL for some reason PS,. Looks like he made another thread complaining how his thread got rejected because he cant post a properly SS. And he wants justice done when he, as well, is as toxic as a radioactive waste. Its actually funny tbh. Ppl hating on this guy and flaming him for some reason.. Wonder what it is Provoking people, insulting them, eventually they fight back normally or even worse, so this guy has an opportunity to lure ppl in reporting them. Sounds to me like some typical LoL player. Looking at his forum profile , its all about just crying and reporting players for flaming
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    Your name - AtalanteReported player's name - ArillsDate - 01.09.2018Rule that was broken - Writing in language different than englishDescription - as aboveEvidence - https://imgur.com/a/ccnjSl6
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    Player was punished.
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    Hello Not enough evidence .. i need a screenshot of you stating that rule beforehand otherwise we will just consider it default loot rule I believe @Asureuz explained it perfectly for you My best regards
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    If you do decide to come back after 30 days you can PM me and I’ll remove the ban. however you and I will have to come to some sort of agreement like permanently using the IP lock feature so your account cant be shared with anyone else. we will go into details if you decide to come back.
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    Opinion #2: Agree with Nadiir. This weapon is dedicated mostly to combat rogue and ehancment shaman. You're assasination / subletly. Report rejected.
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    Rolled the same roll on the head token, then we reroled and I won it. First he suggested to give me money for it, and the He wanted gold in order to trade. I wanted the head so I gave him 300 gold........ [18:32][RL] [Partyzantx]: roll ms [18:32][RL] [Partyzantx]: [Crown of the Lost Vanquisher] [18:32]Treebearowl rolls 72 (1-100) [18:32]Partyzantx rolls 96 (1-100) [18:32]Sorryforgarg rolls 10 (1-100) [18:32]Caylris rolls 96 (1-100) [18:32]Szpilka rolls 50 (1-100) [18:32]Hildegarda rolls 74 (1-100) [18:32]Partyzantx receives loot: [Crown of the Lost Vanquisher]. [18:32][R] [Hildegarda]: lol [18:32][R] [Caylris]: hello? [18:32]Sorryforgarg has left the raid group. [18:32][R] [Hildegarda]: reroll [18:32][R] [Caylris]: i also rolled 96 [18:32][R] [Caylris]: mr rogue [18:32][R] [Caylris]: do reroll pls [18:32][RL] [Partyzantx]: [18:32][RL] [Partyzantx]: omg [18:32]Partyzantx rolls 26 (1-100) [18:32]Caylris rolls 27 (1-100) [18:32][RL] [Partyzantx]: no sh1t [18:33][RL] [Partyzantx]: [18:33][W:From] [Partyzantx]: can i give u some gold [18:33][W:To] [Partyzantx]: i really need the item :-/ [18:33][W:To] [Partyzantx]: sorry. got gold [18:33][W:From] [Partyzantx]: 1k / [18:33][W:To] [Partyzantx]: geting my 4p [18:33][W:From] [Partyzantx]: mehh [18:33][W:From] [Partyzantx]: can u gimme some gold then? ; <
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    Hey! In the past few weeks I've been working hard in order to get WOTLK integrated into Legacyplayers. Im happy to announce the WOTLK logs can be uploaded now as well. While it will still have some flaws in the beginning, I hope to fix them within the comming weeks. Legacyplayers is a Legacy WoW service providing Raidlogs, Armory and Rankings as well as useful tools. If you are interested, please take a look at it, I have uploaded some sample WOTLK logs for you to look at. Site: https://legacyplayers.com/Raids/ Discord: https://discord.gg/uuKrJw I am well aware that WoL is also an option for >= WOTLK, but while also WoL may have its flaws, LP will give you an alternative to look at! cheers! Shino
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    Your name - MyszaaReported player's name - RandomdogDate - 22.08.18Rule that was broken - I don't know if there's such a rule, but in my opinion that shouldn't be allowed to pay for rolling an item.Description - Yup, that is my opinion.Evidence -
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    Your name: Plebhunter Reported player's name: hekatea Date - 22-08-2018 Rule that was broken: No english language in global channel Description: i'm sexy !¡! PROOF:
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    Due to itemization options feral is pretty mediocre on ulduar, good on toc and excellent on icc. Feral is often considered one of the hardest dps and it punishes you hard for mistakes, requires good positioning and prediction/planning ahead, but for me it's the most fun one. I tried some easier ones and got bored easily with them. Of course everything depends on your skill and who are u raiding with (pug or guild, on pugs I was easily top 3 on 25man even with ulduar content, after I joined a good guild and suddenly landed below 10th and had to work to improve and gear up a lot more to be back on top) ToC and ICC are where feral's dps skyrockets due to armor penetration caps.
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    Greetings Starting this topic off I would love to mention that Polish language rules and English language rules have some major differences. Polish rules mention that party chat is English restricted and counts toward global world etc, there is no such mention in English rules. Secondly rules in both languages clearly state that for "spamming, swearing, racism etc..." (and as it state in only Polish rules for using other language than English) first penalty is a 30 minutes mute ( chat restriction) then 6 hours. Third penalty is a difference again, English rules state 7 days of mute (or temporal ban from channel you committed offence on), Polish rules state or 7 days and mute as English rules OR 10 days mute as for third and every next offence. Closing this statement I would like to point that every Polish person committing offence that is brought to GM's attention is instantly muted for 7 days (here is example of my friend [that to be fair was warned by me as I read the rules and knew about mute] that as first penalty received instantly 7 days global mute and that's one of at least 10 people that I know received instant 7 days global mute as FIRST penalty). At this point I would love to remind that there are tons of people that know this server for way before this administration and even if it's completely different server now, they played on "sunwell" brand for years and they need this 30 minutes penalty as a warn not a 7 days exclusion from society, and if you want to keep it as it is, then keep it consistent for all nationalities and change rules. Kind Regards Onsokomaru
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    Hello, You can use "Report player away" option, if the player gets a debuff after 2 minutes will be kicked out of the battle. Report rejected.
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    Hello, We don't interfere in 5-man dungeon loot issues. Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list. Report rejected.
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    Remember what the staff said when we were talking about naxxramas difficulty as well? "Cannot separate the casuals from the semi/hardcore raiding guilds in that raid due to the lack of HC difficulty or hardmotes like Ulduar". Ulduar was limited in that case because not all bosses have hardmode, but now you are not limited in any way. You can actually separate the Tier into 2 difficulties, for casual guilds and for semi/hardcore guilds.
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    Hello, Player was punished.
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    People just forget, almost 10 years behind, since Wotlk raids has been released. Skill cap has increased a lot, nowdays people know how to play their class, they know their bis lists, othwewise everyone can google tons of info. In 2008-10 95% overall players played a way worse, then typicial casual 3.3.5 player now. That's why prenerf ulduar has been lasted so short, because 90% guilds were barely progressing even through normals. Plus, in that times, a lot of people has terrible connection, btw 10-15 fps on algalon was extremly good. I still remember how we were struggling togc50 and we couldnt do it simply because tank or somebody else disconnected or just game freeze due to bad pcs. So, now majority players are more skilled... like a way more skilled, people has good pcs and good internet, but the content is going to be almost the same. I expect "LFM togc25 going to full need all 4.7k+ DEATH CHOISE RES" in a global chat like literally in a month. Be sure, even super casual guilds will progress through togc. My mind, that its not good, since we are playing progressive server, which (for me) means to progress and struggle to content. I like how sunwell guys made t7 content, eoe25 was really good fight, ulduar is good as well, but just few hp togc buff will make it super casual raid. Peace.
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    Go wipe on Kologarn 10m at least u'll get the chance to kill Anub 10/25 hc since it will be easier than Kologarn for you.
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    Topic name: [Report] [Casino Scam] Topic content: Casino Scam, I won but received no reward Your name - Toady Reported player's name - Skazany Date - 05/09/2018 Rule that was broken - Scamming Casino gold Description - Skazany was doing a casino in the Trade Disctrict, I checked with him what the loot rules were by saying "So 1-30 = 2x the gold and 90-100 = 2x? and 47 = 3x? " He then replied yes and later he put try. I traded him 250g and then rolled 95 which is a win to his rules. He then just stood ignoring the trade window for the 500g and started to dance after I expressed my worry that he was a scammer. He went into a BG and ignored me whispering him. I told him I was going to make a forum post and gave him warnings and he just said "ok" Please help me recover my gold Thank you PS: I suspect Soulth is Skazany on another account as he was pretending to win gold when I warned trade of the scam. Evidence -
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    Report rejected.
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    Hello, It was the same raid, player Partyzantx was punished in this report.
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    Hello, Player was punished.
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    Character Name: Zehenath Punishment Reason: speed hack Game Master: Asureuz Summary: My internet connection got weak for a few seconds. I was running while one long lag. I believe it was the reason for ban. With such connection can happen everything, most of the day i have 200+ms, because came home to my parents for 2 weeks. I`ve never used any hacks/speeds etc. I`m truthfully want to continue playing my mage as i did nothing. I hope i can get your final feedback. @Asureuz
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    It's good, but it can be better if horde would have permament team, no team on 1 wsg (and dodge XDD)