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  2. char11

    Defile Lich

    Pls tell me smth about possibility of appear defile on main tank on lich 10/25. Is it normal?
  3. Nba

    Padmea Banned By Nothing

    Character Name: Padmea Punishment Reason: Chat banned for nothing? Game Master: idk Summary: I'm standing in dalaran and getting banned chat for nothing. Please fix this...
  4. Roachcard

    Naturebox banned by Server

    Character Name: Naturebox Punishment Reason: WMD Collision Game Master: *Banned by Server* Summary: Good Evening, I completely understand the ban however I had no server altering or malicious intent. I died in Pit of Saron, Released and fell straight through the map at the spirit healer, Auto Unstuck didn't work, No way of flying up as I was falling, No return to spirit healer button (from later expansions) and the only ways I saw to fix this in a timely manner without pestering the game masters would be to use tools to stop the falling and fly up to the instance. I had no intention of wrecking the game for other players nor to exploit the system, I merely wanted to return to my corpse without opening a ticket and wasting everybodys time. Little did I know that this server had such a robust anticheat system that led to a automated ban. Please reconsider this ban as I had no malicious intent nor do I use tool assistance on a regular basis, I tried to get to my corpse for roughly 20 minutes and had to really search through my computer to locate the tool in order assist me. I completely understand and take responsibility for my actions but would you please reconsider this ban as I was only trying to save the game masters time. Kind Regards, Lee Burrows Roachcard. *Edit: As I've seen on other threads, I would be more than willing to talk over discord*
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  6. rgfk

    [Rogovsky] (Muted by Asureuz)

    [b]Character Name:[Rogovsky] [b]Punishment Reason:[Not using English on global chat] [b]Game Master:[Asureuz] [b]Summary:[Thanks but no thanks Asu for reducing my mute time. For the very first time I used non-English on chat and I believe 7 days was way too much. Time reduced to 3 days will get me nowhere because I won't be able to find any ICC10/25 pug before the reset, I don't need that kind of mercy. Please make it a full duration as it had been before. Plus, I've just had a chat with one of your GMs. They said that polish players had to suffer greater penalties for not using english because... they're from Poland. Isn't it a bit racist? Can you confirm? If yes, why isn't this applied to your ToS?]
  7. Jeśli nie pomagasz to nie przeszkadzaj. Idź do piaskownicy wylewać żale. Dorośli chcą coś ustalić, może i Ty na tym skorzystasz więc jeśli nie masz nic konstruktywnego do powiedzenia to zamiast odważnie się odezwać rozważnie zamilknij.
  8. Your name - MajinzorReported player's name - StomilankaDate - 21-01-2019Rule that was broken - Refuse to play / Trolling / Ninja lootingDescription - Stomilanka Shaman joined and dident want to play Nexus as healer. He was just saying kick me. We kicked him and after 10 min he joined again and dident want to play. He just say kick me. Soo we kicked him and after 10 min he joined again. Just saying kick me. We tryed to make him play but he was just standing at entrance/Last boss. He even Needed on items then he was just standing at entrance/Last boss.Evidence -
  9. Your name - NeeReported player's name - StomilankaDate - 21.01.2019Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting, trolling, refusing to participate Description - Joined, refused to play beged to be kicked, did it three times and got several warnings, standing at the entrance needing on items, entring last boss and not participating on it and needing on items from it that didn't suit his class, laughing about it. Evidence -
  10. Hello Stomilanka joined and dident want to play Nexus as healer. He was just saying kick me. We kicked him and after 10 min he joined again and dident want to play. He just say kick me. Soo we kicked him and after 10 min he joined again. Just saying kick me. We tryed to make him play but he was just standing at entrance/Last boss. He even Needed on items then he was just standing at entrance/Last boss.
  11. Have been playing with a shaman named Stomilanka that joined the dungeon The Nexus, wanted to be kicked, we kicked him, rejoined after we had been waiting for 10min, refused to play/heal AGAIN. We kicked him again, And ofcourse he rejoined directly after and did the same thing all over again but this time he was standing at the entrance and needed on items that droped from creeps and bosses that didn't even go to his class. Then ran in at the last boss just standing there and then ofcourse needed on melee daggers etc that didn't suit his class. we gave him several warnings but he just answered being rude. The name of the player was Stomilanka.
  12. Roadhog

    How Can I Safely Stable My Pets?

    I'm aware that the hunter pet stables are bugged and will sometimes delete a pet that you put in there. Does anyone know how I can safely swap my pet out without losing them and having to retrain them and grind their loyalty again? I want to put my main pet into the stables and delete the other pets I have in there without losing the main pet in the process (there are currently 2 pets in my stables and 1 active - the main pet - beside me). Thanks for any help with this.
  13. Ta zrobią transfery... Jak kasiora zacznie im się kończyć to zrobią, teraz mają to w pi*.
  14. pofkinis

    Banned by Pub

    Topic title: Sheskas banned by Pub [b]Character Name:Sheskas [b]Punishment Reason: Botting [b]Game Master:Pub [b]Summary: Hello, I decided to try a bot on my character because i was lazy and didnt want to play the game the real way... I am sorry as i realize that is breaking the rules now. Could you kindly reconsider your ban decision on my account as i love this server and the game and i wish to play sooner. Thank you for your consideration.
  15. Your name - IroReported player's name - DeclamaticDate - 21.01.2019Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - Heal rolled "dps" item, and leader give it him. Leader did not say anything that Declamatic rolling on dps spec. Evidence -
  16. syntax


    [b]Character Name: Senakaia Acc: syntax01 [b]Character Name: Latani Acc: syntax02 [b]Punishment Reason: multiple botting [b]Game Master: Pub I have been playing with 2 characters since level 1, I searched the forum and I saw that it is allowed to play with 2 or 3 accounts at the same time, I have played with Addon Jamba backported to TBC and it was already at level 58, I was logged in today and I was banned by multibot, I have 4 Characters on another server, and I have never had this kind of problem, a part of my guild migrated with me from there to this server, I do not know what to say, because I'm 40 years old and I have no idea what criteria it was Used to banish me! I'm sorry for bad English. I use google translator
  17. Podłączam się. Chciałem wrócić pograć, ale jak zacząłem expić to mi zbrzydło. Z naszej starej paczki ze 20 osób może wróci. Jak zrobią transfery to fajnie, ale nie naciskamy, bo jak nie tu to gdzieś indziej się odnajdziemy ;)
  18. Helbra

    Elixir of Major Defense missing

    It's probably just sold out and you'll have to wait a while for it to become available again. You could search the auction house or find another alchemist to make the potions in the meantime.
  19. nimeralos

    Ninja looter

    Wrong forum section, should be http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/130-angrathar/ But I'm almost sure they'll reject your report. It is up to the raidleader whether to use armor type prio or stats prio; ask for the clarification next time.
  20. fdsgsdgh

    Ninja looter

    Your name - Innocenc Reported player's name - Nacawwj Date -20/01/2019 Rule that was broken - ninjalooting Description - He gave the order to throw dice by the "Plague Scientist's Boots" , I won the "Plague Scientist's Boots" but he never gave it to me. the leader of the raid took them SS:
  21. Alyniss

    [Report] Mme

    Your name - AlynissReported player's name - MmeDate - 21.01.2019Rule that was broken -1. The global chat channel is an English channel. Speaking in any other language is strictly prohibited and may result in a mute from 6 hours to 7 days; in some other cases, channel ban may be applied.Description - polish on global channelEvidence -
  22. Alyniss

    [Report] Gensi, Skarmiszcz

    Your name - AlynissReported player's name - Gensi, SkarmiszczDate - 21.01.2019Rule that was broken - 2. General channels, such as General, Trade, LocalDefense, Public chats in Major Cities are treated in the same way as the global chat channel: speaking other language may result in a mute from 30 minutes to 10 days;Description - speaking polish on trade channelEvidence -
  23. As the title suggests, the horde druid Dampdeath abuses a bug to reach the stables roof, which should be unreachable.
  24. nimeralos

    Core fix?

    How do you think it works like? You encounter a problem, then let them know, and they tell the server "ok please stop bugging"? https://github.com/SunwellWoW/Sunwell-TBC-Bugtracker/issues 2981 things are fixed, 1216 (and more) to go. Bump the reports that you think are important, provide sources when needed, and have patience.
  25. They barely ever answer on forums sadly. However, I think they do answer in Discord quite often if you bug them for long enough. Perhaps (I wouldn't hold my breath) this issue could be solved via GM, if you link the bugtracker and explain the situation.
  26. Cevillus

    Pomocna dłoń dla Feronis? Czy to Wam się opłaca?

    Transfer do frakcji z niższym online wydaje się ciekawą opcją. Z tym, że ja nie byłbym za tworzeniem generycznych postaci. Można je przerzucić takie jakie są na Feronisie i ewentualnie dać limit golda przy transferze na jakieś 5k, żeby nie popsuć ekonomii na Angratharze. MrCule nie jest już w administracji serwera i raczej nie wypowie się w tym temacie. @Raphael Czy mógłbyś, kiedy znajdziesz czas odnieść się do propozycji jakie padły w tym temacie ? Z góry dziękuję.
  27. i dont think they care;/ i not get answer in any topic.....
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