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  2. [report] Druidygon

    Hello, We don't interfere in 5-man dungeon loot issues. Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list. Report rejected.
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  4. [report] Druidygon

    1. Your name - Lemex 2. Reported player's name - Druidygon 3. Date - 11:55 PL time 19.09.2018 4. Rule that was broken - Ninja looting 5. Description - Resto druid roll NEED for Totem for Enhancement Shaman. In fact I'm playing Enh Sham. 6. Evidence -
  5. Blood elves make'd me reroll to alliance

    You are so funny bro
  6. [report] Seka

    Hello, Player was punished.
  7. bug? or ninjaloot?

    after kill arkavon drop https://www.wowhead.com/item=41086/deadly-gladiators-chain-armor in 1 hunt RL "give" me and item disappears, not in the chat it is not written that someone else got it not in the boss it is not
  8. [Report] Yerdi

    They have been punished. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for your information that's helpful. Epic quest epic game.
  10. Yesterday
  11. [Report] Yerdi

    Your name -RutineReported player's name -Yerdi Date -19.09.2018 Rule that was broken - insult, racism Description - constantly insults Russian players Evidence -
  12. I don't know what was wrong with the previous changes regarding only hp boosts. Twink Valkyr and especially Anuberak are 2 very hard boss fights who won't be cleared by PUGs even without any boosts.
  13. So i lvl up an orc warrior up to 80 and it's incredible that all the drama that i found on lfg was started by blood elves, mostly paladins the same for bg's and just toxicity here and there on the open world and i already was disliking my choice of picking up a warrior so i rerrolled a to alliance and every single high lvl that ganked me was a blood elf paladin. This was just my experienced, not trying to generalize but it's hard not to when i haven't find a single toxic troll, tauren or undead
  14. [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    Ulda 10 13/13 NM, 1/9 HM. We almost have XT, Thorim and Hodir HMs down - probably will manage to progress further even before ToC. Recruiting raiders who are wipe-on-Mimiron resistant. And socials/aspiring raiders of all kinds.
  15. Question regarding arcane blast stacks: 'Each time you cast arcane blast, the damage of all arcane spells is increased by 15% and mana cost of arcane blast is increased by 175%'. Is the base damage of arcane spells increased by 15% or is the total damage output once spell power has been calculated increased by 15%? If base damage is increased it would look like this: the base damage of arcane blast is 1256-1460. With one stack of AB the base damage would be modified to 1679=1460x1.15. If the damage output is increased it would look like this: arcane blast hits the mob for 7000 with 2000 spell power and no arcane blast debuff. With one stack of AB it hits the mob for 8050=7000x1.15.
  16. r1 Wintrading?

    Problem is, that this guy and one or two others are targeting high rated players to get attention or ruin their reputation on server. He got the response from GM team before he made this post. Either these few need to stop acting like hyenas or GMs need to remove these posts and ban [email protected]é
  17. Arena Anti Snipe Dodge Script

    Hi as everyone know on this server y can use .dodge to other player don't know when y play to arena. Ok but now many player like most baboxx and zubero just dont q arena game vs almos all top player when they online so it's dont work well. Maybe beter way dev can little change .DODGE and after change this comand everyone who use .dodge is always offline form other player to see {only guild mate can see to player is online}. It's Little change but should work perfect form avoid this server for sniper and dodger tard. And next is leave arena / altf4 when y get bad team for y, just if someone q and step in arena and leave it before the fight starts give him - rating and give + rating to opossite team. Just Make Relentles Arena season Fair for player who play Fair and punish snipe / dodger Player it's only 2 small change for dev but for pvp it's bigest fair arena change what player can get :] Thx sorry for not perfect english
  18. [Report] Shancer

    Your name - CervezReported player's name - ShancerDate - 18.09.2018Rule that was broken - being offensive/agressive in the chat
  19. Hello, So I decided to come back and play wow, and I played a little on new classic vanilla server that i don't want to mention. It was to hardcore for me, b/c I don't have that amount of time to invest like I used to have back in the days. do I decided to play wotlk. (remember its more time friendly) I ended up here. So I have a few simple question. 1. I like pvp but also PVE. Will I find good guild who I can raid with on both faction ? What about LFD and FLR. What are the que times for dps ? ( Since I have limited time I want to make good use for it.) 2. What is the state of pvp ? (on the vanilla server one side facerolled the other, I don't want that again) Is it balanced or its total domination from one side? What about BG wait times ? 3. Are there any guild that start raiding later in the evening ? (I missed a lot of raids cuz they started to early exp. 20:00 ST but I was always available from 21:00) I'm from east-eu so almost the same timezone as this server. Who are those guild ? maybe I can join them. I'm very dedicated when I have time to play. 4. Silly question, but can I level exp. a horde char. to 55 and make an ally DK ? No such faction restriction right ? That's it for now. Thank you in advance for your answers. /cheers.
  20. Your name - ChaczapuriReported player's name - Shancer, Hestya, PrimasteeDate - 18.09.2018Rule that was broken - 3. Party chat in dungeons gathered via Dungeon Finder has a requirement of speaking EnglishDescription - This players speak in another language whole instance and kick me before last boss with no reason. Evidence -
  21. [report] Seka

    Your name - Kotake Reported player's name - Seka Date - 18/9/19 Rule that was broken - Toxic behavior. Chat rules 6 and 7. Description - Caused wipes from chain pulling etc, whatever, not a problem. Until he went on an extreme abusive offensive. Don't expect to have to deal with this level of toxicity, nor should others Hhaveave to experience it. Evidence -
  22. [Report] Chujciwagma

    Player was punished.
  23. There are no items with ilvl like Relentles gear. So there is no unbalance. Legs from wg are the same like Furious legs, Ring from WG = Furious ring. SO NO, NO UNBALANCE
  24. TBC - faction imbalance handling - question

    Ok, just putting it out there: What about a full PvE realm !! Honestly, when was the last time you saw a Private server with an option for a full PvE realm? Questing peeps can roam around freely in contested zones, marked in blue, while pvp-fanatics can just spend time in gurubashi arena or popular areas and just duel it out (if anything, world pvp is nothing more now than a bunch of 79 twinks running around & causing people to quit the damn game, very rarely (to almost never) have I run into the same level champ from the opposite faction & started fighting...) How much people would not like this (and how much should pve focused people even care about these other people...)
  25. Isn't it obvious at this point that their goal is to put out any activity on Angrathar in preparation for TBC? Angrathar is going to end up like Feronis did.
  26. Can't see NPC and player in Stormwind City

    Hello. You are on a quest that is phasing you. Please view it here: https://db.darkwizard.pl/?quest=13347 Thanks.
  27. Need GM help. I can't see any NPC and player and mailbox but few Stormwind soldiers in Stormwind City , After I done those things: - Learn cold weather flight at Dalaran and click Shattrath portal. - Use Druid 150% flight form flying to Honor Hold and learn 300 expert riding. - Use Druid 150% flight form flying to Shattrath and click Stormwind portal with flight form. Just Stormwind City , the other place are nornal. Sincerely Character name kimo.
  28. [Report] [Ninja Loot / Ignored Roll]

    Opinion #2 I agree with nadiir Rejected Regards
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