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  2. Jay

    [A] "Synesthesia" (ToGC25 5/5)

    В первую рейдовую неделю гильдии был закрыт ToGC25 (героик версия 25).
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  5. Vindawg

    Your perfect TBC raid setup

    This would really depend on what encounter you are facing, for example muru requires a protection paladin to pick up the small void sentintenls, but they are not required on other fights such as Brutallus where it is more viable to use a protection warrior + feral tank. This is something that I would go for, however some spots will need to be swapped depending what encounter you face. Group 1: Feral tank, BM hunter, BM hunter, Survival hunter, Resto shaman with enhance offspec. Group 2: Prot warrior, Ret pally, Arms warrior, Fury Warrior, Enhance Group 3: Mage, Mage, Spriest, Holy paladin, elemental shaman with resto offspec. Group 4: Warlock, Warlock, Warlock, Boomkin/prot pally, Elemental shaman. Group 5: Holy priest, Holy priest, Rdudu, Rdudu, Rshaman. Depending on the fights, you have an option to choose between 6-8 healers. The only fight in tbc which you will use 8 healers is Twins, other than that I cant think of where you would use this. Dedicatd Warlock group will have 3 warlocks to provide 1 curse of element, 1 curse of recklessness and 1 curse of doom or curse of tongue if required. Sham in warlock group will always be elemental. The 5th spot would be either a boomkin or prot pally depending on the fight. (boomkins provide 5% crit to their group and 3% hit to all physical dpsers). Hunters are overpowered in tbc hence why they have their own dedicated group, they will carry DPS especially during swp, feral druid critt buff is much more beneficial for hunters rather than melee as it's quite simple, hunters will make greater use of it compared to melee. Mage group has spriest to assist with mana regen since mages do suffer from this in tbc. Also more mana regen for the hpallys, the best tank healers in tbc. The elemental in this group should be the offspec resto, the reason for this is you want the warlocks to always have their ele totem due to their hit rating requirement being alot higher than mages. Don't underestimate mages, they can also push out some crazy damage and provide real nice utility in the form of spellsteal allowing them to either increase their damage or tank certain encounters and ofc their cc's. The melee group has an arms providing 4% damage to physical dpsers. The big balls fury DPS who will also be essential on muru for the humanoid damage. Ret pally to provide raid with 3% crit buff and 2% physical damage increase for their own group. And ofc the enhacnce who will be required to totem twist to ensure both windfury and agi totem have 100% uptime. Healing group has 2 holy priests ( CoH priests) for the incredible raid healing they provide. 2 rdudus who are brilliant in keeping hots on tanks and can also do raid healing at the same time. resto sham for g5 totems + extra raid lust. Unfortunately whilst rogues do some very nice damage, they provide no buffs/utility apart from their cc which other classes can bring. Ofc some people will have their ideal setup, so you do not have to agree with me, this is just an ideal setup considering all raid encounters.
  6. Your name - NeberalReported player's name - Peddius/VincibleDate - 2018-11-13Rule that was broken - Ninja lootingDescription - Raid leader gived DPS trinket to the tank, on the start of raid nothing was told about he's rolling for dps (phi, he didnt even told the loot rules so it was MS>OS>DISS) Evidence -
  7. Sleepyhead

    Your perfect TBC raid setup

    Hi, what is your perfect raid setup for TBC raiding? I think this topic could help players that wanna play TBC for the first time or after long break. Last time I played TBC was 7 years ago and I don't remember which specs were most desired or least popular. I know, some specs might be useless in raid so I would like to choose most desirable spec to be able to play in some serious guild.
  8. Asureuz

    Raicer-Confirmed Ninja

    Hello, Please use this template. Report rejected Regards
  9. Asureuz

    [Report - Ninjalooting]-Thjodol

    Hello, We don't interfere in 5-man dungeon loot issues. This doesn't break our server rules so we cannot punish them for it. Report rejected. Regards
  10. Hello, Players were punished. Regards
  11. Topic content: Your name Bunnythree Reported player's name Ghour + Ylumyny Date 13/11/2018 Rule that was broken speaking foreign language in group chat + in general being toxic Description Spoke foreign language, was asked not too, they continued, after a long time i told them i'd report if continued... and it continued until they kicked me from group Evidence
  12. So searching these .These can be drop from fishing dailys in low %.Buying all for 500g each what u got.Search me in game Pevi/Lofty horde side or cod to me! Ty
  13. Azathothh

    Stucked on Authentication

    Hello. Are you from Iran maybe? There are some connection issues from there currently, you may have to use VPN in order to be able to connect.
  14. Dedalo

    Guide to The Burning Crusade

    Very appreciated! Thanks a lot for the Zygor's guide and the summary of the attunement, they're priceless for new players
  15. Mobcy

    Stucked on Authentication

    Can somebody help me please!
  16. bakakatarimebaca

    [Report - Ninjalooting]-Thjodol

    Your name - GokuRepored player's name - Thjodol,SoharaDate -11/13/2018Rule that was broken - ninja lootingDescription - feral dps and enhancement shaman need on abyssal rune(caster trinket)and probably give it to some of his guild teammates Evidence-
  17. Greatbob

    Raicer-Confirmed Ninja

    Player Raicer Ninjalooted Leggings of the Awakening in Totc today Raid id 496. Be weary of this terrible player.
  18. ninjafuya

    Shammykool: False report

    So the frags were reserved the entire raid. I am guessing this guy joined later on when we had to replace some people and wasn't aware. So when one dropped It was given to the person it was reserved for. The guy kept crying about the frag so we decided to do a roll and guess what? the person who won the item also won the roll. So why this guy is STILL crying is beyond me, may be he is sad he rolled so low. Finally, I was not the raid leader I was simply the masterlooter, I did not recruit anyone, I did not invite anyone. I was simply in charge of distributing the loot and the frags WERE reserved. Who the hell makes ULD25 Semi-guild runs and doesn't res frags? LOL this is a joke. Never seen someone cry so hard over a frag they didn't win. Frags were res, MS>OS, Orbs were raid rolled, Recipe's were rolled Kitara won the roll with an 86 since nineoneone was dps Shammykool lost with a measly 24 The end. Imagine being so salty you try to get someone punished when you know you lost the roll
  19. padipotter

    Lohnt Anfang auf Angrathar noch?

    Hi zusammen, lohnt es sich eigentlich noch auf Angrathar anzufangen? Findet man immer Mitspieler für Inhalte? Würde mich sehr interessieren, da ich ja auf 0 starte und später auch nach und nach die Raids machen will ohne alles auf Easymode zu bekommen . Wie weit sind die Leute auf dem Server? Freue mich auf eure Rückmeldung.
  20. Mobcy

    Stucked on Authentication

    Last night i got disconnected from the server and i wasn't able to reconnect due to the problem of not getting through the authenticating part of login and i thought it might sort itself out ... tomorrow and the problem still persists... i tried to change the realmlist and put it on other servers like Warmane and others... they work perfectly fine but not sunwell...
  21. Hi zusammen, da Ende des Monats der Nightbane Server online geht und ich richtig Bock von Anfang an in TBC dabei zu sein, suche ich Anschluss an deutsche Mitspieler / Gilden. Ist da schon was in Planung? Ich tendiere zur Hordenseite und würde voraussichtlich Shami, Paladin oder Druide spielen. Da Druiden der Rezz fehlt tendiere ich eher zu den andren beiden Klassen :).
  22. MrCulé

    <Gnomejodas> [A] [España]

    Guys, English here please You can speak in Spanish in local lands: http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/38-spanish/
  23. MrCulé

    [GER] Mitspieler gesucht / Gilde gründen

    Hello, please also write an English translation here, because it's the English section. If you want to speak only your national language, you can do it in local lands section: http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/50-german/ Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi zusammen, da Ende des Monats der Nightbane Server online geht und ich richtig Bock von Anfang an in TBC dabei zu sein, suche ich Anschluss an deutsche Mitspieler / Gilden. Ist da schon was in Planung? Ich tendiere zur Hordenseite und würde voraussichtlich Shami, Paladin oder Druide spielen. Da Druiden der Rezz fehlt tendiere ich eher zu den andren beiden Klassen :).
  25. Nylox the avoidance master

    <Gnomejodas> [A] [España]

    @qlex Espero que lo de ser alis sea una broma. Mucho love, nos vemos en la horda <3
  26. Adrestia

    [Report - Ninjalooting] - Xarro / Ultraas

    I agree with Doremi here, no /rolls therefore no evidence, Regards
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