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  2. Report Ponkz

    Opinion #1 Masterlooter should be punished.
  3. Ninja Looter - Halls of Stone

    Pressing "Need" is not a ninjaloot. We don't punish for pressing "Need" in RDF. We will only punish in cases where there is a masterlooter. Thanks.
  4. Name - Konvict Place - Halls of Stone Action - Ninja loot by Zih lvl 77 DK After defeating the last boss in Halls of Stone, the tanking neck dropped - Amulet of Willis. I was tanking and rolled expecting it to be no issue at all, but then Zih rolled, won and quickly left the instance. I messaged him multiple times asking him to please pass the neck because. He refused even after trying to reason with him. Normally I wouldn't post for a ninja loot in a 5 man, but being an asshole is being an asshole. This is what he said "go ahead and report me, I don't care, it's just a five man" or something to that regard. Screenshot down below.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Report Ponkz

    your name - Thormar Reported player's name - Ponkz Date -2018-09-21 Description - We killed Sapphiron in nax 10 and after the kill he looted the EOE Key item for himself. No rolls was made.. the loot went instant to himself and he started the quest within 5 sec so he could not be able to trade it Evidence -
  7. Mute 7days

    Hello, Your mute was reduced to 3 days. Next time pay attention for that. Global chat is English language only. Best regards.
  8. Hi to all, I want to ask about the PvP status on this server. I've read about a balance big problem, because Alliance are more and better than Horde, but this was a month ago. So, exist that problem already? or is more balanced now? I know that Alliance is "more PvP oriented", especially because humans have 1 more trinket, but I've read about a 90% alliance victory, and this is to exaggerated. I always have played in Alliance, and I'm starting in this server as a horde, but if I will have this problem, I think I will play in alliance. I don't want to play in the winner horse, I only want to have fun in PvP, starting in BGs for the first gear, and preparing to arenas. I know that I can find a PvP guild to improve the experience in Horde, but I'm a academic student, and I haven't got time, so I need to play in randoms when I have time. Please, I want yours honest opinions, I think 90% win rate for Alliance is almost impossible and is a exaggeration, but I don't know. So, is fun to play PvP in the Horde? Pd. I see that a new PvP season start soon, can this change the PvP balance? Thanks to all, and i'm sorry if anything is written wrong, I'm from Spain and I try to write without the Google translate (it's so bad) for practice my English.
  9. TBC - faction imbalance handling - question

    The server will remain PvP As for faction balance we are still considering options we can take and would welcome your ideas.
  10. Please either add a PVE server or an option for players to completely disable world pvp. It is not fun to be questing and have people wait until you start fighting a mob and then come from behind and kill you then sit and camp your corpse repeatedly. This has happened to me so much on this server and I hate it. I have no desire to PVP, it's not fun, and it's really not fun while I'm leveling and have no chance against the people that are killing me because of level advantage. I've had 4 days where I'm able to actually play games this week and 2 of them have been completely ruined by this.
  11. TBC - faction imbalance handling - question

    Please PVE server. I came to complain about getting camped by opposite faction while questing for no reason, which has taken away my limited time to play. World PVP is not fun. I have no chance of beating them and my only choice is to repeatedly die or take a 10 minute hit with the spirit healer and hope they aren't back when I go to quest again (spoiler, they are). I just want to have fun and do quests and I can't. I have no desire to PVP. It's not fun, and world PVP is literally the worst part of this game.
  12. Best PVE DPS

    DK is best
  13. Primastee (Banned by Tide)

    Hello I am gonna explain this just once ... being in public place / location and speaking in other languages = Public chat And its punishable Rejected Regards
  14. [Report] Chujcinaagma

    Ban + rename.
  15. [Report] Chujcinaagma

    Your name - KilluReported player's name - ChujcinaagmaDate - 21.09.2018Rule that was broken - 17. Character name must not be vulgar, racist, insulting, shouldn’t be similar to the nickname of any staff member. The same goes for guild names, pet names, arena teams, etc. having a nickname breaking one of the terms above will result in 24-hour account suspension and character rename; having a guild name breaking one of the terms above may result in removal of the guild. Description - Player Chujcinaagma has vulgar nick. It's the second time when he do it . Addictinally he speak in polish language on public chat.
  16. settings and shapeless

    Hello thank you Players punished My best regards
  17. Mute 7days

    @Asureuz <3
  18. Mute 7days

    Account name : szpekosky Character : Harryson Hello Today, around 10:00 am I was punished mute for a week because I wrote two sentences on the global channel in Polish. I am very sorry for my behavior, but I did not know that it is punished. I promise that this will not happen again. I am asking for a positive consideration of my request.
  19. settings and shapeless

    Your name: Balaftw Reported player's name: settings and shapeless Date - 1900902018 Rule that was broken: no english in battleground chat PROOF:
  20. [Guide] ToC (T9) BiS combat rogue list

    Gem Attack Power
  21. bug? or ninjaloot?

    I don't think they're going to run through the logs for one item you couldn't care enough to properly screenshot. You don't have any rolls or any "XX receives item YY" in your chat. The item in question isn't even mentioned for rolling in the small bit of chat you've SSed. The only thing we can see is that you were in that raid. Communicate with GMs and RL better next time. In patricular, screenshot what RL tells you about the item, be it raid chat or whispers.
  22. Hotlady (Nadiir)

    Hi. I'm sorry but you were using a bot program. The ban will remain. Appeal declind.
  23. Why though? https://www.wowhead.com/item=45087/runed-orb#comments:id=982836 In 3.3.3, a Gnome named "Frozo the Renowned" Will come to dalaran on his flying carpet, Camping himself at Dalaran Magus Commerce Exchange, Selling Runed Orbs for 4 Frozen Orbs each. NONBLIZZLIKE FUNSERVER jk Actually, it does sound like a decent decision to make him available earlier, in 3.2. But, just to confirm, are you knowingly "fixing Blizzard mistakes" by this?
  24. Hotlady (Nadiir)

    Hotlady Bot Nadiir GM Nadiir dont like my. today i play for 20 mins and he give me ban again. im get exp on killing monster ,like Tibia (play 5 years)
  25. Report or no report Kle

    sorry if I originally created a topic in the wrong section I would not want to immediately write about the ninja can it just bug you have the opportunity to see the raid logs
  26. [Guide] ToC (T9) BiS combat rogue list

    Paste gems on the arp?
  27. Buenas, soy nuevo en el servidor y estoy buscando una hermandad de habla hispana, soy de España pero no tengo ningún problema en que los integrantes sean latinos, especialmente porque por temas de estudio y vida personal no puedo jugar hasta bastante tarde, por lo que coincido más en horario con Latinoamérica que con España realmente jejeje. En principio he empezado en la horda ya que siempre he sido alianza, pero si hay más comunidad de habla hispana en la alianza no tengo problema en cambiar. Aprovecho para preguntar, ¿que cantidad de jugadores de habla hispana hay en el servidor? No tengo problema en relacionarme en inglés, pero es cierto que mi nivel actual no me permite hacerlo con facilidad, y siempre es bueno tener gente de tu misma lengua con quien jugar. Un cordial saludo!
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