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      Free exp boost x3!!! 23.03-24.03.2018!   03/14/2018

      Hey, Angrathar community!  Some time ago we've promised to make events with increased Experience Rate - and promises should be kept. We have to change the form and length of this event though, because as you can see: the population is very high and we don't want the players to wait in queues. So! Experience Boost x3 (not x4, because it might look unfair for some people: everybody gets the same Experience Rate without supporting the project). The event will be enabled from 23.03.18 Friday, 15:00 GMT+1 (Realm Time) to 24.03.18 Saturday, 15:00 Realm Time. Time and date have been set up like this just not to surpass 5400 Players Online: the online cap that we don't want to increase. We are aware that not everyone can support the project and it's not a problem. We'll try to make events such like this in the future, if the player count allows us to.


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    Voted No because Pay-to-avoid-corpse-camping on a PvP server is bordering on P2W IMO.
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    Stand up against these custom changes GMs want to add into the game! Stay "NO" to custom events or any other further implementations of such kind.
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    I don't agree with you at all! VOTE YES!
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    Hello player punished ! Regards
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    After reviewing this report, we have come to the agreement that [Urn of Lost Memories] is primarily a healer item. This was not a case of ninja looting.
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    Please do something with bg que find AB, eye or wsg is almost impossible last weeks. With 5k online and 30 ppl que in bg almost all the time we are getting only AV or IoC. Its killing fun for ppl that not need honor points anymore.. I would like to play AB, Eye, Wsg for fun but i just simply cant specific bg que = 5h waiting and still no invite So either change system so if ppl que for specific bg then add random bg que to them (like rhc mode = for example tank que for violet hold then 4 others who press random joins him anyway and they get reward for random but tank does not = everyone is happy) or instead of making 1 bg from 30 que players make 3x smaller bgs. Alot of ppl thinks same just make a poll or something you will see. I love to play bg even when im honor capped and got full gear but AV or IoC 24/7 made me stop playing
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    Argument on Discord. Discuss here, and keep it civil. For those of you not in the know, let me inform you The Bazaar is a gold "shop" where you can buy someones gold for SC, or sell your gold for SC. Think the Auction House, but with gold and SC instead of items. @bongo_bg put it nicely And for those of you who are giving my posts a thumbs down, provide an argument and vote, instead of disliking it, yeah?
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    Hey there. You have contacted many staff members about this, all have given you the same answer. I have had my proof checked by multiple Game Master and i can tell you the ban will not be lifted. I will close any further appeals on this topic without response.
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    Hey! I'm today proud to present our kill video of our first kill (5th of March) of Malygos 25man: Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! , Neverholy out
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    Many players ask us via Discord and Facebook if we could add "Down with the Sickness" to the store. This service has nothing in common with Pay2Win and is directly related to leveling phase, so we can consider it, however firstly we must get some feedback from the community. So what's "Down with the Sickness"? Description: You no longer gain Resurrection Sickness debuff upon resurrecting at Spirit Healers. Prons: - Players can obviously save time - they don't have to wait for removing Sickness. - It's the service that can help players to avoid ganking as well as the most annoying action like: corpse camping. Players can just resurrect their character at Spirit Healers and run away. We're waiting for your feedback! Thanks in advance!
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    Seriously.... Why would anyone be against this? Man blizzlike nerds are the absolute worst....
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    Yes !!! and gankers go to hell ... please do it guys
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    https://clips.twitch.tv/BlindingHumbleInternSoBayed I can't tell you the last time i've had this much fun in Naxx. I also can't tell you guys the last time i've heard guildmates scream at the top of their lungs on a boss kill. @Sunwell thanks a ton.
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    From what I witnessed in Discord, we need much better explanation of what Bazaar is. Seeing stuff like that: ...means people still don't get it. Dredd tried multiple times to explain the positive sides but as you know, Discord isn't really the best place for such conversation. Bazaar is site feature - indeed an Actuion House where players can auction their gold for Sunwell Coins and vice versa. This is not server selling gold for money, no, this is players selling their gold for coins. What you can do with coins is buying mounts, pets, not-game-chaning items and heirlooms. Also the premium features like x4 xp boost. This means that players who cannot afford donations still got the chance to use the shop and obtain mounts and stuff for gold. Lots of gold, but still not real money. Also as this is players based auction house, the prices and rates are controlled by the players itself. And the Bazaar takes 10% cut immediately after the auction creations. You want to underbid? Think twice as this takes 10% of your auction gold/sc instantly and you've paid real money for it. You'd never give it away as bunch of Linen Cloth found by accident in a chest. An example with current rough rates in Feronis's Bazaar: I want to sell 10 000 gold - I need 11 000. I open auction for 10 000 gold against 2000 SC. I lose 1000g instantly and I now I wait for someone to spend his 2000sc to buy my 10 000g. If a day, two, five, seven passes and still no buyer is interested, I either ignore that and keep waiting or I cancel auction and put a new one for 1900sc for example. But that would mean I need additional 1000 gold to pay the fee. A day comes when dude X donates ~50€ and buys my 10 000 gold. Now I have 2000 SC and I can buy that sweet mount I'd never be able to afford for 50€. Additional pros are healthy realm economy due to the mentioned 10% fee, more balanced AH prices and server being able to self clean from gold sellers/farmers. That's my argument. All the guys who are saying "No" - please explain "Why not". Edit: Don't forget this system is present and working on Feronis and there is nothing else but a positive feedback. Also MrCule presented the opportunity the enable the Bazaar for a short period of time jsut to be "tested". If the players don't like it they would've disable it.
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    >blink on 0 >whole guide is dpsing boss on rhc >6k dps with at least toc gear Yep, pretty much sums up all PvE frost mage players.
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    Your name - Repin Reported player's name - Kev Date - 3/17/2018 Rule that was broken - Ninja Description - I had won the roll in OS10-3D for a ring called Greatring of Collision, a agility/arp/crit ring with a socket. The raid leader "Kev" told me it wasn't for rogues yet the stats were a upgrade for me and armor pen is one of my best stats. He gave it to the hunter in the raid named "Dragonz". Evidence -
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    Hello i believe you are suppose to be sorry for what you did in your appeal ... I had multiple reports about you before i banned you .. you were keeping ruining people battlegrounds for no reason putting then alone in parties so healers could no heal them etc... and you were trying to lose on purpose .. i usually don't interfere with these issues but it was getting out of hand .. and also losing on purpose is punishable and right after you saw me join Battleground you passed the raid leader to duels and complained about him Appeal Rejected Regards PS:
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    [b]Character Name:[b] Kestraz [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] Trolling(?) [b]Game Master:[/b] Tide [b]Summary:[/b] I was battleground leader, I moved all my guild members into the group and other classes into other groups, as the game was still filling and would re-sort later. I shared multiple quests that some may seem unnecessary. GM Tide entered the battleground intimidating and provoking me for my 'actions', banned me from the server and bragged about it in the BG. As in retail servers, privacy is something they respect and should be something of an internal case, not to be flocked around by a professional admin. I was battleground leader, I moved all my guild members into the group and other classes into other groups, as the game was still filling and would re-sort later. I shared multiple quests that some may seem unnecessary. GM Tide entered the battleground intimidating and provoking me for my 'actions', banned me from the server and bragged about it in the BG. As in retail servers, privacy is something they respect and should be something of an internal case, not to be flocked around by a professional admin. Also for what it's worth I am a server donator and have dealt with Tide before and was very surprised by his behavior. Update: Nothing on the rules state this type of this behavior is punishable, let alone a 7+day ban. Also I have lost every battleground today, regardless of my 'actions', horde are just looking for someone to blame. Nothing I did made the team lose, the game was already a loss on round 2. I hope other GMs and Tide take this as a lesson to be more attentive to cases and to reflect on the actual rules.
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    This is not an appeal. Just a copy paste of your ban.
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    Character name - Bubblez Punishment Reason: Ninjalooting Game Master: Piootrek Summary: It has come to my attention after the raid that the player "Valkyriant" reported me and he told me he made a thread right here : Upon inspecting the thread I can see the reasoning he used was "Evidence - Not sure what sort of ss to post exactly as he just took the loot and left ", which is utterly wrong because he accused me in private of ninjalooting because I gave every item to the corresponding class and their Main Spec accordingly ( The raid was a VoA 18 spec (talent) run, so there would be no arguing whose loot it is). I also mentioned at the start of the raid that the loot rules are MS>OS ( also by default, but I mentioned it anyway ) . No other player said anything to me after the loot distribution, except the player Valkyriant because the rest of the players understood the rules . The player in the mentioned thread accused me of "just took the loot and left", but as i said before, it is absolutely wrong because we discussed it in the raid chat AND the whisper chat. The player Valkyriant conveniently "forgot" to include these parts of the conversation. Evidence: The player who reported me (who is a holy paladin) argument was it "doesn't matter" that i'm a retribution paladin and I should still roll for the deadly chestpiece even thought that is my main spec. He thought that when u roll on pvp items that pvp spec = OS (below is the evidence why this is untrue). You can also see a player thanking me for "breaking his bad luck streak" which is also an indicator i haven't stolen anyones loot and that the loot was rightfully assigned. Since he told me he reported me I came prepared and found this thread where we have a similar situation (loot rules for MS>OS for pvp items): http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/1253-report-aems-pokex-voa-25man/ where we can see this : "Rule counts for both PvE and PvP items." Conclusion : I think i have supported enough evidence for my Appeal to be valid. The game master Piootrek took things out of context because of the lack of evidence and therefore banned me. I am sorry the player Valkyriant misunderstood the rules, but that should not be my fault and therefore i believe i was wrongfully banned. I am happy to discuss this issue more on discord if u need more evidence but I think i have supplied enough. Thank u for your time.
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    I agree, I leveled a paladin with 4x and I thought the price point was just right. I did a week at first but it took a little longer so I got a day or two of 4x. Maybe it's not so bad if you can hit 80 in a couple days but even then the price point feel so manipulative; forcing you to have the extra coins -- It just makes you mad. I started leveling a warlock and if I really sit down I can get about 10 levels a day. There's no way I'd max it out in a week and I don't play every day so buying a week doesn't make sense for me. The fact that (at $17 for 500 coins) it costs $2 a day to make leveling somewhat enjoyable makes me not want to level anyone else. The paladin was more of a utility character and the warlock is more for fun. Since I don't have a just for fun character it really kills my drive to play. It's such a shame too because my small clique and I used to level tons of chars and twink them out (probably why I hate leveling so much and need the 4x). We were planning on doing that again on this server but I really doubt that's going to happen now. I read a study once about F2P games and how people spend money in them. People were more inclined to throw a dollar or two here and there if they felt they were getting something out of it. The fact that here you need to spend at a minimum $4 for anything and the fact that paying $4 won't even get you 1 days worth of 4x is just bad business. The more you trap people into paying makes them feel less inclined to spend that money to begin with -- and that's how I feel right now. Maybe there are people who buy things no matter what but I think the core of revenue revolves around lots of people paying for 4x rather than big sale items (like mounts). When those of us that pay have to think too much dropping a 5'er or $20 business has to drop. It's all a matter of balancing the number of people willing to pay the extra 50% vs the reduction in the number of people paying due to increased price. I can't see 60 being the golden number, for my money 40 was a good price point. The 315 is just an insult. As someone already on the fence about picking up WoW again this is steering me away. I really hope MrCule (who I understand is in charge of this) starts to see things the way you and I before too many of get scared away for good.
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    Discord is the one legitimate place with constant easy access and home for the most of the population. I agree it's good idea to double such announcement in the forum as well but if it's a matter of a choice - Discord is the way to go. @MrCulé, after these adjustments will you still make discounts once in a while for some stuff?
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    If you're losing faith in humanity over a private server, you may want to step away from the computer and get into the real world for a little bit.
  24. 2 points
    Did the price of coins drop as well? Discord seems like a very sneaky way to make an announcement like this.
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    So, you want to say that you are not familiar with gearing for your class or? If that's issue, please post your class here and i will try to help you as much as i can
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    As above, that kind of behavior is pretty annoying. Some kind of scripts that randomly splits whole BG queue into smaller groups and running them through BGs like WSG or AB would be so, so nice.
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    Hi. Problem will be resolved with next update (probably on Monday).
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    Scale down the gear rewards from the ICC and TOC dungeons to ilvl 200 gear, and keep the badge rewards at heroisms in heroics. PvP sets aren't that big of a deal, I wouldn't go out of my way to grab them and take em into a raid. While I am getting things like attack power, and crit, i'm not getting things like Hit and Expertise which are HIGH EP stats if they aren't capped. While this isn't the case for all classes, it is the case for some. The only class types I can see getting away with this are 2 handed weapon classes, and healers. Tanks will get crushed, spell casters wont hit spells, and dual weapon melee won't hit shit. There is a reason we try to avoid bringing pvp geared players into raids, right? I personally remember doing ICC back on retail with players in PvP gear, and they were constantly sand bagging my raids. 3k DPS? Gross. Only really worked out in VoA, and thats because Blizzard tuned this raid to be a joke so that you could get away with stacking a group full of brainlets and PvP gear. Craftable gear? Got me there. Players are going to get their hands on them, but 2 items aren't going to shoot a 25 man raid group past whole raid tiers. Especially considering the content here is already buffed. Despite what some people say, the catch ups DO devalue the previous raids. There is a reason I and many other guild masters have left servers like Lordaeron, and came here. If I wanted to start "fresh" on your typical WotLK private server thats been out long enough for it to progress into ICC, i'd just spam heroics, and dive right into ICC Normals. Literally bypassing more than 80% of this expansions raid content. The option to go back and do them in ICC gear is always available, however, the challenge is drastically reduced, and is hardly worth the time in most cases. Yeah, the lego mace, and some pieces from ToC Heroic usually pull hardcore guilds into these raids, but the typical player isn't going to venture back into these raids outside of achievement hunting, and thats kind of sad. Wrath of the Lich King is a great expansion all the way through, it just sucks that if you don't catch these servers as early as possible, you're robbed of the full experience. Part of the reason why I'll always have a soft spot for The Burning Crusade, while catch ups did exist to some extent, they were fewer, and you still for the most part had to dip into all the raids throughout a majority of the expansion for attunements, and gear. Giving this kind of progression to Wrath of the Lich King, would make this expansion that much more solid. Thats just my 2 cents though, not everyone will hare my opinion.
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    Have to agree here. I believe services that have historically been offered in retail (name change, transfer, faction change) should be allowed. Server-specific things such as 4x leveling is fine. However, no resurrection sickness and the ability to teleport are too much. It infringes on integral game systems and parts. It’s a “dumbing-down” of the gameplay experience. It also offers an unfair advantage to those who have the means or willingness to pay for them. I am a PVE-oriented player, and I believe we have two options in regard to ganking: deal with it, or play on a non-PVP server. The administration here made the decision to make this a PVP server, fully knowing the issues that come along with it (ganking, corpse camping, wasted time in general). They should stick to their guns and not give in to those who seek to dilute the gameplay experience with silly custom mechanics.
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    has this server abandoned alliance? obviously the 50% honor bonus WORKS since horde are winning now and it had nothing to do with the natural cycle so when is alliance getting their honor bonus??? Since gms made it very clear one faction is not allowed to lose games it's only fair regards, pronkers
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    Mate, it's 2018. People not using Discord and/or forum is personal choice and shows even less than casualty. It's not only because of the polls but server status update, change log, upcomming things and such... If they don't care about these stuff then they simply don't care about anything related to the server. And consider this as a refendum - you only need small amount of the population to vote - obviously the rest don't care of the outcome. Not-voting is a vote itself - you let others decide. Now if you have a position, then reach guildies and ask them to vote. If they are too lazy to do so, don't use such arguments.
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    All of this. It's just part of the vanilla game, and it should be kept this way. Also don't activate this when there is only a small percentage more that does want it. 99% of players don't come on these forums to vote. And you'll start alienating all the people who don't want this. Keep the server the way it is, that's why players are here now.
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    No, wtf is this some custom server?
  35. 2 points
    I'd very like to have possibility to disable "Team has joined arena queue" I'm not even arena player and just leveling now i dont have access to arena, those messages are very irritating. Let me disable them for myself please.
  36. 2 points
    Lovely ^_^, I'm also leveling x1 at the moment. Character name is Valjan. Yes I would recommend the RP-events channel on Discord as well.
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    No worries friends. In contrast to Naxxramas, we won't tell you what changes we did on Malygos. You want unbeatable encounter so you will have one.
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    Hey there, We're currently not accepting transfers from any server. Sorry about that and goodluck!
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    Hey ;), <Emoji> is a semi chill NA raiding guild recruiting more for our 25man team and also our 2nd 10man team. About Emoji We are a group of chill players who originally just wanted to be a 10man guild. We rushed to 80, and downed Naxx 10 on our first raid day and found out that only the 25man version was buffed. So because 10 man is extremely easy, we are trying to have a solid 25man roster for the fun endgame challenge. We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30 pm to 12:00 am EST, or 3:30 to 6:00 server time. What we are looking for We are looking for consistent and dedicated raiders to join our 25man team. Players would need to be able to commit to 2 days a week raiding. We currently are in need of dps and 2 consistent healers for our 25 man team and we need one tank for our second 10 man team. What makes us Awesome Despite the stupid guild name, Emoji is not just awesome because we get things done. We're awesome because we are continuously improving and growing stronger as a guild and a team. We're also a really fun group and you will probably enjoy our guild activities. So message Thoterella or Bitterra or Lucy ingame for more information or to join, or message me on here and I'll get back to you quickly! TL:DR: We are a NA guild and we raid Wednesday and Thursday 9:30 to midnight EST / 3:30 to 6:00 server time. We're awesome, and want consistent people on our 25man team that we are developing. Message Thoterella or Bitterra or Lucy ingame, or just message me on here for more information or to join. Come give us a shot.
  40. 2 points
    Please, for the love of jesus christ or whatever gods you have, fix this abysmal respawn rate.
  41. 2 points
    This, it will stimulate the economy, giving another reason for people to famr gold and support the server, and the 10% tax will also be a gold sink, not only undermining the Chinese sellers, but also still allowing gold to be valuable The only way to defeat a black market, is for you to make it legal, and then provide a better service than the black market dealers.
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    I'm eagerly waiting to see actual arguments against bazaar. "I will leave" "It will ruin everything" Etc. are not real arguments. To be honest, people who are against this idea, most likely, are generally against any/every new feature(That doesn't benefit THEM DIRECTLY). I know it's impossible to please everybody, although this wouldn't affect them (pretty much)at all. I remember when VoA 10 was opened early, few people were bitching and crying about it, basicly saying "server ruined" "Can't trust GMs/Devs" whatever. I ask, did they notice ANYTHING, besides horde actually Q'd for WG(which was something everyone wanted)? I would be fine either way but i wouldn't mind having that option too. If anything it would help the server instead of chinese gold sellers/scammers whatever. Calling it "p2w" or whatever is just plain stupid.
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    Its been same for years, alchemy is the only good prof. People will buy flasks/pots every week for raids. Actually BS is useless (only belt socket) jc prices going down and down because less people needs it, enchanting same story. Insc is so cheap it takes more gold to teach recipes than you can monthly gain from it. Any crafting prof is dead since raids opening because noone needs it anymore. Alchemy, the anserw is alchemy for every expansion.
  44. 2 points
    Gearscore is the general idea of understanding the average gear level. It shouldn't be much of a deciding factor. I know most of the people preffer higher GS than actual gear upgrade but you can't force people just to be good at the game. Be a leader, check raiders in armory, go on guild raids or join pugs where the leader knows what to do. We have stable pop of 4k, it's not hard to find decent raids.
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    This is exactly what bad player would say.
  46. 2 points
    Shit works, except when it doesn't.
  47. 1 point
    Is it just me or did they increase the price of 4x from 40 to 60 coins and 7 days from 200 to 315?
  48. 1 point
    Repeating my thoughts posted in another thread here. I’m sure some if not all of these points have been touched. It simply doesn’t sit well with me to implement something like this, and I am a PVE-centric player who hates world PVP. Wanted to get my .02 cents across. I believe services that have historically been offered in retail (name change, transfer, faction change) should be allowed. Server-specific things such as 4x leveling is fine. However, no resurrection sickness and the ability to teleport are too much. It infringes on integral game systems and parts. It’s a “dumbing-down” of the gameplay experience. It also offers an unfair advantage to those who have the means or willingness to pay for them. I am a PVE-oriented player, and I believe we have two options in regard to ganking: deal with it, or play on a non-PVP server. The administration here made the decision to make this a PVP server, fully knowing the issues that come along with it (ganking, corpse camping, wasted time in general). They should stick to their guns and not give in to those who seek to dilute the gameplay experience with silly custom mechanics.
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    I sure as hell don't want an unbeatable encounter. What's the point in having one? See, for all the talk about WoW being an easy game and legacy expansions having been solved a decade ago, in the real world there are substantial differences between performance and coordination of players and efficiency of the guilds. Suppose you had a boss that in terms of raw throughput really was impossible for a guild with pre-raid gear: it'd remain impossible for T7 BiS geared guild that runs DPS warriors and the like instead of the 10 locks and DKs of the perfectly min/maxed pre-raid geared guild. Throw some execution to the mix (which you really won't see in Naxx but will in Ulduar) and you have a guild killer of a brick wall. Consider Kel'Thuzad. Despite three resets worth of gear and the general approach to beating the boss being pretty obvious from the public kill timers as well as the knowledge it can be beaten somehow, we just saw the fourth kill. Don't get me wrong, it was a deserved kill and I genuinely felt happy for <Epidemic> when watching the stream, but even they just barely pinched it after lots of wipes and going by KT kills, I believe they're the 4th best guild on the server. For most guilds, Kel'Thuzad in his current state IS impossible and they're never going to beat him unless Ulduar normal modes are easier and loot from them enables brute force tactics. At the end of the day servers live and die by their main demographics and high-end raiders are a minority. There needs to be some way for bad/casual raiders to progress their characters and there to be satisfying content appropriate to their skill level or they'll quit. Even if you don't care about their enjoyment per se, this would be bad even for players in the top guilds as the economy crashes, PvP queues will no longer pop up, the world ceases being lively and recruitment pool outside of poaching from competing guilds more or less disappears. This showcases the flaws in WotLK's design as there isn't a separate small group content progression path for casuals unlike vanilla and TBC while progression in general is more vertical, not to mention T7 being garbage that no one wants to farm forever while Karazhan and some of the lvl60 5-mans are among of the game's most beloved instances. But I digress. I feel T7 25-mans (with the exception of Sartharion, who, as the sole hard mode boss of the tier, doesn't deserve his Blizzlike status of a loot pinata) struck the right balance as it is. The top guilds were challenged as there were some bosses that didn't just fall over and die while guilds at the lower end of the spectrum are struggling to kill any bosses at all, but aren't so hopelessly outmatched that extra loot wouldn't be enough to enable meaningful progression. There isn't much room for making bosses any tougher without running into serious problems, and while you may get "waah waah waah Yoggy+0 didn't last the retail-like 83 days from Ulduar release" crybabies, one detail in the first paragraph becomes relevant. Your average player doesn't know the game inside out despite it being ten years old, but some of them DO, and should be able to figure out whether a boss really is within their means to beat or not. Overbuffing bosses just delays how many resets worth of gear the few top guilds will get before starting serious attempts instead of altering the perceived difficulty at the moment the boss gets beaten, all the while making the game worse for everyone else. Moreover, since "competition" and "fairness" appear to be important for the server staff, you run into a bunch of new problems. Suppose a boss turns out to really be unkillable and has to be nerfed? Sucks to be that guild that doesn't raid during the raid reset day, even though they could have killed the nerfed version one reset earlier than anyone else. The race to server firsts should be a marathon with better guilds gaining cumulative advantages. If you deliberately block progression by making bosses impossible, issues like today's crashes start mattering a lot more. And one final note. Retail WotLK Naxx was worthlessly trivial. It'd be possible to triple Patchwerk's HP and still be able to beat the enrage timer. Ulduar, on the other hand, was not. There is substantial room for buffing select encounters like Razorscale or Auriaya and you can buff even the toughest hardmodes because of knowledge advantage and more powerful 3.3 talents we have over top retail guilds. Buffs in the same order of magnitude (200%+) that T7 raids received should be utterly out of question however, even for the easiest of bosses. Please don't make the mistake of thinking you can buff Ignis the same way you buffed Kel'Thuzad or Malygos, not to mention the actually tough bosses.
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    1. Farm for gold 2. Sell gold for SC 3. Buy x4 rates also that bis trinket is bop btw, but lets say it isnt. Which means that BIS was obtained by a raid group, which means that raid group was willing to sell that trinket, which also means that they are already geared, and are farming that raid. ALLLLLSOOO, why do you have an issue with someone using the AH? If it really was pay to win, you can just cut the middle man and just buy the gold from the server? The gold is from the economy, and has a tax to it, so in reality you not only have to keep the gold on you for days or even weeks, you get a 10% cut to it.